Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teen Stripped Naked in School Detention

I live in a low income town with a crappy school district. The school I have to go too is awful. The teachers are terrible and a lot of the kids are delinquents who are always misbehaving so it's hard to be good. 

I'm 16 and in 10th grade right now. A lot of boys chase after me at school because of my how I look. Girls at school are jealous of me because my boobs are bigger and my butt is tighter than theirs. I don't care. I like to flirt and dress sexy but don't like rude boys touching me or trying to go too far. 

Last week I got caught cheating on a math test and got detention for the first time ever. I didn't want to go because it's usually filled with losers but I had to or get suspended. After school I went to the classroom where I was supposed to report. As soon as I walked in I saw these 2 bullies in my class who I got in trouble for harassing me and squeezing my butt in hall. When they saw me walk in they immediately started whispering to each other and pointing at me. There were like 8 other grungy kids in there too so I sat as far away from then as possible. The teacher in charge did roll call and then like 15 minutes later he left saying he'd be back later. 

As soon as he left everyone started misbehaving throwing spit balls and making crude fart noises with their mouths and other stupid stuff like that. I just rolled my eyes and tried to ignore them. Then one of the bully boys ran to the door to stand as a look out. What I didn't notice was while he was doing that the other boy had snuck up right behind me. Suddenly I felt someone reach in and pull my panties up my butt crack giving me a huge wedgie! I was so mad I stood up and slapped him in the face telling him he was in big trouble now while pulling my panties back in place. He laughed and then said "Oh yeah?" and while I was arguing with him another boy came up behind me and grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back so I could not escape. The boy who wedgied me asked everyone in the room how many thought I was a stuck up bitch. Everyone in there raised their hands and cheered in agreement. Then he asked them how many of them wanted to see my ass! Again everyone cheered saying, "HELL YEAH!" 

Next thing I know he grabbed the waistline of my hip hugger jeans and yanked my jeans all the way down to my ankles. I screamed out in shock left standing there in only my skimpy baby blue panties on full display. Horrified I tried to get free to pull my pants up but the boy behind me would not let me go. They laughed and pulled my half wedgied panties all the way up my butt crack in back saying I had such a nice ass everyone should see it! Everyone cheered and whistled staring at me held there in my panties with most of my butt exposed. Then as if this wasn't humiliating enough he said, "Who wants to see her pussy??" All 8 scumbags in the class roared, "WE DO!!" laughing and egging him on. Horrified I was held tight as he reached in hooking his fingers into the waistline of my panties and yanked them all the way down to my ankles next! I screamed in complete humiliation bare from my stomach to my ankles as they held me securely by my arms and ankles so everyone could see my pussy. Even more humiliating I had just shaved my pussy bare to see how it felt so I had no pubic hair at all to even mask my most private area! Everyone saw every detail of my pussy and were pointing and laughing saying I looked like a little girl! Stunned and horrified I was held there with my whole bare pussy and ass on full show to everyone unable to cover even myself. They taped my arms behind me, and then wrapped tape around my jeans in between my legs so there was no way to pull my pants up even if I could get to them! 

Next they pulled my shirt and bra all the way up my body to my neck till my boobs popped out exposed. Cheering, laughing and whistling they paraded me around the class room with my boobs, ass and pussy totally exposed as I wiggled around crazy trying to get away from them. No one helped me and the teacher was no where to be found. Slapping me on the ass they let everyone get their chance to examine my bare pussy, grope my bare tits, and squeeze my naked ass cheeks. Everyone got their turn feeling me up and having their fun. They put clothes pins on my nipples and paraded me up and down each isle shaking my shoulders around making my tits and ass cheeks jiggle around for a good show. 

Once everyone got in a good groping they pushed me over a desk face down and taped my ankles and arms to the desk leg so I could not get up. In this position my ass and pussy were there to do what ever they wanted too to them. They spread my ass wide open so everyone could see my asshole and pussy and take pictures. My ass cheeks were pulled so wide open everyone could see up my butthole and inside my pussy. My bare tits were dangling over the front of the desk in full view so while my ass and pussy were being spread and abused from in back my tits and nipples were squeezed and groped from in front. Someone stuck a chalk stick up my ass and smacked my butt with a chalk board eraser causing white powder to fly everywhere no doubt coating my bare ass with chalk dust too. 

They all toyed with me all naked and humiliated for a good 30 more minutes before the kid looking out whistled and motioned to everyone that the teacher was coming. Everyone scrambled to their feet and ran out of the classroom whooping and hollering down the hallway leaving me tied to the desk stark naked and struggling in complete embarrassment with a chalk stick up my asshole for the teacher to discover. 

