Monday, July 21, 2014

Teen Girl Pantsed With No Panties

Okay so my name is Christy, I'm 19, it happened to me when I was 15 and this is my most embarrassing moment.

So I was over at a friends house around 5 o'clock. We were bored just watching Cloverfield and talking about random stuff and after the movie was over. Claire suggested we go swimming in her pool outside. Now by this time it was probably almost 7 p.m. and we live in Missouri. In the Fall, Missouri gets cold at night!! So I was completely against it but Claire, Morgan, and Claire's little brother convinced me.

One problem was that none of us besides Claire and her brother had swimsuits. And Claire's extra bikini's well lets just say they were too big for me. I was only like an A cup back then but anyway so I just decided to were my black gym short shorts and the bra I was wearing.

So the pool was actually kinda fun surprisingly. Came back in like 45 minutes later and wrapped up in blankets. I also put my shirt back on after awhile too even though Claire and Morgan were still in their bikinis. I just got tired of Jarett looking at us (her 13 year old brother).

About 10 minutes after we got inside we all started arguing over what movie to watch. Me and Claire were standing close to the tv looking at all the options and Morgan and Jarett were sitting on the couch yelling at us to move so they could see. Like after a minute of arguing and walked over to wear Jarett was sitting and yelled sucks to be you but we're all older and we get to choose! Right after I said that he right out and yanked down my short shorts exposing my ass to Claire and my vagina to Jarett and Morgan.

I immediately pulled them back up and sat down on the couch while they all laugh hysterically. I guess it was somewhat my fault that I didn't put my undies back on when I got inside after I stopped drying off. But it was still really really embarrassing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sister Seen Naked In Shower By Brother

Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm 17 and this is my most embarrassing story.

Okay so last weekend my parents were out of town and I was told I need to go get groceries and babysit my brother and they'd give me $30. The going to the store part was fine but the babysitting my brother part sucked cause he is annoying as hell. Friday night after my parents were gone I had my boyfriend over to watch a movie. The problem with that was 1 I'm not supposed to have a boyfriend over when my parents are gone and 2 my little brother knows that. So after he left that night he was bugging me and telling me about how he was going to tell on me. But eventually I got him to promise that he wouldn't if I let his two best friends spend the night.

I actually used to like his friends a lot because one of them always carried gobstoppers with him and gave me all the cherries. But that would soon change. Anyway I didn't have a problem with them all night it was the next morning where things got awful. My mistake was that I woke up at like 4 a.m. because I was really thirsty and went downstairs to get some gateraid and when I came back up to my room I accidentally left the door unlocked.

Now this isn't my fault but I have a bathroom connected to my room but the door connecting it doesn't close and locking it doesn't keep it closed either. But normally that doesn't matter because I can just lock the door to my room and everything would be fine. Except for the fact again that I forgot to lock it before I went back to bed.

Anyway I woke up again probably around 8:30 or 8:45. I'm used to getting up for work so its like impossible to automatically sleep in. And I always just feel like getting up anyway so I gotta out of bed, started the hot water in the shower, took off the t-shirt and undies I was wearing, and got in. And it wasn't maybe two minutes later, I was just finishing rinsing out the conditioner from my hair and rubbing my eyes when I looked to my left and saw my brother and one of his friends right behind him.

After I saw them I was so startled I didn't say anything for a second and my brother who I guess was just waiting for me to finish my hair (how lucky of me) was completely oblivious to the fact that I was completely naked with my boobs and all hanging out with just a glass shower door in the way. I don't know how long they were there but he just waited till I noticed him and was like, "Hey, can you come make us pancakes and stuff when you're done?"

After that I was just mad and I immediately covered up and was like, "NO! Get the fuck out now!" Which got him upset (he's 9 by the way) and he told me not to cuss at him cause I see him in the shower sometimes too when I have to go get more toilet paper. So I just kept yelling at them to leave when the third one came running in with an iPhone in his hand (yeah he's definitely a spoiled brat if he's 9 and has a phone) and was like "Woah!" and held up his phone and started video tapping. My brother, still not caring that I was naked, was getting more and more mad that I was yelling at him finally just ripped the door open and started pulling on my arm to get me out and yelled at the friend not video tapping to help him. So the other friend came in from the other end getting himself all wet cause the shower was still on and was pushing on my ass to get me out. While all this time I'm yelling and fight them to get out and that other kid was still video tapping.

