Thursday, December 18, 2014

Teen Girl at Nudist Camp

Our parents were nudists, so we all went nuding. When Sis and I went, though, we didn’t have to take off our clothes, but my little sister – Sarah, normally did, though I didn’t. One summer, I was becoming very aware of boys and my body(!) when we went off to a nudist camp in the mountains. 

Everything was okay for a day or two. There was this cute boy who hung around me at the swimming pool. His little-big dick (or big-little dick, I haven’t figured out which) seemed too big for him and hung out all the time. I enjoyed watching his dick swinging while he ran around nude. It was interesting to look at his dick, which wasn’t circumcised, and compare him (and his dick) with the other boys who were. My little sister and I would snorkel all day, which was okay – in fact, it was even fun. I enjoyed spying on these naked little boys trying to figure out whether their penises floated, like my mom’s boobs did when she swam. I couldn’t decide one way or the other, so I just kept watching. 

A few of the older kids hung out at that big pool at the hot springs as well. But it was boring down at the swimming pool. The little pools up the mountain offered more flora and fauna, exotic ferns and lava rock construction, with exotic wild places to sit down, hide and swim. They were also frequented by adults, who almost always swam or bathed totally nude. Some adults even shaved, so they looked like us kids! It was funny. 

On the third day, my Sis and I decided to visit a pool up the hill. She went naked, and I wore my swimsuit like I always did. When we got there, it was full of a bunch of little kids and teenage boys with a few adults. I was embarrassed for my little sister, but she was confident as always and even playful naked, like them. She played with them, and I watched as they swam and dove, their bottoms popping up in the air as they went down with their flippers mask and snorkel. They were all naked, and so was she. She was the only girl swimming among these men. But her nips weren’t bulged out, like mine. I didn’t. When I went to the shower or looked at myself naked in the mirror, I on the other hand, noticed my nipples on my chest were starting to grow. Anyhow, I was modest and uncomfortable nude around boys. So I wore my swimsuit, a one-piecer, which was actually sort of made of a sheer nylon. 

Sis and I swam in the pool for about thirty minutes, enjoying ourselves, when our parents came down from a hot spring further up the hillside. Our parents were both really cool, although my mom’s pretty hot (sexy I mean). She also had a hot temper, and often got impatient when she was in a hurry. Still, I was uncomfortable swimming nude around them, as if they were the little boys, something which my little sister was not. So when our parents came down to swim in the pool, I swam a little more over by the boys, which I normally don’t do. We all swam a couple more hours as the evening came, until finally, the sun was setting. Then mom said it was time to go to our campsite and make dinner. My little sister said, “Yea, let’s go roast some weenies to eat,” which made me blush. The nudist boys hanging around naked in the pool all showing their weenies thought it was funny. The only one in a swimsuit my age was me, but I was modest. It was funny to be wearing a swimsuit with everyone else nude. 

A breeze came up, so it was chilly outside the pool. My parents got out and dried off, along with my little sister. My mother said, “Julie, get out, we have to go get our dinner.” Only it was cold, and I was modest, and I knew my mom would want me to change out of my swimsuit because it was chilly. You see, I hadn’t brought anything else to wear, even though I usually do, because my little sister Sarah and I hadn’t planned to come up the hill to that pool when we started out to go swimming in the main pool that afternoon. And there were all those boys watching, and even a few old men, and my pubis wouldn’t cover what it used to cover, and I was just so nervous, and... So, I waited and waited and stalled and stalled. I knew if I got out, my mom would want me to take off my swimsuit. My Dad and little sister, meanwhile, were now were trotting towards our campsite down the path. They looked so cute, big and little butt bottoms holding hands, disappearing. 

My mom yelled again, “Julie get out. We have to get dinner.” But I acted like I was cold, and said I would skip it. I thought I could stump her, and get out a bit later, but she knew better, and I should have. Suddenly my mother flew into rage. "Get over here this instant, young lady." I did as she said. “Get that suit off, Julie, so I can dry you off.” 

Again, I started whining, which was the wrong thing to do. “But mom, all these boys are here – they’ll see my bottom (whispering quietly then, "Mom, my tampon string's showing.” Well, that made her even angrier. 