The shocked teacher found me like this. He saw every inch of me completely naked too while he was untaping me and apologizing over and over. Then even after he got me lose it took another few long minutes to get the wrapped tape off my jeans in-between my ankles so I could get my pants and underwear pulled back up. I had to spread my legs to do it so he saw everything in between my legs too! I was so humiliated and ashamed my face burned red for the rest of the afternoon while I was interrogated and names were gathered.

Friday, January 29, 2016

College Girl Seen Naked with Hidden Camera

Hey my name is Allie and this is my most embarrassing story. So this happened last year, I was 17 and graduated high school early to go to college for the spring semester. I moved in to the dorms on the sunday before school started up because they close it down over Christmas break. That might not sound so bad to you all but basically I had to move in to someone's dorm room and only live there for like 6 hours before I had to go to sleep and wake up early for an 8am class. Which for people not in college yet might not seem early but you'll learn later. Anyway I get there say by to my dad who dropped me off and started unpacking. The way the room was set up was I had a roommate and there was a bathroom connecting to another room and us four girls shared that bathroom. The two girls in the other room were already there and I met them and they were okay. They didn't really talk to me long. Just told me how their other roommate dropped out in the middle of the other semester and they bunked the beds to use the room as a movie room.

I also learned my roommates name was Kelly and that she was a stoner, which I didn't care as long as she didn't do it in the room. I did too at parties in high school every once and awhile so that wasn't the issue. Aparently she just was really sarcastic and edged on mean sometimes. But otherwise was fun to be around.

Her stuff was already there for the most part. Her closet was mostly empty but her bed and tv and shoes were still there. Posters and stuff on the wall. I got the top bunk, I say that because it is important for the story.

Anyway I met her and she was okay. She jokingly said she already didn't like me because she loved not having a roommate. Lol first thing she said to me was sarcasm or kinda probably was hinting at the truth. But over the next few weeks I got mad at her a few times for keeping boys in our room too late when I wanted to go to bed. The guys on our floor were nice and all but I slept half naked and it messed with my pattern if I had to sleep looking nice because I had guys possibly looking at me.

Anyway one day I got her smoking in our room and said I was going to report her and she lost it on me. Saying that I never said she couldn't and that she was here long before me and that she couldn't care less and blah blah. She left the room for awhile after she was done yelling. I wasn't actually going to report her I was just mad because I don't want my things to smell like that.

Anyway that's where my embarrassing moment started. That night she didn't come back till late, I was already in bed "asleep", she woke me up when she walked in but I was still half asleep. I heard her moving stuff around and that's the last thing I remembered before I dozed off.

The next day I heard her laughing with my suitemates in the other room and some other guys. I didn't go in and see because I still wasn't that good of friends with my suitemates at that time but I just put my makeup. As I was doing it my roommate walked up and hugged me from behind which was the first time she ever did that and said she was so sorry while laughing. I said why and she told me that she was so mad the night before that she got a mini spy camera from Brandon (a guy on our floor) and put it in the air vent and pointed it at me. So they had like an hour daylight footage of one boob that wasn't covered by a blanket and then both and then my thong when I got up. And that they already showed four guys from our floor.

Then I died of embarrassment and jumped in the river. The end. But we're still all friends now. I haven't gotten over it yet though. They still have pics of my boobs floating around campus.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hypnotized to Strip Naked on Vacation - Part 2

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So here's where you all get stuck without a story because all I know is what happened before and after. So I knew Zach had a YouTube channel and that he'd hypnotized a couple people that I know, but hadn't tried it on me. But I did definitely believed he could. I remember not wanting too but the people we met all convinced me too. And that's the last I remember.... until I woke up.

I woke up in the shower wearing only socks and a thong that I had on the day before. My back hurt and I had red marks on my arms and my head hurt. I got up and tried to open the door but something kept blocking it. I banged on the door to what appeared to wake up Zach who walked over to the door and he looked really hungover from the night before. And he freaked out once he realized I was trapped in there and immediately let me out. There was a ton of clothes in the way of the sliding door. I covered up my boobs and ran and put on a shirt that I had on top of my suitcase and started freaking out on him trying to get answers. I knew he was really hung over by the way he was acting. But he started to explain, saying that he didn't remember much either.

