Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Me and My Sister Becoming Nudists with Our Cousins

I was visiting my cousins for the first time who lived up in the mountains in the woods, their old farm house was like something out of a movie with Junker cars and Confederate flags everywhere. Our mother wanting me and my sister to get outside, dropped us off there for four days one summer when I was 15 and my sister 14, I personally felt I was too old to sleepover but my parents wouldn't hear it. At the house I met my Aunt, Peggy and my four cousins Maryellen(17), Caylee(15), Samatha(14) and Carson(13) who helped me and my Sister's bring our stuff upstairs. I didn't find it strange when my Aunt remarked to my father that we really over packed, and we wouldn't need all those clothes, or that Carson was just wearing a pair of shorts, while it Caylee was dressed in an extra long tee shirt. After my parents drove off I asked them what there was to do, since my aunt didn't allow them to play video games in the day they told us we should go with them to the creek. My Sister then said she was going to get her bathing suit when my Aunt told her not to bother, I then asked her what she really meant, that’s when Maryellen exclaimed that all four them rarely wore clothes in the summer, as they didn't have air conditioning and their mom hated laundry. I thought this was some sort of a prank untill, Caylee took of her tee shirt revealing her completely bare body, the brunette girl had a very toned tanned body and wild brown bush. 
"Yup, these mountain kids live naturally" Said my aunt "and you should join them" 
Just as I was about protest I noticed that my sister had started to strip and I moment was as naked as Cayelen, I had never seen my sister nude, she was different from her cousin as she was very thin and wiry she sported very small breasts and a few wisps of pubic hair as dark as her short jet black hair cut. Once again I said I didn't wanted to, when a Carson, who had just kicked off his shorts called me a chicken. My Aunt then did something I didn't expect, 
"he's out numbered, go ahead and get him" 
I bolted to the door, but soon there were four mostly naked bodies chasing me out into the woods, it was Maryellen built exactly like her sister except a little taller with C cup breasts, it was her who tackled me to the ground. Soon there where four other nude bodies surrounding me. I wanted to resist but my damn redneck cousins were all stronger then me. Maryellen and Carson kept me pinned by holding my arms down as Caylee grabbed my leg and ripped off one of my shoes and socks. Just then the surreal sight of my laughing sister and Samantha who was about as developed as my sister stood naked stood over me and started pulling at the legs of jeans, as my pants slid off Maryellen and Carson pulled the bottom of My shirt over my head. 
When I saw the light again I was on the ground completely bare, with five other naked people laughing and looking down at me waving my clothes. My hands were about to hide my privates when Maryelen grabbed my arm and pulled me up 
"Your so scrawny" she said in her southern accent as pulled my arms behind my back revealing my raging hard on to everyone. 
Carson then made some comments on my lack of pubes, and I explained how I shaved them off. Samantha then piled up my Clothes and ran off to the farm house, when she came back she told us that my Aunt had hidden them and my sisters so we could have a taste of Country life. I then spent the rest of the weekend with them hiking, playing in the creek, getting muddy and even shooting totally buck ass naked. By the third day it didn't even seem strange that all of us were eating dinner together naked, or that my aunt would wash all with a hose before we were allowed to come into the house. Maryellen and Caylee made a habit of showing of their strength by constantly wrestling with me, however simply pinning a taller boy to the ground wasn't their only goal, and when my Sister, Carson and Samatha were off playing somewhere else Maryellen and I started Wrestling, and within a few minutes as always she was holding me in a head lock but what was unexpected was that Caylee who sometimes joined in tied my arms together. I didn't seem it coming but both my naked cousins, who were extremely strong grabbed hold of me and said they were going to milk me like a cow. They forced me to get on all fours and started to stroke, Calyee spanked my ass a few times demanding that I moo. I feel the ground, my legs going numb as I had the greatest orgasm ever! Then they both would lie down in the hay and masturbate themselves while I watched. My cousins milked me three times a day, the last time they did it they made my sister join in, as Samantha and Carson watched. … Caylee made my sister promise that she would keep me the bull tamed when we got home, a promise that she did keep. Though I managed to talk my parents into letting us stay a few extra days, eventually we had to go home. We didn't want our parents to find out about our redneck dress code, but as my cousins and I were running around in the front yard, they pulled up in the driveway. They of course found all of our full dark tans funny and the fact we did not bother to completely dress. As a form of jestful Punishment, they made us pose for a trip picture, as I hugged all my cousins good bye, and Peggy brought our bags to the car mother said as a second form of punishment we had to ride home as we were... My sister and I didn't mind, nor have we cared since as nudity has become a part of our lives 