“Julie, no one cares if you’re wearing a tampon!" she shouted. "Furthermore, you shouldn’t care if it shows – it’s very natural.” At least the first count, she was wrong on -- I did. Anyhow, by that time what I thought made no difference. In an instant, mom was pulling my swimsuit straps off my shoulders, stripping me bare to dry off. Moments later, I stood there naked, my tampon string plainly showing with these little (and some not little) nudist boys staring – watching me in awe of my mother’s commanding anger. She rashly dried me off as I stood there, quaking. 

“Julie, lay down so I can dry your bottom,” she said, harshly. I was so embarrassed – she pulled me down to dry me. Worse, the bench she sat on aligned with the corner of the spring. As mom grabbed me onto her, my bottom pointed neatly towards the boys in the pool. OMG! Then she dried off my backside brusquely, spreading my butt to carefully dry my bottom. It was like I was a little baby, or that she was putting me on display for the boys who were watching, or checking my tampon. OMG! I could just imagine those boys watching me there, plainly seeing my bottom -- perineum, tampon string hanging from my vagina. I was all spread out on my mother’s lap for viewing in the setting sun. 

As she finished, Mom gave me two quick slaps on the butt. “Julie, get your little fanny down to the campsite, now.” “No more sass out of you, young lady,” she cautioned, holding my swimsuit in her hands standing me up. 

I looked at it longing. Never have I felt so ashamed in my life. Embarrassed, nude, spanked – my mother angry chasing me naked b1efore a crowd of young boys, my feminine hygiene product showing. I was sooooo embarrassed, a tear rolled down my eye. I could just imagine the entire crowd of boys watching the show intently, including the teenage boys who were my age, all staring at me. Down the hill I ran towards our campsite, with nothing left of my dignity. I was so humiliated; my mother was so trying! I cried myself to sleep later. 

Well, the next day I awoke, somewhat more relaxed. I figured it could get any worse, so I might as well play along and go out swimming naked, too, which I did. My tampon string hung out plainly, from my bare pudendum, which was wide open – all of it was all there plainly to view. And you know what? If the boys saw it, they paid no attention. The little nudist boys that had watched me the day before were, oh, such gentlemen! Even with their little penises flopping about they were just so polite! At least no one paid more attention to my tampon sting than they did to the fact that I was nude, totally nude, and thoroughly enjoying it, every bit!

Childhood Strip Games

When I was thirteen I moved from London to a village in the highlands of Scotland because of my father’s work. This meant having to travel some 50 miles to the nearest school. After doing this for a month or so it was decided that like other teenagers in the village that I’d lodge Monday to Thursday evening. Arrangements where made for me to lodge with the single mum of another girl and boy in my class. This was at first a strange arrangement but I soon got use to it. After about two months of doing this, three months in Scotland altogether I’d being somewhat excepted and had two families and circles of friends. 

In the Village my best friend was Bryde and in town my best friend was my surrogate sister Meghany. The long summer break was approaching and it was allowed for me to spend some time in town. The first week I stayed Meghany’s mother explained that she had to work leaving us alone. She felt at 13 each and just having Donald Meghany’s younger brother to look after we’d be fine. 

Sometime that week the weather changed from pleasant to horrible. So we where stuck inside. Meghany suggested that we played cards and Donald agreed immediately. Meghany turned to me and said do you know how to play cards. Yes, I said. So the game began with Donald dealing. I asked what we where playing and they both looked puzzled. I offered up a few card game names and they where surprised that there where different games. They explained their game and I recognized it as gin rummy. 

We started playing and we all won various tricks. Then Meghany did not take a trick. ‘Pay or sweat’ Donald asked. Meghany said ‘pay’ and took off one of her slippers. My heart began to beat violently. I’d heard of strip games but never had played one. I was a bit panicked but carried on. I then lost a trick, ‘pay or sweat’ said Meghany. ‘Pay” I said. And removed my cardigan. The game continued with us losing about every 3 hands on average. I was soon down to my dress, bra and panties. Meghany likewise was in skirt, top, bra, and panties. I’d surmised that at the time but can only confirm in hindsight. Donald was a very skilful player but was still minus slippers, socks and jumper. 

Meghany lost again ‘pay or sweat’ I said since I had the most tricks. “Sweat” she said. I wasn’t sure what that meant I was trying to pretend that I’d played ‘cards’ before. Donald rubbed his hands. He dealt again and that was that. If I knew sweat meant keeping my clothes on I would have said that rather than pay. Next hand and Donald has the most tricks. Meghany scowls and looks at me. “Name your price” I looked puzzled. I bluffed that in London we don’t use that rule could she explain. The explanation had me blushing a bit. Because she sweated I as the winner of the hand now got to name a piece of clothing to be removed because she hadn’t won this round. Not only that but Donald as the winner of this round got to say as well. I thought what would I prefer to remove in her situation and went skirt. Meghany stood and removed it without any complaint. 

