Monday, October 6, 2014

Stripped Naked by Friends - Part 3

Once the girls were gone from our sight, I start to notice that my towel is moving slightly out of place. When I look down at it, I see that when Mel grabbed it and shook it earlier, she accidentally loosened the hooked part, which is now only holding on by the wetness of my skin and about to come loose any second! I start to panic as I feel the towel inching it's way down, about to leave me naked in front of a boy for the first time since the doctor birthed me! I scream out as loud as I can "HEY! Help me, my towel is falling off!! HURRY!!" Ross stands stunned for a second so I plead again "Please Ross! Don't let this happen to me, help me!" 

Ross finally rushes over to save me from my embarrassment, but as he starts heading towards me the towel comes undone and starts dragging down my body! The towel unfolds around as it slips down, exposing my right breast as I start to lose it and scream. The towel slips down and now my left breast is uncovered too, and then my belly as the towel falls off of me. Ross jumps and catches the towel at my waist, preventing my final and most private reveling, but now I'm completely topless in front of him! Ross looks right at my breasts, exposed fully, still kinda wet, very perky from all of the excitement, and his jaw just drops. He's frozen in place as I start begging him "Oh my God, please, hurry up and put the towel back on me!" As he starts to move his hands, another fear hits me and I stop him suddenly and cry out "Hey! Please Ross, I'm begging you, keep my pussy covered ok? Be really careful moving your hands." I could see Ross trying to look over, under, and around the small part of the towel corner still covering my pussy trying to peek at me, even though he was trying to hide it from me. I felt so guilty, but I couldn't stop thinking about my nudity and freaking out about it. As Ross started slowly sliding the towel up and back around me, his fingers dragging on my naked legs makes me start to shake, and not just out of fear either. As his hand passes my naked butt, I jump, which makes his hand holding the corner still covering me move. I look down and see that it's not quite showing yet, but if I didn't shave he'd be seeing most of my hair by now! He moves his hand back up and whimpers a shy little "Sorry", to which I say "It's ok, I'm just really, REALLY embarrassed and nervous and shy and...please hurry!" 

At this point, Mel and Katie walk back into view and see me nearly naked with Ross right in front of me and touching me, and Mel yells out "Holy sh*t, Ross actually stripped her!" Ross then tries meekly to defend himself "I did not, honest, the towel just fell on its own!" Mel and Katie run over and grab my towel, very quickly lifting it back up and around me. I give a huge sigh of relief as my naked body is covered up again, until Mel started teasing Ross. "So...what did you think of Candy's hot little naked body, huh?" Ross looked like a deer in headlights as he answered "I didn't mean to see you, Candy, you're hot. You have the sexiest boobs I've ever seen, seriously." Katie then got all fake-indignant and asked "Oh what, just the boobs? Her pussy and ass weren't good enough for ya?" Ross quickly responded "Well I didn't get to see her, uh, lower half because I caught the towel midway, honest, but I'm sure they're hot too" This whole time I am turning more red than ever, if that was possible, as a hot boy is actually talking about how much he liked my body. 

Katie then smiled VERY evilly, which made me rightfully nervous, and said "Oh, they're hot, REALLY hot, trust us. Candy, we really shouldn't be so mean to your loyal fan by keeping the rest of you hidden when he's already seen so much. Whaddaya say we just drop the towel and let him see how sexy you REALLY are?" I'm almost too shocked by the situation to argue, but I manage to get out a "No, please no, ANYTHING but that! If you let me keep at least my pussy covered, I'll give you guys whatever you want in the whole wide world, I promise!!!!" Mel and Katie then walked up on either side of me, each grabbing a thigh and separating them a tiny bit, with Ross just 3 feet in front of me, and me shaking and trying desperately but in vain to escape my coming doom. Mel whispers into my ear "But, Candy, what if your pussy IS the thing we all want most?" Without waiting for an answer, she whips the towel completely off of me leaving me completely naked from head to toe IN FRONT OF A BOY!! I start screaming and trying to raise one leg to block at least my tiny virgin pussy, but it's no use and Ross can clearly see every inch of my naked body. My cleavage, both whole breasts, both of my private and pink nipples, all visible, and the worst thing imaginable: My clit, slit, and the rest of my shaved pussy is as clear as day to all of them. Mel, deciding that there wasn't enough exposure somehow, reaches to my inner thigh and pulls them apart, actually spreading open my pussy lips so that all three, including the boy, can see right INSIDE OF ME!!! My whole body felt like collapsing from embarrassment. 