He said after he got me out of it, he had me accept that I was a gorilla and that I took it waaayyy too seriously and started going insane. I apparently took off most of my clothes and that I started throwing pillows and blankets across the room and that they were so drunk that they just kept laughing. But eventually had to grab me and lock me in the shower to keep me calm.

So there you go. I was completely topless in front of my cousin multiple times in two days, and also in front of two strangers, I acted like a gorilla, and unfortunately found out later Zach had a video on his phone that he refused to get rid of but only showed people that paid him 100 bucks. Luckily I don't know of anyone yet that has paid him that much, but I hope its because he knows I would die.

The only other thing that happened that week was that I got locked out in a towel because Zach pushed me out and plenty of room service and other people saw me before a maid let me in again.

I proceeded to toss Zachs underwear out the window onto a tree.

The end!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hypnotized to Strip Naked on Vacation - Part 1

Hey my name is Celia and this is my most embarrassing story. So this happened over christmas break this year when me, my older sister, and our cousin went to Puerto Vallarta as a present. I was 16, my older sister was 26, and my cousin is a year younger I think. So everything probably wouldn't of happened but my sisters boyfriend met us in Mexico and that of course meant I never saw here except when we ate.

When we arrived at the resort my sisters boyfriend hadn't arrived yet. My sister was at the front desk getting keys and checking in. People were walking around handing out champagne, me and my cousin got some even though I don't look old at all lol. When my sister was done she gave me a key and said that her boyfriend and her had booked another room since four was way too many for one and that me and my cousin had to stay in the one mom and dad bought. I immediately complained because my cousin is an annoying idiot who is always joking around and just plain mean. But my sister got mad and I calmed down. We were on the 5th floor but on opposite sides of the floor.

When we got in the room it was really nice, had a great view of the ocean and the pools and stuff on the ground. The only thing that was annoying was that the room was very open. Imagine like wooden sliding doors but a little longer and a lot of them and that was was separated the bathroom. So the only thing lockable was the toilet which had a door. But the shower and bath was hardly separated because accidentally bumping into the "wall" would move them. You might be able to see where events that annoyed me started.

That first night we all ate together but my sister had a "romantic date" with Ryan so I was stuck hanging with my cousin. I'll call him Zach just to keep it a secret in case someone I know reads this. Um anyway we went to one of the hot tubs that no one was in which was easy because it was late. Oh and by the way Zach was pretty good all day so far, we slept after we checked in and was fine after. Anyway we just sat there and talked about how it was annoying that it was a kids week vacation and my sister just had to bring her boyfriend. And we talked about drinking that night and playing drinking games. (Btw the mini fridge in the room was stocked, technically we weren't supposed too and we had champagne and tequila free in ice in the room). It actually was nice and fun. We met some other people our age and they joined us in the hot tub. Talked with them for a bit. Then it got kinda cold outside and my shoulders were dying so I made Zach come up with me back to the room.

I got back to the room showered, (Zach came in the use the bathroom but it was find because like my boobs down were blurry on the glass door and I didn't get mad or anything) I changed into comfy stuff and we started play drinking games with cards. I got pretty drunk, did like 5 shots of tequila and like one and a half beers during different games. I was kinda feeling it for a bit but around midnight I was starting to come back and Zach mentioned taking a bubble bath and that made me want one so I started making it first. The bathtub was massive too which was great and I almost fell asleep but Zach walked in this time to get ready for bed and this time it made me mad. Started yelling at him to get out, and then he got mad and said he needed to take his contacts out and get ready for bed. I didn't give a shit and kept yelling, and he ran out and brought in his phone and started taking pictures saying if I didn't stop he'd post them on facebook. It's not like you could see anything I had bubbles all over me but I stopped yelling anyway. He's the asshole friend who would actually do it and not care. Anyway I let him finish getting ready then got out and changed and went to bed.

So that was the first day.

Next morning woke up still kinda mad, he was showering so I thought I'd annoy him and use the same excuse he did. Walked in but he didn't seem to care. Actually started having a normal conversation about getting food with my sister and Ryan. But then he got out butt naked and started laughing when I ran out and buried my face in the bed yelling eww.

After he stopped being annoying we went to get breakfast and then to the pool. He did try and undo my top but I felt it coming and it wasn't that big of a deal. Nothing really happened again till that night.

Before dinner I went up without Zach to the room to change but I just changed right by my suitcase instead of in the covered bathroom area because I'm an idiot. And right as I was completely topless of course Zach walks in and busts out laughing and I covered up and jumped on my bed while he was still laughing. He jumped on me and wrestled me on my back and uncovered my arms for a bit but I kicked him off and quickly put on a shirt. And when he wasn't looking I kicked him in the balls to teach him a lesson before we went to dinner.