Her white panties where clearly on show. Donald looked at his sister and just said “Your knickers sis” I was flabbergasted. I expected it being her top and that would be the end of the game. But no. She stood and just took them off. I was up and running for my room. 

Meghany came up after about half an hour and we talked. It appeared that her mum played this game with their uncle jack. Their uncle Tom. And probably uncle cobbler and all. They’d played it for years and she said all the kids did it in town. So would I come and play. After a lot of talking I went back down. We started again and very quickly I lost a hand by not taking a trick. I went sweat sure I’d win or at least not lose. I won so was safe. But Donald looked very cross. He’d won the hand I’d lost. Then Donald lost and went pay, losing his trousers belt. 

I then lost and went sweat. This time unfortunately I lost the hand not taking a trick. I suddenly realized I only hand three items on. I was asked ‘pay or sweat’ so I seated again and kept my clothes on. The next hand I took a trick but did not win. “You must ask us” Donald said. “What is your payment” I said really sweating. 

Donald went first, panties he said. I had to stand and put my hands up my dress and pull them down. Next was Meghany, dress she said. It took me ages to remove it trying to hide my body. Then Donald I hadn’t realized got another go because I had sweat twice and he’d been the winner of two of the hands. I expected it being bra. But no he said he wanted to look at my bottom. I stood mortified and turned and showed him. 

Next Meghany lost and went sweat. She pulled it off. Next Donald lost twice paying with his trousers and shirt. To just be in underwear. Meghany then lost and paid removing her bra from beneath her top. Donald then lost and removed his underwear. I saw for the first time a penis and learnt as I looked that it had a mind of its own and two states. I then lost and went sweat. Unfortunately not wining the next hand. So I was naked. I thought that would be that but no. I had to pay a forfeit since I had no clothes. I had to stand on the puffy and hands on head let Meghany the winner and Donald still very naked and aroused walk around me and look very closely at me. 

Girl Stripped Naked by Mugger

I had recently left school after just turning sixteen and completing my exams. I had decided not to do A-levels as I was desperate to earn an income and become independent. 
I had applied for the position of a Training Officers assistant at a large company that manufactured electrical components. The company was based in central London and I had been invited to an interview at their central office in Bayswater Road. 
On the morning of the interview I made sure that I looked impeccable, I had spent an eternity getting ready. I had decided to wear my grey Blair trouser suit with a white shirt and my new black leather Mirage boots that had a subtle 1 inch heel – I was never one for high heels. 
The interview was at 9:00am and I left over an hour early to ensure that I would make it on time. I had been sent a small map with directions how to get there but in my morning haste, I had left home without them. 
I caught the train to Victoria and jumped on the tube to High-street Kensington, there were problems on the underground service and the High-street Kensington station was the closest that I could get to Bayswater road. 
As I left the station, I asked the nearest person directions to EM Electrics at Bayswater road. The nearest person happened to be a woman around the age of 35, a large powerful looking woman who was trying to sell Heather to tourists. 

“EM Electrics…yeh, I know that place” she said. 
“Can you point me in the general direction” I asked. 
“Errr, it’s hard to explain” she replied. 
“I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you there” she suggested. 
“Follow me” she said as she marched off across Hyde Park. 

She said nothing as I followed her across the park to the other side. 
“It’s this way” she said as she set off down a secluded alley. 
I followed her, desperately trying to keep up. She suddenly looked over her shoulder and said “come on, keep up, not far now” she then looked down at my feet and said “nice shoes, expensive eh?”. 
This question made me feel very uncomfortable so I chose to ignore it. 