Katie then asks Ross "See? Isn't that the hottest little vagina you've ever seen?" Ross answered instantly "Yes! Wow yes. I know you're embarrassed, Candy, You have nothing at all to be shy of." Mel then very obviously laid two of her fingers on Ross's swimtrunks, which brought to my attention just how HUGE his bulge had gotten. Seeing this made me shiver from head to toe, thinking about was ME that made him get that hard, nobody else. Also, watching Mel make Ross jump by touching his bulge got me very excited, mixed with how uncontrollably hot everything that's happening has been. Mel giggles and points at Ross "Oh yeah, we can tell that you like seeing our little Candy all right. Maybe you should 'show her' your appreciation for her body." It was now Ross's turn to be shy, with the two evil girls swarming on him. Me knowing just how far they were capable of going, I couldn't help but stare at Ross's hot and barely-covered body unblinkingly, hoping against hope that I might not be the only one seen naked today.... 

Ross was preparing to defend himself with his arms, when Katie had an idea "Hey now, no need to be shy around us girls. Besides...if you lose those shorts in the next 10 seconds, we'll let you TOUCH little Candy...anywhere." Mel joins in with the alternative "And if you don't, then we're just going to cover her up again. Choose quickly!" Ross looks right at me, and both of us are trying very hard to decide which option we like better. Once Katie starts counting down, though, Ross gives in "Fine, ok fine." and puts his fingers in the sides of his swimtrunks. At this point I am over here on the tree breathing heavily, as I am about to see my first naked man in person, and it's ROSS of all people, which makes it 100x better! He starts lowering them down, and I just gasp and hold my breath. Finally he pushes them down below his dick, and it springs free very hard and solid, at which point I release my breath (making an embarrassing light moan too). The other girls are also fanatically staring at him, as he steps out of his shorts just as naked as I am. 

Ross walks over to me and gently places 2 fingers on my chest, making me shiver. He starts quickly-but-lightly dragging them over me, almost innocently touching my breasts, nipples, tummy, thighs, and grazing across my pussy. His touch is sending my body over the deep end sexually, as I start to wonder if I'm going to just lose it and cum without warning while he's just feeling around me! The evil bastard starts using both hands now, touching me all over, and he keeps accidentally grazing me with his dick exciting me further. My body gets even MORE excited when suddenly he concentrates his fingers on my pussy, rubbing it in gentle circles. To get a better leverage (and probably to peek at my ass) he walks behind me and drapes his arm around my side, still rubbing my throbbing pussy. 

While I'm lost to the world in the mood, just a few short seconds away from possibly the greatest orgasm in the history of ever, the four of us are startled by a loud noise from behind the trees. Then I notice several voices, BOY VOICES! A group of younger teen boys are trying to get to the swimming area where we are. I scream to Ross "Oh my God, help me!" right as they start coming into view. Ross only has enough time to cover my private areas with his hands and arms, one high and one low, before the boys could see anything of me. While Ross saves me from even more exposure (for now), the boys have no trouble recognizing my situation, as one of them even yells out "Holy cow, there's a naked girl here!" I whimper to Ross "Please please don't move your hands" 

Stripped Naked by Friends - Part 2

Here I was, handcuffed naked sitting on the coast of the lake, trying to cover what little I can of my naked body using my legs, and my two friends were talking about calling a BOY over to see me! It was unbelievable enough just having two girls see me like this, but a boy was going way way too far. Especially Ross, since I've been friends with him since I was a kid and could never look at him again if he knew what I looked like naked.... 

"Wait wait wait," I pleaded, "That's going WAY too far! You can't let a BOY see me NAKED! Please you guys, you wouldn't want him to see you naked either." Katie then assured me "Oh don't worry, I wasn't going to do anything THAT mean, but...I still want to have some fun, and Ross would totally love my little idea. Mel, grab Candy's towel over there and the cuff key will you?" As Mel went to get my towel, a sudden shiver of relief hit me since I was going to finally be covered up again. I still got horribly nervous when Katie used her cell phone to call over Ross, especially with how she kept teasing him (and me) with how she had a big "surprise" that he "had to see". 