Girl Had to Strip Naked in Chemistry Class

This happened to me about two weeks ago during my high school chemistry class. Earlier in the year our chemistry teacher took a leave of absence for pregnancy and we were lucky enough to have a very cute replacement who just graduated college and was going into teaching. Sick of all the high school boys, all of us girls were crazy about this guy, whispering and giggling every time he’d walk near us in lab. Well anyway, one day in lab all of this giddiness while he was around caused my friend to nervously spill a corrosive chemical all over this kid sitting next to me, Mr. Williams (the hot teacher) and me! When this happened, Mr. Williams immediately ordered everyone that had not gotten any chemical on them out of the room. Once everyone was out he told us to take off the clothes that got any chemical on them. He, meanwhile, began ferociously unbuttoning his shirt and eventually took his undershirt off his as well (He was sooo hot!!) Well, I looked down and saw that the chemical had spilled on both my shirt and jeans! The other kid (a nerdy kid named James) had just gotten a little on his shirt, and took it off quickly to reveal his skinny, pale body. I just sat there looking anxiously at Mr. Williams. 

“Look, I know this awkward for you Megan, but we have to get you under a shower quick before the acid does any damage to your skin, and this is the only shower on this side of the school.” He said to me. 

“I understand.” I agreed. At the time I didn’t think the situation was that bad. I run track and am in pretty good shape, plus I had been tanning for prom so I was actually kind of excited to strip to my underwear and show off my body to Mr. Williams. I also remembered I was wearing this sexy black and pink underwear and bra, but they weren’t too revealing or anything so it would be just like a swimsuit. I pulled my shirt over my head while Mr. Williams politely looked away. James, however was staring me, so that made it kind of creepy. I unbuckled my belt and wiggled my jeans down and off my legs revealing my underwear-clad body to the two guys. I walked over to the shower where they already were and waited for instructions. 

“Ummmm, actually Megan, the uhhh acid will actually burn through all clothes, and I noticed the spill was mainly around your stomach and thighs, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to remove your….ummmm….. underwear too, otherwise you won’t be able to make sure all the chemical is gone.” Mr. Williams told me. Ok now I was scared. My underwear too! This was awful! “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do, you have to hurry up and get in here.” James and him were already washing there upper bodies with the soap, but they weren’t exposing any private parts! 

My hands were shaking now, I was so afraid, but I had no choice. I slowly lowered my panties until they were right above my you know what. I covered it as best I could with my left hand while lowering my panties off my legs with my right hand. I couldn’t believe it, I was now standing in class room with my hot chemistry teacher, nearly naked. Cupping my pussy, I stepped into the shower in just my bra and moved to the back of it turning my back quickly so they didn’t get a good look at my ass. I began washing my body with my free hand while making sure not to expose my crotch with my other. I was doing a very good job at this, plus Mr. Williams never looked away from his own body to make sure he wouldn’t embarrass me more. I saw James sneak some quick peaks though, but I guess it was natural, so I ignored it. We all had to wash ourselves for 15 minutes; this was very weird because the shower was way too small for all three of us, especially when I was bare butt naked from the waist down! Near the middle of my shower my hair began to drip into my eyes causing water to blur my vision. I instinctively reached my right hand, which was covered in soap, up to brush the hair out of my face. When I did this, all I managed to do was get a bunch of soap in my eyes. Without thinking I moved my left hand up flush my eyes out. This exposed my bare naked kitty to the guys! The worst part about it was I didn’t even realize it at the time. I was so caught up with the soap in my eyes that I forgot where I was. I figure they got a good 15 second up close view of my completely shaved pussy! When my eyes were finally flushed out I opened them to see BOTH guys staring not at my eyes, but at my uncovered vagina! So much for being polite! 

“OH MY GOSH!!” I screamed and shot both hands to cover up. 

“Are you alright?” Mr. Williams asked trying to brush off the fact that he was just staring at my privates! 

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just, I wanna get out of here!” I decided not to confront him about it because that would just make everything worse. 