When they eventually pulled me out I rushed for a towel and wrapped myself in it while I was still people herded downstairs to the kitchen. After that they got me to make them pancakes and sausage. Even while they were eating that one kid was still on his phone video tapping. I couldn't do anything or they said they'd get someone to post it on facebook. When they were done eating they let me go put on actual clothes.

Later that day after they left, I locked my brother in a dark closet for 5 minutes as revenge. It would've been longer but he was banging on it the entire time and I didn't want him to break it.

Anyway well that's my most embarrassing story.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stripped Naked By Friend's Sister

When I was in my early teens I was at my friends house and his older sister and 3 of her friends were there. My friend and his sister got into an argument over who got use of the TV in the den it turned into a full shoving match. At one point she shoved him, knocking back over onto the couch. He was embarrassed so he jumped up and unexpectedly yanked her pants down! She was wearing these funny Winnie the Poo panties and we all laughed. We were all making jokes about it. I couldn’t help it, the look on her face was just priceless. I piped in making a bunch of jokes about it too. Well I guess I said too much because his sister got really mad, not at him but at me! She screamed that it wasn’t funny and tackled me! My friend and the girls watched as she pummeled me. In the tussle she managed to pull my shirt and eventually my shorts off, leaving me in my briefs and shoes only! I felt so embarrassed. Everyone was laughing at me, even my friend! The girls tossed my clothes back and forth while I ran around trying to get them. As if this wasn’t bad enough as I was reaching out trying to catch my clothes his sister snuck up behind me and yanked my fruit-of-the-looms down to my ankles exposing my wiener to everyone! I bent down trying to get them back up but she stepped on them. I struggled trying to get them back up basically nude in front of everyone. Everyone was laughing at me, and eventually instead of letting me get them back up she took them away from me too leaving me crouched down on the middle of the floor buck naked huddled up in ball as the girls shove me and taunted me. 

Suddenly their mom came in to see what the commotion was all about and scolded all of us, including me! She told me to get dressed and go home. She made the girls go home too, but she acted like I had also done something wrong. I was so embarrassed! 

Naked Sister Games

My sister and I used to play a game when I was 13 and she 15. It was always when we were alone like late at night, or when our parents were out. She’d have me pretend I was a captured spy and she was the interrogator. She would say she needed to search me and then proceed to slowly strip me one piece of clothing at a time. Once in my underwear only she’d tie my hands behind my back and then order me to hand over the “secret tapes” or she would have to torture me. I of course always refused to cooperate knowing what would come next. She’d say, “Well I’ll just have to search for them myself then. Maybe you have them in here”, reaching down into my underwear feeling my dick and balls moving her hand around and pulling on my shaft now and again. She’d reach under my balls and squeeze my ass too. She would just generally grope me till I was hard as a rock. She seemed fascinated with my dick. Once erect she’d pull my underwear down and off and tie me with my shaft waving around in the air to a big chair we had in the den with my legs spread apart. She’d then usually gag me. She’d tie me down so well I could not get lose even if I really wanted too (not that I really wanted too anyway!). I’d “mmmphfff” through my gag and struggle playing the part but she'd always get her way of course. She’d tickle and slap my rock hard shaft, yank on it, stroke it and touch it till I was near orgasm. She always would stop right before and not let me come! She’d do it for what felt like hours sometimes. She’d keep me that way slowly stroking me telling me I had to confess or else. Finally after making me beg for it, flexing in my chair, she would finally let me come shooting my load like a gusher through the air, and sometimes all over me if she felt like it and pointed it back at me. One time she took out a buzzing silver egg looking thing that had a cord (later I found out it was a vibrator!) and held it on my anus while stroking me with baby oil till I came with a gut wrenching orgasm. We called the game Persuasion. It was so bad of us but yet still remains some of my most memorable sexual memories. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Girl Pantsed By Brother

Ok so I am not sure if anyone found my first story any good but here is more.. 

So the next thing that happened with my weird brother occured in my basement with my neighbor friend Celia one weekend when my parents were out of town till Sunday. She’s about my age but goes to a different school. We were kind of friends, not good friends, but friends more because we lived next door to each other and were around the same age too so we wound up hanging out here and there. She had a reputation for being a on the wild side once supposedly getting caught naked in her room with another girl and booze one late night after her mother was supposed to be asleep already. I found out through my mother about it all later after she had spoken with her Mom. Her Mom was single parent (dead beat Dad I think) so Celia never had any money or nice things. Needless to say my parents were not crazy about her. 