We exited the alley onto some extremely run down looking street 
“Where are we going?” I asked 
“This way” she said, as she turned down another side alley 
She then stopped at a doorway of a derelict building and said “in here” 
“What’s in there?” I asked 
“It’s this way” she responded 
“That’s a derelict building” I said 
She suddenly pulled a blade from her back pocket and said “in here bitch…move” 
I now knew that I was in big trouble and I stepped inside the building. 
“That way” she said as she pointed down the corridor. 
I now walked ahead of her, waiting for her next command. 
“What are you going to do to me?” I asked. 
“Next room on the left” she said 
I stepped into the large room with no other exits or windows, only a skylight above. 
The woman followed me into the room and pushed me further inside, she then slammed the door behind her and said “STRIP!!!” 
“Excuse me” I replied in confusion 
“You heard me, take ya clothes off” she ordered. 
“My clothes” I repeated, still confused as to what was happening. 
“… get undressed…take em all off” she barked. 
“I’ve got money” I said as I pulled my purse out of my pocket “…here” I said as I handed her my purse, hoping that she’d take it and go. 
She opened my purse and counted the money inside before pocketing it, “It’s up to you, you can get undressed or I can undress you” she said. 
Resigned to losing my clothes and in a totally dazed state I sat down on an old crate, I then lifted my right foot up on the crate. I pulled up the bottom of my trouser leg, revealing my right shin high boot in its entirety, I then slowly unzipped the boot, under the woman’s watchful eye. “That’s it…” she said “…get them boots off”. 
Once unzipped, I grabbed the boot in both hands and tugged it off my foot, then placed it next to me on the crate. I then repeated my actions with my left boot and placed it next to the other one. I then stood up feeling the cold floor through my black stockings. 
“Fetch me them boots” she ordered. 
I picked up the boots and handed them to her. 
She lifted them to her nose and smelt the leather before saying “mmmm expensive leather”. She then continued to closely inspect them, reading the label inside and saying “Mirage…they’ll fetch a fair price”. She then opened her bag and put them inside. 
“Keep going…now the suit” she ordered 
I pulled the suit jacket off my shoulders and worked it off my arms, handing it to her. I then slowly unbuttoned my shirt, partially revealing my white bra in the process. I then worked the shirt off, pulling it out from my trousers and handed it to her. My bra was the only item left on my upper body. 
“And the trousers” she said 
I slowly unbuckled my belt, unclasped and unzipped my trousers and let them drop to my ankles to reveal my white panties. 
I then stepped out of my trousers, picked them up and handed them to her. 
“Not quite finished yet girlie” she said 
“Now turn around and face the wall” she ordered 
I did as she said and stood facing the wall in nothing but my bra, panties and stockings. 
I then felt her breath on me as she got closer and closer. 
“Keep going… I said everything” she whispered in my ear. 
“You want my underwear?” I quizzed 
“I’m finally getting through” she replied 
I slowly rolled each stocking down and took them off; dropping them to the ground. 
“What pretty feet you have…now the bra” she said 
I unclasped my bra and let it fall. 
“And finally those little knickers” she ordered 
“No please” I begged 
“Knickers” she repeated 
I slowly pulled the waistband down and let them fall to my ankles and then stepped out of them. 
“Stripped at last” she said 
“Now get on your knees” 
The floor was cold against my bare flesh but I did as she said and got down on my knees. 
As I knelt facing the wall, she grabbed my wrist and removed my watch. Then she pulled my bobble from my hair and my hair fell around my shoulders. She had now taken every item off of me. 
“Count to fifty, then you can go” she said 
I started counting and I heard the door close behind me. When I finally reached fifty, I stood up, turned around and saw that the woman had gone, taking all of my clothes with her (including my underwear). I was in a real fix, standing naked in an old derelict building, with no money, no clothes and no idea where I was. 
I slowly opened the door and stepped out into the corridor. I cautiously made my way through the building desperate to find something to wear. I opened a door to another room and spotted an old cardboard box on the floor. It was the only thing that I could use to cover myself. I flattened the box and then put in over my head, pulling it down to cover my torso. 
I now had to somehow get home. I made my way out onto the street and spotted a mechanics garage on the corner, I had no other option. I made my way over to the mechanics and called for assistance. An old man appeared from the back of the garage looking perplexed at my state. 
“What’s happened here” he asked. 
“A woman stole my clothes and I’m totally lost” I told him. 
“Not again” he said “she’s making a habit out of stealing youngsters clothes and still the police can’t catch her” he informed me. 
“You’d better come this way and call the police” he said as he pointed to his office. 
I called the police and they collected me and returned me home. I returned back to school to complete my A-levels, I wasn’t ready to by independent. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Teen Girl Seen Naked by Neighbor Boy

So this happened to me about a couple months ago. I'm 15, kinda short, with blonde hair but I'm like dumb or anything. I just do stupid stuff on accident.