“Alright, it’s been long enough I think.” Mr. Williams turned the shower off and got out giving each of us a towel. I reached out to grab it while still cupping my pussy with my other hand. Mr. Williams just kind of looked at me for a little bit. 

“Umm, can you….look away?” I asked. James had dressed in a hurry with his spare clothes and had already left the room because the bell rang. 

“Oh right. Sorry.” He turned his head. I turned my back to him exposing my ass to him but since he was looking away I felt safe. I began drying myself off, not covering anything because there was a mirror in front of me and I could clearly see Mr. Williams wasn’t looking. He must’ve been ashamed for getting caught looking earlier. Just then the back door to the room, where the shower was, burst open and 3 freshmen boys came into the room. Mr. Williams forgot to lock the back door! I was just standing there with my arms and towel above my head not covering anything. 3 more guys now got a great look at my pussy! AHHHH this day couldn’t have been any worse. 

“AHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed, dropped the towel, and covered with my hands. Through the mirror, I now saw Mr. Williams getting quick peeks of my naked ass! 

The freshmen stood in front of me laughing as I tried to cover up in vain. 
“Holy crap, it’s Megan Lewis!!… NAKED!!!!” 

“Get out boys!!” Mr. Williams yelled, slamming the door. He apologized to me over and over again. Nearly in tears I kept my towel wrapped tightly around me until my change of clothes came. 

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for word to get around school that Mr. Williams saw me naked. Everyone still teases me for showing him the goods to this day. I still can’t look him in the eyes. UHHHHHHH!!!! It’s so embarrassing, and I still have another year after this!!! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Girl Stripped Naked and Spanked at a Party

This happened when I was 16. I live in the US and I was in my 2nd year of high school when this happened. It was a week day after school, and I was walking home, and these little brats playing ball in the park circled around me trying to flick my skirt up to see underneath. He and his little friends were about seven or so, so I took the ball they had away from them and threw it over a fence into a neighbor’s yard with dogs. The little brat freaked out and charged at me so I shoved him off of me. I guess I put a little too much into the shove because he went crashing to the ground crying his eyes out after. He had some scrapes on his arms too so I told him "That's what you get for being a little delinquent!" I walked off after thinking nothing of it. 

The next day at school, I overhear these senior girls behind me saying, “I can’t believe some one would hurt my little brother like that! I’m going to talk to him more tonight and see if we can figure out what girl did this." I thought, “Oh sh*t!” I’m not usually scared of anyone, but these girls were popular seniors that no one really wanted to mess with. I was quite scared of what they would do to me if they found out it was me, so I avoided them for the rest of the week. 

The following Saturday morning I was jogging through the park when I passed some kid's on the playground. I heard a kid’s voice shout, “That’s her!” I look around and there was the same kid as before with Janet, the senior I had been avoiding, and two of her friends. I froze trying to think of what to do next. 

The came after me so I started running but they chased me down and caught me. They dragged me back to the playground and interrogated the boy right in front of me. 

"Max, are you sure it was her?" 

"Yeah, that's her. I know it!!" 

“Ok. You are coming with us. You fight and I will make sure you regret it!” 

They grabbed me and walked me to Janet's house. They marched me in to the living room and sat me down on the couch. 

"Okay, since you hurt Max, he is going to decide what we are going to do with you for payback." The kid looked at me with a big grin on his face. After a minute of what looked like deep thought, he turned to his sister and whispered something in her ear, and she immediately started to giggle to herself. "Yeah, that’s a good one!" 

Max turned to me and said, "Your punishment is…" (long pause) "to get tied up..." (another long pause) "and spanked..." (yet another long pause) "in your underwear!!” The room erupted into gales of laughter. I just stared at him, my mouth open in utter bewilderment that he just said that. 

Janet stared at me. 

"Well go on then, get your clothes off and lets get started!" 

"No way!” I protested. Janet looked over to her friends. They jumped me onto the couch. They easily pulled down my jogging shorts, taking my shoes and socks off with them as they were pulled off my feet. They released me for a second. I quickly stretched my T-shirt down trying to cover my panties but it didn’t do much good. I was sitting helplessly on the couch, trying to cover my exposed panties in front of three senior girls and a seven-year-old brat that was finding this hilarious. 