After we ate we went back to the room changed and went to the hot tub and met the same people from yesterday and talked with them, I told them about what he did and all they did was make fun of me and laugh. Which was kinda annoying not gonna lie.

Later we all met back at our room, Drank a lot and that's when Zach suggest that he hypnotize someone.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Girl Stripped Naked on Christmas by Family

T’was the night before Christmas, as I tried to get my head down, in my Grandma’s old house, dress in my little nightgown.

It was after 2 in the morning but still sleep eluded me. My heart was racing, surely my cousins wouldn't continue the tradition of embarrassing me now we were all teenagers? It had been over 3 years since we had last all gotten together at our Grandparents house for Christmas. Somehow growing up as kids it had become a tradition between my cousins to break into my room at night and prank me. This would usually involve either them sneaking in while I was asleep and lifting my sleepwear to expose my knickers, letting them laugh and giggle until I woke up embarrassed or my girl cousins pinning me down and stripping me to my underwear in front of the boys while I cried out in embarrassment.

I hated my cousins but surely we were all too old for this kind of pranks and play now?! It had been embarrassing then but now I had something to hide! A cold fear gripped me just thinking of the last time. I had been about 11 and had stayed up knowing what they usually did to me if they found me sleeping. I had expected to have foiled their plans by being awake for once. However I hadn't expected Jackie and Mary to jump on me pinning me to the bed by Fat Mary sitting on my chest while Jackie pulled my PJ bottoms off leaving me showing the rest of my cousins my yellow knickers. Somehow this was far worse as the left me pinned with my pale legs and underwear totally on display for almost ten minutes while fully awake and aware of my exposure. But like I said this was years ago surely they knew they couldn't do it to me now!

I lay awake horrible scenarios playing through my mind, my cheeks burned warm just thinking about the boys getting an uninterrupted look at the knickers with the other girls pinning me down. Apart from the odd unintended skirt flash, no boy had seen my underwear since I had become a teenager. The idea was so naughty it made me blush and my heart speed up just thinking of it. Yet just thinking about it also brought a strange unexplainable warmth, why was I getting off on the idea? I tried to calm my breathing, obviously as a naughty thought in my head it might be exciting but in reality it would be a nightmare! I could feel myself starting to get a bit wet down in my private area and my nipps were standing to attention. Breathing deeply I told myself it was being silly. Firstly it wouldn't happen and if it did, it wouldn't be a turn on it would be awful! I didn't want my pervy cousins seeing my underwear especially now I was growing into a woman!

I heard the door creak. It couldn't be them surely, I tried to tell myself. I almost cried out in fear causing me to freak out. I stopped breathing. What could I do? Jackie and Mary were both bigger and older than me and that's not including what would happen if the boys joined in adding their strength to the mix. I was helpless in an attic room far from any of the adults in the large old house that could have come to my rescue. I shut my eyes tight, breathing quietly, listening intently trying to tell myself it was my imagination. I had my back to the door I almost turned over to look but then I heard the footsteps. I opened my eyes starting at the wall in front of me, there was a glow from one of the lamps at the other end of the room being turned on. I had a choice I realised, get up and fight or pretend to be asleep. My conclusion went that if they thought I was sleep maybe they would just get a quick look at my knickers and leave me alone.

As awful as that sounded it was far better than an experience similar to the last 3 years ago when I was pinned down letting the boys stare at my panty-clad crotch as i flailed around trying to get free. I slowed my breathing pretending my hardest to be in a deep sleep. I heard their giggles and hushed whispers confirming that yet again all 5 of my cousins had come to torture me.

I squeezed my eyes shut fighting every instinct to run as I felt the covers carefully been lifted away from me. I cursed myself for wearing a little nightgown it barely covered my knickers as it was the thin white material gave the group their first glances me in my vulnerable state . I was half curled up the bottom of the gown just inches away from exposing my knickers. I struggled to keep my breathing under control as the group fully removed my covers leaving me in the middle of the bed. “She's made it easy for us this year” commented Mary barely suppressing her glee.