But anyway, my brother and his friend we over in the basement playing ping pong when I happened to go downstairs looking for some laundry I had left in a basket outside the laundry room. Coming down the stairs I came upon Celia standing there next to my brother talking and laughing in a low tone. Celia didn’t normally even associate with the likes of my little brother so I was surprised to see her over here in our basement at all without me even knowing about it. Once they saw me they both oddly quieted up quickly cutting off whatever they were talking and snickering about. I asked what she was doing here and she said she had come over to see me, to see if I wanted to hang out or something. A little confused I asked her why she was down here in the basement with my little brother then and she said she had knocked on the back door thinking I might be down here (as it was a playroom) and my brother answered. She said she had just gotten there and was about to come up and look for me. It was a little weird but made sense so I accepted it. I grabbed my laundry and told Celia I was going to go put it away thinking she’d come with. She said she’d be right up but my brother had challenged her to a game of ping pong first. I went up stairs and they played. A little while later I heard my brother calling me and when I went downstairs my brother and Celia were standing there saying they had lost the last ball under the laundry room door and it was locked and wanted to know if I knew how to get in. 

Now before I go any further let me explain, I live in an old house that had gotten remodeled like a 1000 times over the years. The makeshift laundry room in the basement was actually added on later and for some reason had an old recycled door with a knob that locked from the inside. Why I do not know, but my Dad wasn’t much of a handyman so it never got fixed. On top of that there was no key for it so on the rare occasion when it did get locked the only way to get in was to climb through this little vent opening up high in the wall. The vent screen was off so it was like an open square hole through the wall about the size of a small pet door. Since my brother was too small it was usually my task to stand on the to of the couch and jump up to grab the bottom of the vent hole and pull myself up and through it. It wasn’t very easy to do. 

So anyway, my brother is like “the door is locked, do you know how to get in?” I told him of course not and he knew this. Then he asked me if I could climb through the vent hole and get in to unlock the door. I was like well why don’t you get it since you lost the ball, but my brother pleaded that he was too small to get up there and pull himself through. Celia said she didn’t want to climb through either because she wasn’t good at that stuff and was afraid she’d get hurt. My brother’s a little weasel so I told him too bad it your problem. They both pleaded with begging me to climb through and please get the ball so they could finish. Celia said she had a bet with him to win some of his allowance money. Talk about being pushy! They were acting like it was the most important thing in the world. Eventually after another 15 minutes of harassment I gave in not wanting to get bugged anymore by them. 

I am pretty athletic if I say so myself so I got as high as I could on the top of the couch and jumped up and pulled myself up squeezing through the small opening careful to not scrape myself up on the edges. I wiggled myself in till I got ½ way though the hole with most of my weight resting on my hips. Taking a moment to figure out how to best break my fall once through I suddenly felt the waistband of my shorts grabbed and my shorts and underwear pulled down my legs! Before I could even react I felt my shorts and panties pulled all they way off leaving me kicking and screaming with my naked legs, ass and everything else hanging out of the hole as I kicked and screamed in shock! I remember screaming “WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING!!” at the top of my lungs along with a bunch of other cuss words as I heard hysterical laughter coming through the wall. Struggling to get out of the hole I tried to push myself all the way through but I felt hadn hold me back by the ankles. Then, as if all this wasn’t bad enough, I felt a finger get stuck all they way up my butt-hole! Stunned I kicked my legs like crazy backing myself out of the vent hole as fast as I could move eventually crashing down onto the couch with no pants on. On top of that as I slid out of the hole in the wall my shirt got caught causing it to stretch out pulling all the way up to my chest and rip almost off as I fell down. Still stunned and completely naked from the waist down with most of my stomach showing too because of my ripped shirt I sat there a gasp as Celia and my brother laughed hysterically at me saying they had gotten me really good! Embarrassed I covered up my nakedness as best I could feeling my face grow red in total embarrassment at being so duped by my stupid little brother. Taunting me with my short in his hand he kept waving them at me till I came to my senses and charged at him naked ready to kill him. He ran like lightning out of the room with me bare ass naked from the stomach down right behind him. Unable to catch him before he shot up the stairs I grabbed the closest thing I could to cover up with. Turning to Celia I looked at her in disbelief and before I could even ask she released a tirade of words apologizing to me, saying my brother had offered her $50.00 to help him prank on me, and that she was so sorry, and that she had no idea he would stick his finger up my butt, or anything like that. She looked so guilty and sorry she just kept rambling on about how sorry she was, and kept asking if I was hurt or anything till I finally just screamed at her to “GET OUT!” ready to almost cry. 