Anyway, on a Saturday I was supposed to wake up around 5 am to get ready and meet up with my neighbor to go to the gym. My neighbor is a guy who's my age, I don't like him or anything we've just always been friends. But I accidentally snoozed it and fell back asleep by habit cause that's what I do on school days. When I woke up it was already almost 6 and that's when my friend was supposed meet me outside. So hurried up and I took off my shirt and shorts and jumped in the shower. I had just started putting conditioner in my hair when I saw through my bathroom window that my neighbor was walking up the street. At that point honestly I was like oh well looks like he's just going to wait outside. So I took my time from then on. Probably like 10 min later I got out and started drying of with a towel and walked back into my room but just as I was wrapping my hair up in the towel, my door opens and he says, "Hey Kayla what is taking you so-" and I'm just standing there butt ass naked in the middle of wrapping up my hair frozen in place. He stared at me for a second then started laughing. I covered up with the towel and got mad and yelled at him to leave. He was like, "Why? You look pretty good and I don't want to miss it." 
I was like, "Quit being an asshole!" Then he was like, "Fine. I'll leave if you kiss me." "No way!!" Then I pushed him out and finished getting dressed and after I made sure to give him the silent treatment all day at the ymca.

Anyway that's my most embarrassing moment.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Girl Stripped Naked at Sleepover

First know I am a very deep sleeper and once I am out it's really hard to wake me up. I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house last weekend. There were 6 of us and this one girl Amy who I hate was there too. Had I known that she'd be there I probably would not have gone. 

We all stayed up very late and I was the first to nod off at about 3:00am. I fell asleep on the floor wrapped in big warm quilt. I found out what happened the next day after the fact from my friend. 

After I fell asleep one of my friends joked that I was such a deep sleeper that almost nothing can wake me up. That made Amy perk up and I guess the rest of the girls all started testing that theory doing things to me. They touched my face and stuck their fingers in my mouth, nose, and ears. They tickled my sides and feet but nothing woke me up. Amy convinced some of the girls to help strip my clothes off. They pulled my shirt and shorts off leaving me in my underwear only. I still never woke up. They got a marker and wrote things on me. Then they put a banana down the back of my panties and stuck things down the front too. They took pictures of me in all sorts of stupid and embarrassing positions. Amy pulled my panties up my butt in back then took the marker and pushed it under and twisted my panties up in it like a tourniquet. She kept twisting till my panties were stretched so tight up my butt and camel toe that you could see most of my butt hole and lips pushing out the sides. Through all this I still never woke up! 

Then Amy suggested they take my underwear off too. She said it would be funnie to strip me naked. She kept pushing the idea but the other girls didn't want to do it. My friend who's house we were sleeping over has 3 younger brothers that all sleep in the same bedroom. Amy and the others said it would be funnie to put me in their bedroom in my underwear and leave me there till morning. They wrapped me up in the quilt and carried me into the boy’s bedroom and left me there like that in the dark. Everyone left but Amy came back in right after and took my panties and bra off and left me naked under the quilt. 

I woke up the next morning to the sounds of snickering and voices. I opened my eyes and was stunned not knowing where I was at first. I saw my friend's youngest brother looking at me with a funnie look on his face. THEN I looked down and lifted my blanket and realized I was totally naked underneath! My left boob was uncovered and I heard one of the brothers snickering. I was horrified and pulled the blanket tight against me up to my neck not knowing what else to do. He told the others that he had just saw my bare boobs. They all jumped off their bunk beds and stood over me saying the wanted to see. I tried to wrap the blanket around me tightly but the oldest brother pulled the bottom of the blanket out and looked underneath. "Holy sh*t she's naked!" he said and then he jumped underneath the quilt and crawled up right on top of me! The next brother laughed and did the same climbing up under the blanket too and sandwiching me in-between them. 

Laughing it up they ran their hands up my backside, feeling my boobs, squeezing my butt cheeks, and even letting their fingers run up in between my legs. I felt my pussy get very warm. I tried to scream but they covered my face with a pillow and ripped the quilt clean off of me leaving me stark naked on the carpet surrounded by them all. One held my arms, the other held my legs down and they all just smiled staring at my naked boobs, stomach and bare pussy with their eyes popping out of their heads. One of them raked his fingers down my sides and stuck his finger in my belly button. The third brother started tickling my sides making me scream and wiggle around with all of them laughing it up. Then they rolled me over on my stomach so they could see my butt too. Cupping my boobs and touching me all over they had their fun spreading my cheeks apart looking up my butt hole and spread open pussy with their faces only inches away from my privates. One of them stuck his finger in my pussy and said I must have to pee because I was all wet down there. I was so embarrassed but I could not help it. 