Once Mel returned, Katie told her to help pick me up and cuff me to one of the trees here. "WHAT?!?" I scream, as they lift me into the air, hands all over my still-naked body (which was unnerving in itself). I was made to stand up facing away from the tree as my hands were uncuffed and then recuffed behind the tree, over one of the branches. In this position, I was unable to move much at all, even up or down, without putting a ton of painful force on my wrists and shoulders, and this meant that I could do absolutely nothing to cover up any part of my body what-so-ever. 

"No damn it, noooo!" I whined, "Please stop this, let me go! At least let me put on my bikini or something!!!" 

Katie then grinned and said "Nope, no bikini for you." To which I just broke down and offered a desperate deal "At least the bottoms, give me at least my bottoms back! I don't want a boy seeing my pussy like this...." Katie then had pity on me and finally picked the towel up and wrapped it around me, covering me from a few inches above my chest and a few below where my legs meet. "Silly girl, I told you I wasn't going to be THAT mean to you, but...I still want to see what happens when Ross gets here and we tell him that you're completely naked under this towel. Both of your reactions are going to be priceless!" 

I was suddenly in a mix of emotions. On the one hand, I was eternally grateful to have this towel on finally and not being naked out here anymore. On the other hand, having a boy see me wearing only a little bitty towel scared the crap out of me too, and I couldn't stop thinking about it and dreading it. I mean, what if the wind blew and something showed? What if the whole towel fell off???? I wouldn't even be able to catch it or stop it from going down! I wouldn't even be able to hide any part of my boobs or my little shaven slit from him. 

While I was dreading him showing up, I heard his car pull up, and knew it was too late for me to escape. I decided that I'd better just not move or shake at all to make sure nothing fell, but my nerves were making me shake like crazy and I couldn't help it. My heart jumped a mile once he walked through the wall of trees out into the clearing by the shore and we could see each other. Ross was a normal-enough boy, not too much bigger than Mel, wearing just his swim trunks for the lake (which only added to his usual hotness), and he has short black hair, light abs, and piercing blue eyes...eyes that were right now staring RIGHT AT ME! 

"Um...why is Candy tied to a tree?" Ros asked. Mel and Katie started giggling like idiots again, until Katie walked up to Ross and said (in a hugely seductive voice even) "Candy IS handcuffed to that tree all right, but you know what ELSE Candy is? Completely...naked...under her towel." My face turned redder than my hair, I could feel it, and when Ross looked back at me to try and see if he could see any indication of her lying or telling the truth, his face was just as red. Ross looked at Mel and Katie "Wait, really?", "Yep!" they both answered like twins. 

"Candy?" he asked me, and I just lowered my head and sorta-whispered "...well..yes." And then I continued "Those two jerks think this is a big funny prank." Ross then chuckled and said "Well, at least it's a hot prank." This whole time Mel and Katie are laughing their asses off, Katie even managed to trip and fall without missing a beat. The wind started blowing all of the sudden, making me super self-conscious of every inch that the towel moved, praying that nothing was going to show. 

Mel then decided to mess with us some more, "Jerks? Hey you, we didn't HAVE to give you that towel you know. If I was being a jerk, I'd totally walk over there and rip it off of you right now." To this I start freaking out worse than ever today "Oh my God, no, no no! I'm sorry Mel, you know I love you, don't do that to me, PLEASE!" Mel, seeing the crazy look in Ross's big eyes, decided to start messing with him too now. "Yeah, and without that towel Ross here would be able to see just how pink, round, and perky your cute little nipples are." Having her tell Ross about the exact COLOR and SHAPE of my nipples was almost as embarrassing as if he could actually see them, so I just go silent and try to lower my face. Ross clearly skipped a breath when Mel said that, so Katie decided to join in with her seductive voice again "'d be able to see how soft and smooth her little pussy is, completely shaven and hot!" I'm just standing here thinking "Oh my God" as my blushing has turned my whole body pinkish now. Ross looks like he's in shock but is also as embarrassed as I am to have the girls making him horny like that. 