Needless to say I never talked to her again after that, and my little sh*t of a brother got grounded for a month for his devious little prank against me once I narked him out to my Mom. 

Girl Forced Stripped After School

I was 15 or 16 when it happened. At the time I was 5ft five inches and about 115lbs. Long blonde hair that I kept pulled back in a pony tail. I went to a catholic school and had to wear a uniform everyday. The standard plaid skirt, white blouse kneesocks and black shoes. In the winter, tights and a pullover sweater in matching maroon. This was spring so I was in the kneesocks. 

I was taking a shortcut home from school through a woodsy area when it happened. Four boys I never saw before started chasing me. My heavy backpack full of books slowed me down and before I knew it they were on me, pulling it off me and pushing me to the ground knocking the wind out of me. One of them grabbed my ponytail and jerked my head back while two others took hold of my arms. 

The one holding my hair said all the girls at my school were snotty, spoiled little brats and they were going to make an example out of me. They hauled me up to my feet. My hair was pulled back so hard all I could see was the sky. A hand covered my mouth before I could scream. I was told to keep my mouth shut or else they would take turns punching me in the stomach. 

Next I felt hands go to my breasts, squeezing. Then more hands on my ass, pulling my skirt up and squeezing my butt over my panties. Fingers went inside the halves of my shirt and I felt it go taunt before it was ripped open and pulled off, buttons flying everywhere. I felt the sensation of hands at my waist, inside the waistband of my skirt, then I felt cool air on my upper thighs as it was stripped off my hips. I saw nothing but sky as the one holding my hair still had a solid grip on it, his other hand up under my chin. 

A leg slipped between my feet and then I was tripped to the ground, the one holding my hair never letting go, he just went down with me cradling my head. I could see myself now, and them as they held me, jerking my arms above my head, pulling my legs apart, clad only in my underwear, shoes and socks. My bra and panties were both new, white cotton, the bra with a little lace on the cups. The underwear practically glowed in the sunlight of the day. 

My legs were pulled farther apart and the one holding my hair slid his other hand to my cheeks and squeezed forcing my mouth open. He let a gob of spit drip from his mouth right into mine! Then he held his hand over my mouth, tilted my head back and forced me to swallow before I could do anything. It was so disgusting! 

The others started feeling me up, stroking my stomach and breasts over my bra, then pulling the bra cups down so my nipples were exposed, hard and pink in the still chilly spring time air. The pinched and pulled them making me cry and squirm. They joked about how small they were (32B) and I cried harder in humiliation. 

The hair holder brought his face down to mine and started licking me all over! He licked my cheeks, my nose, my eyes and eyebrows, forehead, my whole face! He even turned my head to both sides, sucked and licked each ear as well! I was so disgusted and embarrassed. I was really bawling by this time but you couldnt see the tears through the saliva on my face. 

Somebodys hand was on my panties, rubbing me right on my crotch, stroking and petting me. They starting taunting me, asking if I liked it and calling me names like slut, whore and little bitch. They made me say I liked it and made me call myself names by pinching my nipples really hard until I did it. After a few more squeezes between my legs they suddenly flipped me over onto my belly. 

I felt hands go down my legs to my feet. My shoes were untied and pulled off. My calves were bent up at the knee and then I felt fingers running over the soles of my feet tickling me! I squirmed and writhed and tried to break free but someone had there arm across my lower back keeping me pinned to the grass. 

Fingers slid into the waistband of my panties. More went into the legholes and all of a sudden I was given a wedgie. I felt my entire butt exposed as the cotton shot up my crack. I screamed then but my head was immediatly jerked back by my hair again and I shut up cause that really hurt and I was told I better shut up or I would get punched. Then they spanked my bare butt repeatedly until I felt it get hot and red. 

Then they unhooked my bra and slid the back straps through the leg holes of my panties. They hooked the bra again giving me a bra-connection wedgie and let it snap against my back. My face was pushed hard into the ground and my panties were tugged up my ass, this time gently and slowly. My legs were dragged as far apart as they would go and the one holding my panties started to slowly do a tug and release motion. It started a heat in my crotch and I moaned. 

I was beside myself with embarrassment, pain and humiliation. I was totally degraded and yet I was getting hot. I felt myself get wet down there and cried harder. The tugging was slow, steady and relentless. My whole body was flushed and red. I couldnt help myself. I had an orgasm. They knew it by the way my body started to quiver. They laughed, mocked me more and high fived each other. They searched out the wet spot on my panties and took turns feeling me and pushing the material up inside me. 