They tickled, touched, and poked me all over giggling and laughing hysterically at me naked and struggling till all the ruckus must have gotten the attention of their mother. Moments later she came storming into the room. Shocked she saw me stark naked and writhing on the floor being tickled and groped by all three boys. Outraged she screamed "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" as the boys jumped up with very scared looks on their faces. Jumping up myself I grabbed the closest thing I could (a pillow) to cover up with as she began cursing at me demanding to know why I was in the boys room naked. Embarrassed and horrified I barely could speak as she screamed at me demanding for me to get out. She even ripped the pillow out of my hands as I passed her calling me a trampy little slut as I made my way down the hallway cupping my boobs and pussy with only my hands in front of all my girlfriends. Amy had the biggest smirk on her face. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Held Naked By Girl Robbers

this happened to me when I was about 14 and a half my parents went for a weekend trip they trusted me with the house I was left home alone we had a nice house and a lot of valuable things in it. they had just left I was in my room and I looked out my window to watch there car drive away I went back to reading my magazine I looked at the clock 9:30 I read my magazine some more I fell asleep when I woke up it was 10:25 I heard foot steps down stairs "are they home already" I though I went down stairs to the lounge room and saw 3 young women with handguns one was a brunette with long hair and a purple sweater and jeans the other was a blonde with short hair and t shirt and black pants the 3rd was a redhead with similar cloths to the others of them saw me and said "well look what we have here" I was frozen scared stiff they all stared at me I wanted to yell but all that came out was "what are you doing in my parents house" they walked towards me with there guns pointed at me "we're here to Robb the place" said the redhead "and if you be a good boy and cooperate you wont get hurt" said the blonde I nodded the blonde took me by the arm and threw me on the couch "sit there and don’t move" she said pointing her gun at me she turned to the others "you 2 look around for any thing worth wild ill stay and keep an I on him" the brunette and the redhead left I was left with the blonde I couldn’t help be afraid this was the first time id ever been threatened the blonde looked at me "what’s your name honey" I stuttered at first "mark" a said "well mark looks like you should have gone with your folks because it wont be any fun with us around" she said "why are you here I asked "were here for the goods baby don’t worry well leave as soon as were done" I was fool enough to believe her I sat down for quite a while waiting for them to leave I then heard the blondes cell phone ring she answered she didn’t seem to happy "fuck Stacy said she had car trouble she wont be here till 5 hours" I didn’t know if this was good or bad "are you kidding what are we gonna do" asked the redhead "well just have to stick around here till she comes" said the brunette "well baby looks like we're gonna be here for a little while longer" said the blond I didn’t want them to stay I wanted them to leave and never come back i tried to get rid of them by saying "you shouldn’t stick around long my parents will be back in a few minutes" I lied the blonde smiled at me "baby we’ve been watching this house for weeks now and we know for a fact that your folks are gone for the weekend" the brunette looked at the redhead "well if were stuck here we might as well make the best of it lets order Chinese" the redhead agreed "yeah im getting hungry lets order something" the blonde protested "we just came to rob the place and now you want to have dinner hear its not like were staying here" the brunette smiled "why don’t we I mean his parents aren’t going to be back till the end of the weekend we should stay here and have a blast" the though of being held hostage by these girls for 2 straight days made me even more scared they argued a bit with the brunette until she agreed "ok were staying here" I wasn’t gonna let them do this "hey you cant just invite your selves here and think that im gonna just let you...." but before i could say another word the blond clamped her hand over my mouth "well put a gag on you honey if you don’t shut up" then she took her hand away and stared at me "ok baby for the next few days were gonna be your family" she pointed to the brunette and the redhead "they’re gonna be your big sisters and im gonna be your big mama now if your a good boy we wont make it bad for you but if your bad well make your life a living hell now if you make a fuss well tie you up if your noisy well gag you and if you try to get away well shoot you "I felt like punching her in the face but id probably get into trouble they took off there shoes and socks and made them selves at home I had to find some way to get rid of them "you wont get away with this" I told them I was so naive to think they’d listen to me the blond turned to the brunette and the redhead "remind me to put a gag on him later" they all sat down and started to watch TV I didn’t want to watch with them I wanted them to leave and never come back "I’m board" said the blonde "lets do something fun" they all looked at me they were not gonna touch me the brunette pointed her gun in my face "your gonna entertain us for a little while" she said they told me to stand up and to strip I took off my shirt "no" said the redhead "strip like a male stripper" I was so scared I didn’t know how to dance I tried my best I tried to imitate what I saw once in a movie I stripped down till I was naked when I finally took my pants off they all cheered they made me sick they finally told me to stop and to leave my cloths off I sat back down on the couch naked they were eyeing my naked posture I looked at the clock 11:45 almost midnight no one would be awake I wouldn’t be able to alert any one the brunette looked at the clock "its getting late we should probably put you to bed now" she said then I got an idea” listen girls I need to go to the toilet to