Janet held my shorts up. “Take off your shirt, or you are walking home without these!” 
I thought for a moment that if I didn’t, they would probably forcibly strip me anyway and not give me my clothes back after. Since I was jogging and knew I'd sweat through what ever I was wearing so I chose to wear the oldest most tattered underwear I had. So reluctantly I pulled my shirt over my head revealing my mismatched under sized bra and old granny panties to every one, how ironic. The girls burst out laughing. "Nice undies, do your and your mom share those?" I curled up trying to cover my undies, but my face still showed how embarrassed I was. “Aww...look at her, she’s turning red!" 

After about five minutes, I asked, “When can I have my clothes back please?" 

"You heard Max. You have to be tied up and spanked still!” 

I thought this was awful. I was already embarrassed enough, never mind being tied up now in my underwear and spanked like a little child. 

"Stand up, hands on your head, and shut your eyes! Now!" Reluctantly I complied. I stood there for a long few minutes like this with nothing happening. It was totally humiliating. I kept thinking someone was going to pull my undies down while I was in this position. Then I felt my hands being pulled behind my back and tied together. I then felt the same on my legs. 

“You can open your eyes now. Move to the center of the room.” 

Unable to walk properly I wobbled helplessly into the middle of the room in an upright position. Max came over to me and gave me a push from behind. I fell into a lounge chair quite hard. Everyone in the room laughed. They pushed me over the arm of the lounge chair and held me down like this taking turns spanking my behind. I was ready to die from shame. After several minutes of their self indulgence they let the little brat Max get a few extremely hard swats in too. 

"Ouch!! You little shit! That really hurt!!" I yelled in anger as he smacked me with his little hand full force! I quickly realized this was the wrong thing to say. 

"What did you just call him?" Janet snapped as she came up behind me and pulled my panties together in back and pulled them up giving me a massive wedgie! 

"OUCH! OUCH!" I yelped in pain as everyone roared again with laughter. 

"You just screwed up bitch! Apologize to Max right now or your panties and bra are coming off too!" More laughter erupted from the others. 

"I'm sorry" 

"That didn't sound like you meant it. Say it again like you mean it!" 

"I'm sorry!" I said again with nearly the same tone. 

"Apology NOT accepted!" 

Still bent over the lounge chair she then told Max he could have the honors of pulling my underwear down! Seconds later he yanked my panties down to my knees exposing my bare butt to everyone in the room. Roars of laughter broke out at seeing me being humiliated by a 7 year old boy. They all took turns spanking my naked behind vigorously till I was yelping and flinching in embarrassing pain and humiliation. Janet snapped my bra open saying things were not complete till it came off too. Stripped naked with my panties around my ankles and my arms and legs still tied they forced me to stand up stark naked in the middle of the room unable to even cover my most private areas. I was forced to stand like this for what felt like forever as some of Janet's friends snapped pictures with their cell phones. 
After a few more torturous minutes they untied me, took my panties and the rest of my clothes and threw them out into the front yard of the house. They let me go and I had to run outside into the yard buck naked and get dressed as quickly as I could while the girls watched through the window rolling around laughing hysterically at what they had done to me. 

I ran home humiliated that day. I avoided school for as long as I could trembling over the thought of running into them at school and what taunting I would be made to endure. Once I returned I found out the girls had show the humiliating camera phone pictures to all the seniors and I was taunted and pranked on for the rest of the year. They never let me live it down.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Babysitter Stripped Naked by Kids

Afew months back I got to a house that I'm babysitting at 2 weekends in a row staying over saturday night and they have this kid who is very nice kinda shy easy to manage but I can tell has a huge crush on me too. the first weekend I'm there I'm upstairs reading and the boy (Bobby) has over 3 friends and deicide to take a shower, not because I needed one but because I over the idea of being naked upstairs with a group of rowdy boys down stairs  and could so easily be peeped at by these boys if they decide to check the lock. anyway when I'm back in my room I hear a loud crash and I know they knocked something over, I could get dressed and go down stairs or stay in my towel which, yes is inappropriate, but I think of how hot it would be if some one grabbed and ripped it off of me again like last time or if it fell off at the wrong time. So I take a deep breath and I go downstairs to see that they have turned the couch over for some game and are all staring at me in my towel while I yell at them to keep it down. I'm sure they're hoping that my towel falls off some how, but it never does and I go back upstairs. I'm so wet thinking about the possibilities of what could've happened that I lay naked on my bed masturbating thinking of the boys rushing me ripping my towel and making me pay for being so bossy. I'm thinking of other scenarios like escaped cons breaking in while I'm babysitting Bobby and stripping naked and raping me and I suffer further humiliation when bobby rescues me after seeing what happened to me.
but the weekend goes without incident mostly because I'm just too afraid to do anything more than my towel walk. but next weekend is much more different and completely crazy and some fantasies became reality. 