Mel then walks over by me, putting her hands on my shoulders to make me even more nervous, and starts taunting us by saying "Oh God, talking about Candy's hot little virginly body is making me want to just-" her hands move suddenly to grab the top of the towel "-tear this towel off!!" I scream at the top of my lungs as she scares the crap out of me by doing that. Me screaming gets her to let go, my nudity still covered (at least for the moment), and the girls start their crazed laughter again. Katie starts whispering to Ross now, and from the little bits I hear, she's teasing him about how badly he wants to see me naked having known me our whole lives. "I'll bet that you'd rather see Candy here naked than ANYONE else in the whole world, don't ya Rossy-boy? Well, today you have your chance." Mel walks over and starts daring Ross to do it, saying "Go on, you know you want to take off her towel. We won't stop you...." Katie then ups the temptation another level, saying "Here, Mel and I will walk back behind the trees and up the hill abit, leaving you two alone for awhile, and you can do WHATEVER you want with her and we'll never know." With that, the two girls sprint up, giggling at Ross's moral dilemma and my embarrassment. The girls seemed sure that Ross wouldn't actually do anything, but I was worried that they might be wrong! Ross was staring at me in such a way that I knew he agreed with everything they said, he WOULD do almost anything to see me naked...maybe even strip me right here and now! The look on his face tells me just how badly he's tempted, as I plead "Oh please no, Ross, don't you dare." 

It's at this moment, when the two of us are alone, and none of the girls can help me, that I feel my towel start to move a little out of place. The shaking has made it get too loose, it won't stay up on its own much longer, and my best boy friend is staring RIGHT AT MY ALMOST NAKED BODY, just seconds away from the worst possible outcome!!! What was I to do? 

Stripped Naked by Friends - Part 1

I've always been a really shy girl, my face usually turning red whenever someone looked at me even in my bikini! Things were about to get REALLY bad one day, though, where I would be embarrassed more and more as the day went on.... 

It all began when I was 16 with my 2 girl friends Mel and Katie and we were out swimming in the lake in our secret spot. Mel is an Aussie girl with a deep tan (Without any visible tan lines too), brunette hair, and a sporty body. Katie is more like me, a little southern belle type with strawberry blonde hair, although hers is alot lighter than mine, and a thin body. Both of them are taller and have larger chests than I do, but my little 28Bs fit my petite body kinda, being only 4'11" and only 98 pounds, and I'd probably look as silly as alot of fakey porn stars if mine were really big. 

On this day, when I jumped into the water from our tire swing the last time, my bikini shot up my chest as I hit the water, causing me to scream and frantically cover myself and move it back into place before they could see my breasts. This was my fatal mistake, as Mel and Katie have always teased me about my shyness, especially about my body, where those two are both the type to go around the house topless if there's only us girls around, Mel sunbathing nude, and Katie wearing much more revealing clothes. 

They both started teasing me about my freakout, saying things like "What's wrong, you psycho? Aint no boys around!" To which I replied "I don't care, I don't want ANYONE to see me naked. That's too embarrassing!" My 2 friends snickered to each other for a second while I wasn't paying attention, and then they decided to pounce on me without warning! Mel being alot stronger than me had my arms behind my back, and even me kicking did nothing while still in water. Katie then said "Hold her there, lemme get my 'cuffs!" I started to freak out, since I knew Katie kept a pair of handcuffs in her car hanging from her mirror to look kinky, and I knew that I was in trouble. 

"Wait, stop!" I yelled, but in only a minute I was handcuffed behind my back and totally at their mercy. Katie then looked at me very evilly while touching the strings of my top and said (I'll never forget it) "We're getting you over your little shyness whether you like it or not." She then started untieing me and I started freaking out and thrashing, begging and pleading her not to do it. "NO! Katie NOOOOO, please don't, please, let me go!!" I yelled, but it was no use as she pulled my top right off! I will always remember the way my nipples looked the moment they were exposed in the air above the water, and the looks on the faces of my 2 friends as they stared at them for the first time, looking almost as lustful as most boys. It was killing me to see my own breasts out in the open air and my arms helpless behind my back, no matter how hard I tried to wriggle free. In fact, my struggling to get free of the cuff was just making my breasts shake more, and Mel wasn't letting me submerge under the water. 