The embarrassment and anticipation had heightened my sensitivity so I gave an involuntary twitch as felt hands carefully gripping the bottom of my nightgown brushing the exposed skin near my bottom. The sensation of my nightgown been slowly and carefully pulled up was torture, the worst feeling I've ever felt. It tickled it’s way over the top of my legs and started exposing my cheeks and knickers. Just knowing that slowly but surely they could all see my bottom was horrible. The fabric of my knickers came into view revealing to them all my blue and white striped panties. This brought a giggle from the group. At least I was wearing a fairly boring conservative pair I tried to tell myself. It could have been so much worse, I could have been wearing a fancy more adult pair or even the opposite, an old pair of embarrassing childish ones, the type I still owned even they they were a little small for me and should have thrown away.

I’m glad they couldn't see my face as my cheeks were bright red and would have given away my state of awareness. I still feigned sleep as they fully exposed my knickers for the viewing pleasure of all my perverted male cousins. In the position I was curled up in they were getting a great look at the curves of my bum covered only by the tight knickers. Surely they would leave soon, I could just about take this level of embarrassment. I could hear them whispering again but couldn't make out much more than “good idea”. All I knew was that wasn't good, surely they wouldn't go any further I hoped. Suddenly I felt very very vulnerable, my knickers clad bottom just right for further exposure.

I felt something around my left wrist and then the other. What in hell are they doing I thought unable to comprehend what their actions. Suddenly both of my wrists went tight and I knew instantly that they had tied something around then. “WhAtt” I tried to cry out as the girls flipped me roughly onto my back. I quickly pulled down my nightgown down to cover my exposed crotch not wanting the boys to get a good view of that aswell. I had just about managed to cover myself when my newly tied arms were pulled up and away from me leaving me in a Y shape face up on the bed. The boys who had done the pulling tied them off at the top of the bed. My heart was booming in my chest now, this wasn't supposed to happen.

The big light was turned on giving everyone a proper clear view of me tied to the bed. I curled up my legs the best I could to cover myself as the collection of my cousins gathered around to laugh at my red face and embarrassing situation. “Please let me go” I cried out but this only brought more laughter. Mary shushed me holding up a finger to my lips. “You need to be quiet, If not we’ll have to gag you” she laughed holding up some tape.

Jackie came over to me grinning, she forced my legs out from their crossed position. “Come on Delilah, Let's open you legs and give the boys a peak” she laughed pulling my legs firstly out so I was in the Y position again but then switching me to an X spreading my legs making my nightgown ride up exposing my panties between my legs again. “nooo please” I cried out embarrassed beyond words and she stretched my legs giving the boys a great view of my crotch. Mary, joined in my torment pulled my nightgown up exposing me totally from the stomach below.

“Ooo look at the little pokies should must be all turned on” Laughed Mary noticing that without a bra in the bright light you could see the outline of my nipples through the thin material. “oooh no bra, that’s brave” laughed Jackie. “Maybe we should have a look to see how much you’ve grown since last time we stripped you” she laughed but instead spread my legs wider further adding to my exposure as the knickers stretched into my most intimate areas giving the boys a real show now.

“Please no please stop” I cried but got no relief from the group. Surely it was a bluff they wouldn't really expose my little tits. My breathing was heavy I couldn't believe this was happening. I was stripped and displayed to the boys and inches away from showing everything. I was bright red now the shame washing over me as I watched the boys stare straight at my most intimate areas. Mary jumped on me again while Jackie was still holding my legs l and lifted my gown up further so it was just below my breasts. “PLEASE PLEASE” I cried out in a total panic now. This brought even more laughter to the group. Mary brought her hands under the gown cupping my breasts in her hands. My breath was caught in a gasp of shock and pleasure as this sensitive area was invaded and roughly groped. “Still pretty small” she laughed tweaking my nipples between her fingers. “Oooohn you're right though she does seem turned on” she laughed. “Let go!” I shouted but she removed one of her hands and held it over my mouth. Were she had quickly retreated her hand almost half my breast was exposed and I was freaking out as the boys were getting a great view with my nipple only just hidden from them.

“Don’t scream or we’ll gag you with your panties ok? The ones you're wearing that is” said Jackie darkly , I nodded fear truly gripping me now as she threatened to strip me butt naked. She took her hand off my mouth grinning at my humiliation. “So are you enjoying this, dose it turned you on?” she laughed at my discomfort. I could only look on horrified as she slowly rubbed my breasts again, how could this be happening. “No” I said weakly trying to keep a moan out of the my voice as she brushed my nipple with her thumb.

“Yeh right you lil slut. ” laughed Mary, Suddenly she had let go of my legs and grabbed my knickers. I cried out in shock feeling her fingers near my most intimate areas. “NO anything but that” I cried but to my shock instead she pulled them upwards giving me a wedgie letting the already tight and slightly damp fabric dig into me further. I gasped in shock stifling a moan, the feeling was both invasive but also intimate. The group could now see my camel toe which highlighted my obvious excitement.