pee" I said they looked at me for a second and then they let me go to the toilet I figured if I could get out through the window id be able to get away they slammed the door shut "be quick" said the redhead I wasted no time in opening the window but it was to small for me to get through they came in and dragged me back into the lounge room "that was a very naughty thing to do mark" said the blonde "and now were sending you to bed with out your supper" they took me upstairs to my room and they threw me on to the bed "you two go find something we can tie him up with" said the blonde the redhead and the brunette left and then came back with some of my fathers ties and my mothers head scarves "will this do" asked the redhead the blonde nodded and told me to lie on my stomach I was not about to give in to them "listen I already told you that my parents would be back any moment so why don’t you just leave and never come ba....." but before I could say another word the Blonde took one of the my mothers scarves from the Redhead and shoved it in my mouth. "You've got a big mouth Mark maybe you should give it a rest for tonight" she forced me onto my stomach and pressed my face down against the mattress I felt the brunette and the redhead tie my hands and legs spread out to the bed by the time they were down I had been tied down to the bed eagle eyed on my stomach "and one more thing" said the blonde she took another scarf folded it waved it in front of me and then tied it around my mouth to keep me from spitting out the other scarf that was in my mouth she did a double knot and then got up and looked at me they all giggled "were gonna have a lot of fun with you" said the redhead "well now that he’s tucked in lets go down stairs and have a drink" said the brunette "no wait" said the blonde "he’s a very naughty boy for trying to get away he must be punished........lets give him a spanking" I was ready to scream they had no right to do this to me a struggled and struggled until my wrists started to hurt "baby isn’t being well behaved" said the blonde I felt her smacking her hand on my ass "oh yeah" she said the others giggled as I was being spanked "yeah baby this is hot" finally she stopped the redhead said "alright lets have dinner now" "alright" the brunette replied the blonde leaned down over me and gave me a kiss on the cheek "good night honey" she said than she pinched my cheek "sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bight" and then they left they slammed the door and left me alone in the dark naked bound and gagged helpless I wanted to cry but I wasn’t sad I was frustrated who did they think they were doing this to me I stayed there all night I heard noises down stares giggles laughs I hated them I would never forgive them for this. I heard the door open it was the redhead she had I bowl of Chinese fried rice in her hand "hey baby I brought you something to eat you comfortable" she had to be kidding of course I wasn’t comfortable she took a spoon full of the rice and waved it in my face "Id like to give this to you but you’d probably scream for help the minute i take that scarf out of your mouth she took the spoon and ate the rice she gloated "mmmm this is wonderful mmm this is great I bet you’d like some.....trouble is you cant eat with a gag in your mouth" she didn’t give me any thing she just sat there and gloated I was ready to kill her she finally took my gag off and shoved a spoon full of the rice in my mouth i swallowed it "was that nice" she said I was ready to kill her so i spat in her face "you bitch" I said angrily she wiped my saliva off her face and shoved the scarf back in my mouth "if you do that again ill make sure that that gag stays on for the rest of the weekend" she tied the scarf around my mouth and then left I hated this being attacked by these physco bitches being tied up and spanked I was ready to blow up I was so vivid I could of killed them I eventually dosed off when I woke up it was morning the sun was shining through my window the blonde came in "rise and shine baby" she said "did you have a pleasant night” by then all my urge to kill her had gone I was to tired to wanna move and to tiered to moan through my gag she started to untie me from the bed "come down stairs and have some breakfast" she said I felt the urge to run but she had her gun with her I was still lying on my stomach she had untied my wrists and ankles but left my gag on she forced my hands behind my back and tied them together with my fathers ties she told me to get up I got up she dragged me out of the room by my arm and took me down stairs into the dinning room where the redhead and the brunette were sitting eating cereal all the blinds to the windows were shut so no one out side could see us the blonde sat me down in a chair and then took out a roll of duct tape and tied me to the chair "so baby you decided to have breakfast" said the redhead "you want some of this" she took a spoonful of her cereal and pointed it at me she knew I couldn’t eat any thing with the gag on so what was she trying to do she spilt it on my leg "oh im sorry let me clean that up for you" she leaned down and licked the cereal off my leg next thing i knew she was licking my penis I struggled but the blonde and the brunette held me while the redhead sucked my cock I struggled and struggled until she finally stopped the blonde looked at me "if you think that was fun wait till you see what we’ve got planned for you next they untied me from the chair and took be down stairs to the basement they opened the door and forced me inside they forced me on to the floor on my stomach i then felt my ankles being tied together and my tied wrists being tied together with my tied ankles it felt a lot like a hogtie I later found out that it was they then waved a black cloth in my face and then blind folded me with it I couldn’t see any thing it was very hard to breath with the gag on "have fun baby where going out to get some stuff and that’s when the party’s really gonna get exciting" this was all a big joke to these girls they then left and locked me in the basement leaving me all alone bound gagged and naked I felt so violated I could of died in there but the thought of freedom kept me alive