Katie then yanked my bottoms down in one instant before I was even ready for it, and now the only thing covering my most secret and private area was the dark water, and I knew that wasn't going to save me for long. Mel then said "Let's get her on the shore so we can see her little pussy." and started dragging me. At this point I'm losing my mind! I start offering them a deal "Wait wait, I'll let you two see but not here, not outside where someone else might see me, PLEASE!!" They both thought about it for a second or two, before looking at each other and giggling. "Look how nervous she is", "she's freakin' shaking and there's no way anybody's here", "and the trees block everything even." 

I thought they might be showing some mercy, until Mel said "Let's do it anyway!" and Katie goes "Ok" My friends carried me all the way to shore, with my hands failing to really cover my little round butt as it cleared the surface. This whole time I'm trying to curl up with me holding my legs together tightly to try and stop my last unseen area on my tiny virgin body from being exposed to them and anyone else who might be secretly watching from behind the trees. Unfortunately, with my hands cuffed behind me, all they had to do was put me down, pull my bottoms fully off of my legs, each grab a leg, and pull them apart to make me now in full spread eagle mode, totally naked from head to toe. Even worse, I'm a huge hygiene nut, so...I've shaved myself...down there...since I was 12, so my entire pussy in all of its glory was right there and impossible to not see, or for me to cover in any way. My two friends are giggling like idiots at me and my situation as I stop moving and wait for them to tire of it and let me go. Eventually they release my legs, but with my hand still cuffed all I can do to cover up is to pull my knees in front of my chest and cross my legs. I looked around and thought to myself that at least nobody ELSE could see me like this. 

Mel, then said to me "Candy hunny, with how hot you are you don't have to be such a scaredy-cat about nudity. Back in Australia women going topless if they were hot was almost as common as men going topless here." To which I replied "I'm not like those women, though. I don't LIKE being naked or even topless around people. Can you guys PLEASE uncuff my arms and give me my bikini back now!" my voice obviously filled with terror, added to me constantly looking at the trees and across the lake itself to make sure nobody was there. 

Katie then said to Mel "Ya know, I've got a GREAT idea for something we can do with her while we've got her trapped and in my kinky-cuffs naked and all. We should call Ross over!" 

I then clearly screamed out in terror "WHAT!?!?" 

Girl Stripped Naked by Adult - Part 3

“Oh hi Sam, Oh my!!! Why are you naked!!??” 

“Ummm…it’s a long story, can you just help me get some clothes!” I answered. 

“Yeah, sure sweetie! Just follow me.” I did, and she led me straight to Katie’s room. 
“Uhh….Mrs. Thompson….James and his friends are in here! They’ll see me!” 

“Oh nonsense, why would they be in Katie’s room?” She opened the door and practically shoved me in and shut the door. “I’ll give you some privacy…oh I almost forgot, here’s the light.” She switched it on and James and all his friends appeared in the room. I dropped to the floor as quickly as I could to prevent them from seeing me. I curled up into a fetal position, covering myself in vain. 

“Pam get ya again?” James laughed. 

“No! It was your sister this time!! She’s completely trashed!! Now can you guys help me again? Go get Katie and tell her to come in here and help me get dressed.” I asked. 

“Why can’t you just dress yourself? We can leave the room this time.” 

“Well…my hands..are…sort of glued to….my body.” I replied. They all burst out laughing. 

“Okay, we can help you.” James said. 

“Alright, no looking when you walk by me.” I requested. They walked by and surprisingly didn’t try to sneak any quick peaks of me. A couple of minutes later they arrived back without Katie. 

“Katie’s passed out by the pool.” They informed me. 

“Sh*t!!!” I yelled. I was now beginning to panic. There was only one way out of this… “Alright, one of you is gonna have to help me get dressed…” I saw the thrilled looks on their faces… “but only one!!! The rest of you will stay outside, and the person dressing me doesn’t get to look!” I looked at all of them. Even though I knew James the best and it would be the most awkward, I trusted him the most. “Alright, since I trust James the most, I guess he’s gonna get to do it.” James looked ecstatic at this announcement. He quickly kicked the others out and shut the door. Slowly, but surely, I stood up from my covering position, making sure James didn’t look. “alright get me a shirt, any shirt, I don’t care.” I told him. He grabbed a t-shirt and I turned away from him telling him so slide it over my head. We were away from the mirror, because it offered too many views to see me. I know he was staring at my ass at this point but it was definitely better than having him see my front side. He slid the t-shirt over my head, and I immediately knew it was going to be very tight. He managed to get the collar over my head, but was having trouble getting the shirt down over my large breasts. I felt his hand sneak a quick feel of my left boob and nipple! “HEY!!!” I yelled at him. 