“Please stop” I cried realising how much I was exposing as she once again pulled my legs apart showing off the some pale skin that never even sees the sun in a swimsuit. Oh god, they could almost see my sex, how can this be happening. I looked over at my male cousins were almost drooling starting stunned and wide eyed.

“Tell the truth” laughed Jackie by my ear “Tell us how turned on you are or else” she stopped rubbing and instead hooked her thumbs under the sides of my nightgown rising it just a little bit so my tits were on the edge of threatening to pop out.

“I’m not” I cried real fear and shame flooding me now as she inched the fabric up a bit more. “I’m not” I whimpered, how could I admit to something like that. How could I tell them that them exposing me in front of the boys and touching me near areas that have never been touched was turning me on. I gasped as Jackie pulled my nightgown up more exposing more of my little perky breasts. Her thumbs brushed past my nipples as the fabric washed over them finally freeing my breasts from their sleepwear confines. They bounced free, totally exposed to boys and girls alike my pale milky breasts were finally revealed. My hard nipples pointing to the ceiling now everyone could see the excitement that I denied.

I couldn't believe how exposed I was, The nightgown was pulled up over my head blindfolding me from the group exposing me totally from the neck down apart from my panties. The mix of emotions was unreal, this felt so horrible and so good at the same time, I was getting wetter and wetter in my knickers now as the fabric rubbed me in all the right places. “Please just stop” I cried breath half lost.

“Tell the truth, tell us how you're a naughty little slut who loves this” taunted Mary. She let go of my legs but instead grabbed onto my panties again. I take it back the worst feeling ever wasn't them revealing my panties earlier. It was now as she slowly started pulling down my knickers. “No don’t ! NO, get off me” I cried out slightly muffled from the material of the nightgown over my face. I tried to fight struggling against my bonds but this just brought more laughter as my boobs bounced giving a greater show.

Inch by inch the panties were pulled down exposing slowly but surely my milky skin, the first view of my small wisps of pubic hair brought laughter to the group and more taunts. “The truth!” laughed Mary inching them down now exposing almost everything. “No” I cried in a half moan as the feeling of her touch sent electricity through me. “Tell the truth you bad girl” joined in Jackie.

“No...” I whispered in shocked gasp as she pulled my knickers straight down past my sex exposing everything to the boys. Even with my legs together it was clear to my excitement. My knickers were pulled straight down and off my feet. I didn't even fight to stop them now. I couldn't see there faces but I knew my cousins were now staring at my totally naked body.

“Confess” Laughed Mary. As she once again grabbed hold of my ankles. She was going to spread my legs, If it wasn’t the most humiliating experience in the world tied up butt naked she was about to expose my wet pussy in all it’s glory. “No...” I tried to whisper, I didn’t want to stop her now, I moaned quietly biting my lip as she started to pull my legs apart.

“YES” I cried “Yes I’m a naughty slut and this is turning me on” I cried a mix of hormones and shame as everyone else laughed as I was totally humiliated and spread eagled in front of them.

“Good girl” whispered Mary. "We had our fun, now go back to sleep and say nothing of this! Or it will be much worse later...." They left a continued hushed laughter and even though I couldn't fall back asleep it was fine because I was thinking of ways to get them back.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Me and My Sister Becoming Nudists with Our Cousins