Anyway, I was babysitting him the next saturday until sunday and he had 3 friends over. They were playing around the house most of the day.

I lay out by the pool in my bikini and read. Later one of bobby's friends tells me they need my help for something. I say okay I'm just going to change first. I go to the guest room take off my bikini and I put on a pair of panties and light sun dress the buttons right up the middle, I didn't put on a bra (I really should have)  and went down stairs to see what they needed. 

I saw one boy with a crappy old video camera. they said they were making a movie and needed a girl to play a part. I said that sounded fun and asked what I needed to do. they told me i just have to have my hands bound and look scared while they shoot toy guns (was never really sure what the scene was for but neither did they) I let them tie my hands in the front, they walked me over next to the staircase and with out evening really realizing it they pull my hands over my head and tie it securely to the high railing behind me.

I'm thinking okay this is a little much. they're kind of silent now and looking at one another. Then Bobby asks who wants to film the scene, when his one friend says they have no tape. I say, well then untie me until you're ready. the friend says "we're going to rehearse this scene" Bobby says "ok whats the scene?" the three friends looks nervously at each other and at this point I'm just very confused and I can tell bobby is too. 

Then the one friend says, "the terrorists strip the prisoner" I laugh at this thinking they're joking around but I also feel a rush of excitement at my predicament. bobby says they never talked about doing that to me. i start struggling with my bonds and ask to be untied getting a little bit more nervous when the friend says "yeah sure bobby like you wouldn't want to see her naked" i'm fully panicked now but I'm so wet, my emotions are running wild and I say "nobody is stripping me, untie me now you little shits" 

The apparent ring leader of this movie (i guess the director hehe) says i have no choice but to play now that I'm tied up. he's bigger then the rest although still smaller than me. I say Bobby tell your friends to leave now and untie me, bobby tries to stick up for me telling them to untie me. one of them pushes him and tells bobby to shut up because he's been the one who's talked about wanting to see me naked the most. I'm thrashing and yelling at this point but I feel like this is so exciting at the same time. Bobby kind of stands away from the scene looking detached and scared. The one boy come up to me and says to his friend well lets rip open this dress. I plead with him and say "please don't, i'm not wearing a bra, you can't see me naked" (a dumb thing to say because realizing I wasn't wearing a bra made him lunge for my dress quicker, i don't know why i thought that would talk him out of it) but I think I wanted to hear myself say that they can't see me naked, it was hotter to hear how wrong it was.
he rips open my dress and my naked tits spill out in front of the boys i'm being paid to babysit. this moment was very humiliating to me, their eyes glued to my tits. even bobby was staring. but unlike last time I can do nothing to cover myself.  i'm pleading for them to cover me up, they can't do this to me. but now theyre even bolder ripping my dress open all the way. my blue panties on display for them. they soon rip those off me too leaving me completely naked and humiliated in front of these boys. 

It started to turn into one of my crazy fantasies complete with me being a damsel in distress for bobby. i had never been more embarrassed in my life, i thought i was going to faint form embarrassment, especially when i made eye contact with bobby, I know he had a crush on me, i could tell he felt badly for me but i could also tell he very much liked the sight in front him. he then went into the kitchen. his friends started groping me and i was growing closer to orgasm from the attention and the humiliation. they started to fingering me and I came almost immediately. for them to get this bold I was thinking they must have read my diary or something. 

 I'm thinking i'm about to be gang raped by all of these boys when Bobby comes into the room with a phone in his hand telling his friends that his mother is on the phone and on her way home, he says "okay mom, see you in a few" and it worked. they quickly, his friends quickly gathered there things and ran out the door so fast. leaving me there naked with bobby. I look at him still embarrassed that i'm completely exposed to him, and say please cover me up and untie me before your mother comes home. he tells me she's not on her way, he made it up. He unties me and before i cover myself with my torn dress i gave him a big hug and said thank you for rescuing me bobby. he stammers, all nervous trying to be cool. 