They let me go to gloat and I curled up in a ball, a mass of flesh, messed up hair and tangled underwear. They said they were just about done with me and would let me go but first I had to kneel and kiss all there feet. I thought anything to get away from them so I got up to hands and knees (awkwardly with my underwear and bra still hooked together giving me a constant wedgie) and crawled to the first one. I then tentitively kissed each of his shoes. He reached down, grabbed my messed up hair and made me lick them clean. He walked me like a dog to the next one and I repeated the process. Rinse and repeat to all eight shoes. 

I was pulled up to my knees and again my head jerked back by the hair. A majic marker was produced. The word SLUT was written across my forehead. I was told to take off my underwear, give it to them, then I could get dressed and go. Weeping, I reached behind my back and struggled to unhook my bra finally getting it open and letting the underwear free from my butt. I pulled the tangled straps, elastic and lace of my bra off. Then tugged my panties down and stood before them totally naked except for my kneesocks. 

My underwear was taken from my listless fingers and I was pulled into and embrace from the hair holder. He french kissed me, spun me around and felt me up from top to bottom, putting his fingers in first my mouth, pussy and even my butt. He held my arms behind my back and then one by one they all kissed me and felt me up. Then they dressed me, pulling my blouse on and tying it up under my breasts first then putting my skirt on. They kept my underwear and bra and took some pictures of me and said they'd show everyone if I told. I was handed my backpack, given a final spank and sent on my way with a stern warning to tell the other girls at my school that they better start acting nicer or this would happen to them too. 

I had to go home looking like a total skank with my bare midriff showing and my hair totally messed up and knotted. Not to mention the word SLUT written on my forehead. I didn't leave the house for weeks after that.

I never told my parents or the school cause I didn't want anyone to know what happened or see the pictures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Forced Teen Breast Tatoo

Hii my name is Callie I'm 16 and this is my most embarrassing story.

So about a month ago I was out partying with a group of friends. Our parties were just basically us giving my friend Charis's brother money to buy alcohol and just drinking all night. But that night Charis showed us all that tatoo her brother gave her.

Apparently he was trying to start his own private tatoo business and wanted practice. Her's was actually pretty cool. It was a green and purple butterfly on her lower back and he also wrote her boyfriends name on her shoulder in cool looking letters.

We all looked and talked about her tattoos for awhile and then decided that whoever stopped doing shots first had to get a horrible tatoo on purpose. I knew I could handle alcohol really well but I already had 5 shots so I felt like I was at a disadvantage. But they had already started doing rounds so it was too late.

As you can probably predict...I lost. I woke up the next morning at her house extremely hungover and had a bad memory too. I was really sore and had a bad headache so I guess that was what distracted me from the pain on my left boob for awhile. 

I was the first one to wake up so I went upstairs and ate some cereal and went into Charis's bathroom to take a shower. When I started undressing is when I first noticed something was wrong. I began remembering the contest but didn't know that I was the one that lost yet. Cause I've passed out way after other people before but didn't remember till later the next day. So right after I took my t-shirt off is when I noticed the red swollenness of my boob around my bra and when I took that off I saw it. I had in capital letters written across my breast "I LIKE DICK". At first I was really angry but then I started to get scared. Cause I knew my parents would be furious and that I couldn't just pay to get it removed myself cause it would be way too expensive.

After I took my shower I put on some of Charis's clothes and went and woke her up. She didn't know what I wanted for awhile but then smiled and explained. Apparently I drank the most shots (19 total) but passed out first so I "lost". And they didn't want to be "mean" so they thought it would be better to hide the horrible tatoo where no one could see it. And when I "woke up" right when the first started and acted happy they thought I was completely cool with it. (By the way I don't remember any of that)

It probably seemed like a more less mean idea to them while they were drunk but to think that Charis's 21 year-old brother saw my boobs freaked me out.

Eventually about a week later I got the courage to show my mom and told her the truth. I felt like the truth was actually the best way out cause if she knew it was against my will then I might get some sympathy. She was more mad at the drinking part than the tatoo. But she eventually schedualled meetings with a doctor. And something I didn't know was it would actually take multiple trips there to get it removed cause they couldn't do it all at once. And guess what...the cheapest doctor was a dude so I had a guy staring at my boobs for 2 weeks. 

I'm so traumatized now. Never getting a tatoo again.