I was visiting my cousins for the first time who lived up in the mountains in the woods, their old farm house was like something out of a movie with Junker cars and Confederate flags everywhere. Our mother wanting me and my sister to get outside, dropped us off there for four days one summer when I was 15 and my sister 14, I personally felt I was too old to sleepover but my parents wouldn't hear it. At the house I met my Aunt, Peggy and my four cousins Maryellen(17), Caylee(15), Samatha(14) and Carson(13) who helped me and my Sister's bring our stuff upstairs. I didn't find it strange when my Aunt remarked to my father that we really over packed, and we wouldn't need all those clothes, or that Carson was just wearing a pair of shorts, while it Caylee was dressed in an extra long tee shirt. After my parents drove off I asked them what there was to do, since my aunt didn't allow them to play video games in the day they told us we should go with them to the creek. My Sister then said she was going to get her bathing suit when my Aunt told her not to bother, I then asked her what she really meant, that’s when Maryellen exclaimed that all four them rarely wore clothes in the summer, as they didn't have air conditioning and their mom hated laundry. I thought this was some sort of a prank untill, Caylee took of her tee shirt revealing her completely bare body, the brunette girl had a very toned tanned body and wild brown bush. 
"Yup, these mountain kids live naturally" Said my aunt "and you should join them" 
Just as I was about protest I noticed that my sister had started to strip and I moment was as naked as Cayelen, I had never seen my sister nude, she was different from her cousin as she was very thin and wiry she sported very small breasts and a few wisps of pubic hair as dark as her short jet black hair cut. Once again I said I didn't wanted to, when a Carson, who had just kicked off his shorts called me a chicken. My Aunt then did something I didn't expect, 
"he's out numbered, go ahead and get him" 
I bolted to the door, but soon there were four mostly naked bodies chasing me out into the woods, it was Maryellen built exactly like her sister except a little taller with C cup breasts, it was her who tackled me to the ground. Soon there where four other nude bodies surrounding me. I wanted to resist but my damn redneck cousins were all stronger then me. Maryellen and Carson kept me pinned by holding my arms down as Caylee grabbed my leg and ripped off one of my shoes and socks. Just then the surreal sight of my laughing sister and Samantha who was about as developed as my sister stood naked stood over me and started pulling at the legs of jeans, as my pants slid off Maryellen and Carson pulled the bottom of My shirt over my head. 
When I saw the light again I was on the ground completely bare, with five other naked people laughing and looking down at me waving my clothes. My hands were about to hide my privates when Maryelen grabbed my arm and pulled me up 
"Your so scrawny" she said in her southern accent as pulled my arms behind my back revealing my raging hard on to everyone. 
Carson then made some comments on my lack of pubes, and I explained how I shaved them off. Samantha then piled up my Clothes and ran off to the farm house, when she came back she told us that my Aunt had hidden them and my sisters so we could have a taste of Country life. I then spent the rest of the weekend with them hiking, playing in the creek, getting muddy and even shooting totally buck ass naked. By the third day it didn't even seem strange that all of us were eating dinner together naked, or that my aunt would wash all with a hose before we were allowed to come into the house. Maryellen and Caylee made a habit of showing of their strength by constantly wrestling with me, however simply pinning a taller boy to the ground wasn't their only goal, and when my Sister, Carson and Samatha were off playing somewhere else Maryellen and I started Wrestling, and within a few minutes as always she was holding me in a head lock but what was unexpected was that Caylee who sometimes joined in tied my arms together. I didn't seem it coming but both my naked cousins, who were extremely strong grabbed hold of me and said they were going to milk me like a cow. They forced me to get on all fours and started to stroke, Calyee spanked my ass a few times demanding that I moo. I feel the ground, my legs going numb as I had the greatest orgasm ever! Then they both would lie down in the hay and masturbate themselves while I watched. My cousins milked me three times a day, the last time they did it they made my sister join in, as Samantha and Carson watched. … Caylee made my sister promise that she would keep me the bull tamed when we got home, a promise that she did keep. Though I managed to talk my parents into letting us stay a few extra days, eventually we had to go home. We didn't want our parents to find out about our redneck dress code, but as my cousins and I were running around in the front yard, they pulled up in the driveway. They of course found all of our full dark tans funny and the fact we did not bother to completely dress. As a form of jestful Punishment, they made us pose for a trip picture, as I hugged all my cousins good bye, and Peggy brought our bags to the car mother said as a second form of punishment we had to ride home as we were... My sister and I didn't mind, nor have we cared since as nudity has become a part of our lives 

Girl Had to Strip Naked in Chemistry Class

This happened to me about two weeks ago during my high school chemistry class. Earlier in the year our chemistry teacher took a leave of absence for pregnancy and we were lucky enough to have a very cute replacement who just graduated college and was going into teaching. Sick of all the high school boys, all of us girls were crazy about this guy, whispering and giggling every time he’d walk near us in lab. Well anyway, one day in lab all of this giddiness while he was around caused my friend to nervously spill a corrosive chemical all over this kid sitting next to me, Mr. Williams (the hot teacher) and me! When this happened, Mr. Williams immediately ordered everyone that had not gotten any chemical on them out of the room. Once everyone was out he told us to take off the clothes that got any chemical on them. He, meanwhile, began ferociously unbuttoning his shirt and eventually took his undershirt off his as well (He was sooo hot!!) Well, I looked down and saw that the chemical had spilled on both my shirt and jeans! The other kid (a nerdy kid named James) had just gotten a little on his shirt, and took it off quickly to reveal his skinny, pale body. I just sat there looking anxiously at Mr. Williams. 