The rest of the day was a little awkward between us. It was hard to be around him knowing he saw me naked. his mother came home and I decided i wasn't telling anybody anything, even though i did nothing wrong it would still look bad for me. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Naked Girl Forced from Locker Room

The first week in my all girls’ boarding school was no fun. Being the new girl in cool meant having no friends and getting rejected. That whole week was a nightmare for me and if I had a choice, I would have walked out on the third day. But I was just 16 years old and had to do what my parents said. I got the feeling that some girls wanted to make friends with me, but didn’t dare approach me because this other group of girls would give them hell if the saw them. Apparently these six girls intimidated the rest of them if they didn’t do what they were told. I had a feeling these girls were going to do something bad to me and were just waiting for the right moment to do it. They managed to get the school to punish by not letting me go home for the weekend. That meant there were fewer girls and teachers in school over the weekend, when they could carry out their plans. For the first time these girls invited me to play basketball with them and thought they had finally accepted me. They told me they were going to shower and change first, because they were going to meet some boys on the back fence. These boys were from another school down the road that would come to talk to girls threw the fence. I had to shower last which was what they wanted all along. When I got out of the shower my towel had disappeared. I soon found out that my clothes, bra and panties were also gone and had been left stranded completely naked in the lockers. I couldn't find a single towel to cover myself and just stood there thinking I had been pranked. A few minutes latter these six girls came in with smiles on their faces, telling me some boys were waiting to see me nude. "Time to show off all your goodies honey" as they began dragging me towards the front door. I couldn't do thing to stop them and almost died when I went out the front door in broad daylight without a stitch of clothing on me. It was such a helpless feeling there was no point in struggling any more. I was taken across the lawn and pushed face forward against the fence and forced to show myself naked in front of a group cheering boys. They were sticking their hands threw the bars sticking their fingers in my pussy and squeezing my boobs, while these girls held me pushed against the fence for boys could have fun groping me. These girls even pulled my legs apart so they could have a clear view of my slit and didn’t let me go till they degraded me as much as they could, before letting me go. I ran back in the lockers as fast as I could and was so shocked I couldn't even cry. They came in after me and told me to keep my mouth shot and threw my clothes in front of me. I never said anything because they threatened to strip me naked and let boys climb over the fence and fuck me. It was keeping my mouth shot or losing my virginity in a locker room floor, so I never said a word about it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Topless Girl Prank on Stage at Dress Rehearsal