College Girls Stripped Naked at Lake

This June I was taking the summer off before my final semester this fall. I went to a lake to go swim and hang out with my best friend Cindy. We saw this guy we knew and he works with troubled boys and brought a bunch of them to the lake. Cindy thought it would be funny to swim behind him and yank down his trunks. She swam back over to me and we were laughing about it. Next thing I know she takes off in a panic toward the sand. I turn around and see a bunch of the boys coming after us. I started swimming as fast as I could because Cindy was wearing a one piece while I was wearing a string bikini and I knew I'd be and easier target for revenge. Boy was I right. Just as I got out the water and thought I was scott free, I felt my bottoms get grabbed. Not only did the boy hold me back; he began pulling them down exposing my butt. While I was fighting to keep them up the other boys gathered around. Suddenly I felt my top coming loose. When I held it with one hand I felt another boy pull the strings to my bottoms. When I slapped away his hand my top got snatched off. I covered my boobs with my hands which allowed them to pull my bottoms completely off. I couldn't believe it. In a matter of 15 seconds, I was stripped completely naked by a bunch of high school aged boys. But the humiliation wasn't over yet. Cowering there stark naked the boys began taunting me trying to pull my hands away exposing me. My bikini was no where to be found and I wasn’t about to start demanding to get it back so I ran off in a panic. I had to run about 100 yards right in front of a whole crowd of people with a wild pack of boys in chase to my clothes and towel. They caught up quick and snatched my shorts and shirt away before I could do much to stop them. I was fighting them off completely naked! Luckily a LifeGuard came charging over screaming at them to quit it. They all ran off in different directions with my clothes and bikini laughing hysterically. I was left with only my towel to cover up with. Shortly after, the lifeguards had them all kicked off the lake property and I got some of my clothes back (my shorts and bikini top only). At least they were kicked out I thought, but the worst wasn’t over yet. 

Later in the parking lot when me and Cindy were leaving this black van came roaring up and out jumped some of the same boys again. They were mad and cursed us out, blaming me for them getting kicked out of the lake. One of them held Cindy and I was grabbed and dragged into the back of the van. Again there were hands all over me pulling my clothes off. My hands and legs were held, while the others pulled my top off, and yanked my shorts down my hips and off, again leaving me stripped completely naked. Held down naked and squirming they had their fun slapping and grabbing my tits, ass, and crotch having their way with me. My butt was groped and pulled apart and I felt fingers go inside me, and even a finger get shoved up my ass as I heard one of them yell, “OH YEAH STICK IT RIGHT IN HER ASS!!!”. Next thing I know 2 very large and angry cops are yelling and roughly yanking everybody out of the van and throwing them on the ground. Cindy was screaming and pointing and more and more people started gathering around to see what all the commotion was all about. I guess the cops had been called after the first incident with the kids and where already there thankfully. Sobbing in humiliation I scrambled to get my clothes back on, but not before the cops, and plenty of others saw me naked. 

To make a long story short the kids were all taken down to the station and charged with sexual assault, among other things. I even saw one of the cops slam one of the smart mouthed kid’s face in the gravel after he mouthed off to them. Small comfort on a very bad day at the lake. When I went back to school I never even brought it up with anyone ever again.