“Look, I know this awkward for you Megan, but we have to get you under a shower quick before the acid does any damage to your skin, and this is the only shower on this side of the school.” He said to me. 

“I understand.” I agreed. At the time I didn’t think the situation was that bad. I run track and am in pretty good shape, plus I had been tanning for prom so I was actually kind of excited to strip to my underwear and show off my body to Mr. Williams. I also remembered I was wearing this sexy black and pink underwear and bra, but they weren’t too revealing or anything so it would be just like a swimsuit. I pulled my shirt over my head while Mr. Williams politely looked away. James, however was staring me, so that made it kind of creepy. I unbuckled my belt and wiggled my jeans down and off my legs revealing my underwear-clad body to the two guys. I walked over to the shower where they already were and waited for instructions. 

“Ummmm, actually Megan, the uhhh acid will actually burn through all clothes, and I noticed the spill was mainly around your stomach and thighs, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to remove your….ummmm….. underwear too, otherwise you won’t be able to make sure all the chemical is gone.” Mr. Williams told me. Ok now I was scared. My underwear too! This was awful! “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do, you have to hurry up and get in here.” James and him were already washing there upper bodies with the soap, but they weren’t exposing any private parts! 

My hands were shaking now, I was so afraid, but I had no choice. I slowly lowered my panties until they were right above my you know what. I covered it as best I could with my left hand while lowering my panties off my legs with my right hand. I couldn’t believe it, I was now standing in class room with my hot chemistry teacher, nearly naked. Cupping my pussy, I stepped into the shower in just my bra and moved to the back of it turning my back quickly so they didn’t get a good look at my ass. I began washing my body with my free hand while making sure not to expose my crotch with my other. I was doing a very good job at this, plus Mr. Williams never looked away from his own body to make sure he wouldn’t embarrass me more. I saw James sneak some quick peaks though, but I guess it was natural, so I ignored it. We all had to wash ourselves for 15 minutes; this was very weird because the shower was way too small for all three of us, especially when I was bare butt naked from the waist down! Near the middle of my shower my hair began to drip into my eyes causing water to blur my vision. I instinctively reached my right hand, which was covered in soap, up to brush the hair out of my face. When I did this, all I managed to do was get a bunch of soap in my eyes. Without thinking I moved my left hand up flush my eyes out. This exposed my bare naked kitty to the guys! The worst part about it was I didn’t even realize it at the time. I was so caught up with the soap in my eyes that I forgot where I was. I figure they got a good 15 second up close view of my completely shaved pussy! When my eyes were finally flushed out I opened them to see BOTH guys staring not at my eyes, but at my uncovered vagina! So much for being polite! 

“OH MY GOSH!!” I screamed and shot both hands to cover up. 

“Are you alright?” Mr. Williams asked trying to brush off the fact that he was just staring at my privates! 

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just, I wanna get out of here!” I decided not to confront him about it because that would just make everything worse. 

“Alright, it’s been long enough I think.” Mr. Williams turned the shower off and got out giving each of us a towel. I reached out to grab it while still cupping my pussy with my other hand. Mr. Williams just kind of looked at me for a little bit. 

“Umm, can you….look away?” I asked. James had dressed in a hurry with his spare clothes and had already left the room because the bell rang. 

“Oh right. Sorry.” He turned his head. I turned my back to him exposing my ass to him but since he was looking away I felt safe. I began drying myself off, not covering anything because there was a mirror in front of me and I could clearly see Mr. Williams wasn’t looking. He must’ve been ashamed for getting caught looking earlier. Just then the back door to the room, where the shower was, burst open and 3 freshmen boys came into the room. Mr. Williams forgot to lock the back door! I was just standing there with my arms and towel above my head not covering anything. 3 more guys now got a great look at my pussy! AHHHH this day couldn’t have been any worse. 

“AHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed, dropped the towel, and covered with my hands. Through the mirror, I now saw Mr. Williams getting quick peeks of my naked ass! 

The freshmen stood in front of me laughing as I tried to cover up in vain. 
“Holy crap, it’s Megan Lewis!!… NAKED!!!!” 

“Get out boys!!” Mr. Williams yelled, slamming the door. He apologized to me over and over again. Nearly in tears I kept my towel wrapped tightly around me until my change of clothes came. 

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for word to get around school that Mr. Williams saw me naked. Everyone still teases me for showing him the goods to this day. I still can’t look him in the eyes. UHHHHHHH!!!! It’s so embarrassing, and I still have another year after this!!!