I've enjoyed doing a good play or two in my time, and this happened during hell week (the last week of the rehearsal process) of a show I was just in. There were these twins, let's call them Kat and Alex. They were double-cast in a role because the director liked different parts of them for different parts of the role. This meant that they were both playing the role, but had to basically tag-team in the wings (off-stage area). The week before hell week a bunch of us discovered that Alex had been hooking up with the director's boyfriend behind her back. We tried to hide it for a little while, but the director found out pretty quick. She was pissed. She wanted to kick Alex out of the show and just have Kat do the whole thing. Kat talked the director out of it, because Alex was her sister, but promised the director that Alex would get what was coming to her. Kat and Alex were an excellent pair of girls to know. Nobody would mind being in a twin sandich with them, and a few had been. They were about 5'6", 110 lbs, with beautiful dark brown hair, c-cup breasts, and sparkling hazel eyes. Now each had her own costume, so that the exchanges would go quickly, but before this dress rehearsal Kat did not get into costume. Whenever anybody asked why she would tell them that it had ripped and was getting fixed by the costume people, but I kept catching winks between her and the director. Before the rehearsal started the director made a speech about how the show was to keep going no matter what happened, just like it was a show night. There was this one scene where Alex would walk upstage (away from the audience) and exit through a door there, and then Kat would come back out to do a song and dance with me. When Alex made her exit that night, Kat was waiting like usual, but Alex to give her the costume she had on so that she could do the dance right. Alex was shocked. Let me describe this costume. It was a somewhat slinky kind of dress, with a low back, really attractive on both of them, but the important part was that they could not wear a bra underneath it. It was designed very well, so it held the twins in (so to speak), but no other support could be used. So when Kat asked for the costume she essentially was asking Alex to strip to her panties. Alex refused, but Kat was pressuring her, emphasizing how they only had a little time and she'd give it right back (they made the opposite switch right after the song). During all this, I was talking away on stage, doing my bit that led into the song. Alex heard a specific line that was getting close to the song and gave in. She slipped off the dress carefully and handed it to her sister, leaving her standing in a thong cupping her breasts in her hands. Kat thanked her and said, "Have fun. Good luck." Before Alex could think, Kat opened the door back up and shoved Alex out on the stage in just her thong, holding her breasts up. Needless to say I was flabbergasted. It was a great image, and I totally lost my train of thought. The director called me back saying, "Keep going!" So I started into the song. The band struck up the tune and I started singing, walking over to Alex. She looked like she'd just been electrocuted. I lifted my hands to her, it was time for us to partner dance. She hesitated. I heard Kat in the darkness behind the doorway say, "Come on already!" Alex slowly peeled her hands away from her breasts and met mine, then we started dancing. Thankfully for Alex, I'm sure, it was a slow dance, and relatively short. However the whole time the director was rolling in the aisle, completely incapable of containing her laughter. I was able to hold my laughter in until the very end. The dance ended with me spinning Alex out away from me, and that was our end pose. So there we are, fully spread (and in Alex's case I mean really fully spread), when Kat sneaks out behind Alex during the laughter and rips her thong down. At that point I couldn't help but laugh. Alex turned 32 flavors of red, but, god love her, she finished the scene. At the end of the play, when we were getting notes the director kept making pointed comments to Alex about her acting, saying things like, "You really left it all on the stage" and "You were acting like you really wanted something". At the end of the discussion, right before she let us go, the director said, "Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to review the video to check for mistakes, talk to Frank." She pointed up to the lighting booth, where Frank, our lighting designer, was waving and holding a camcorder that was pointing directly at the twins. Alex blushed again and Kat tweaked her nipple. That was probably the most memorable rehearsal I've ever had.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Foreign Girls Seen Completely Naked - Part 2

Read Part 1.

The hardest part was when Paula (who's like a great friend) would come and join the conversation and look at me funny. I couldn't feel if it was because she could tell that I was uncomfortable or that she was wondering why I was talking to her naked sister.

Now in our room there was a pretty big bathroom which connected to Isabel and Antonia's room. It had a nice shower, a toilet, two sinks, and a decent size closet. Like I want a fucking closet in my bathroom back home! Would save me a ton of time. Anyway after Ale stopped asking me questions and started reading a book, I really needed a shower. I was all sticky and my clothes felt bad from the heat. I looked in the bathroom and Antonia was doing something with makeup I think taking it off but it was taking awhile. I asked Paula when she'd be done so I could shower and she was like "What do you mean she's not using the shower?" And I said something like "No that's not what I meant. I usually don't take showers with people in the room." Paula laughed and Antonia called from the bathroom "Come come I'm not scary." That's literally what she said haha it sounded creepy but I think she meant like a "I don't bite" kinda thing.

So I awkwardly stripped off my clothes trying to stay behind the corner but I knew she was staring at me through the mirror the whole time. Then about a minute later Ale opened the door to ask me what movie I wanted to watch tonight. It was probably the most awkward thing ever. And yes she was still just wearing shorts.

Later that night after the movie (we watched one of the Harry Potter movies) me and Paula walked 5 minutes to the beach and brought some German alcohol with us. Couldn't tell you what it was but I had a picture of a deer and a cross on it for some reason. But we started talking and I told her about how different the culture is here and told her about Ale and how she wouldn't leave me alone. And she was like yeah she's not stupid she knows Americans aren't accustomed to that she just did it anyway because she likes you. Then I said it was just her, you were topless for awhile too. And she was like yeah well it was also 40 degrees Celsius (like 100 degrees) in the house and I'm not going to suffer just because you don't want to see me naked. Then I said well I guess it wasn't too bad and laughed and she was like yeah I'm sure you were okay.

When we finished about half the bottle we went back home to our room were Ale was laying in MY bed still pretty much naked sound asleep. Paula teased me about it quietly and then took off her shirt and bra and laid in her bed. Since my bed on the floor was taken, I got into Ale's bed laying on top of the covers I took off my shirt but I left my cargo shorts on and went to sleep for the night.

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