“Sorry” he said sheepishly. He then walked around to the front of me and unashamedly stared at my naked rack! 

“What are you doing?!! Stop looking at them!” 
“I’m sorry but I needed to see where I had to pull the shirt over” He claimed. I, of course, knew better than to believe him. He pulled the shirt over my tits and down to my waist. It was extremely tight, and with my nipples hard from the close contact, they were clearly visible. 

“Whatever, now get me some pants.” He picked up a pair of jean shorts off the ground. 
“No, no, those will be too tight. Isn’t there something loose?” He looked around for a minute, and eventually said he couldn’t find anything. “Fine, fine, just hurry up and put the jean shorts on!” He walked over to me and kneeled down, telling me to lift my feet up one foot at a time. I obeyed his commands, telling myself he wasn’t looking up from his point of view. Slowly but surely he wriggled the jeans up to about mid thigh, he then went behind me. He waited awhile before taking any more action and I turned my head to see what he was doing. He was just sitting there staring at my bare butt. “How many times do I have to tell you!!” 

“I’m sorry Sam, but….you have a really nice ass, and I couldn’t help but look.” 

“O, well….thanks.” I said nervously giggling. I couldn’t believe an 8th grader was talking to me like that!! He put his hands on the jeans and attempted to pull them over my ass. I was forced to wriggle around to help him manage. Oh, the show I must of gave him there!! Eventually, he was able to lift the shorts over my ass. He moved to the front of my body to get the zipper. Of course, he got an incredible close up view of my shorthaired pussy, and made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring bug-eyed at it. But I didn’t care, I was finally dressed. 

Now it was time to figure out how and get my hands unglued. I asked James to go and grab the bottle of glue Katie used and bring it to me. He did, and he let the rest of the boys into the room, now that I was covered again. James handed me the bottle and I began to read it. There was nothing on it about removing glue, but there was a huge warning on it against applying it to skin. Katie is such an idiot!! James said he was going to get his dad, Bill. I was reluctant about this at first, but figured what the hell, what’s the worst that could happen? James came back with his dad. This was the first time I had seen him since I arrived at the party and he looked at me with a very worried look. 

“Look Sam, I’m very sorry about what happened to you tonight, I left the house to get away from all the craziness, but it seems I should have stayed to make sure everyone stayed under control. I know it will be nearly impossible, but if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you let me know.” He said. He at least was completely sober, unlike the rest of the family. 

“Well, we’ll worry about that later, right now, the only thing you can do is help me get my hands unglued.” I moved my arms back and forth trying to show him my hands, which were underneath the waistband of the jean shorts. 

“Sure, sure, I believe I have just the thing for it, just go to the bathroom and I’ll meet you in there.” He said helpfully. I was so relieved, and I made my way to the bathroom saying bye to the boys. I was still a little worried though, as I’m sure James was going to go into incredible detail about my private parts to the other boys. Mr. Thompson came walking into the bathroom a little later with a bottle of some chemical. He said it would undo the glue. We stared at each other for a moment, each knowing what was next. “Look, I know this is gonna be uncomfortable for you, but all the women in this house are too drunk to do this, and I’m sure you don’t want the 8th grade boys touching all over your body, so I’m afraid it’s gonna have to be me.” 

“Uhhh…actually…” I was too embarrassed to tell him that his 8th grade son had already seen every inch of my nakedness, and gotten some pretty good feels too. “…yeah I guess you’re right.” 

“Okay, ready then?” 

“Yep…” I said nervously. He shut the door and walked over to me. He politely closed his eyes and unzipped the zipper. I was being stripped for the third time that night, this time by Katie’s sober father, who wasn’t likely to forget. He had to give a pretty good tug on the shorts to get my hands uncovered. He tugged so hard the jeans slid right off my ass and fell to the floor. I wiggled around a little bit and let out a little scream, as I was again butt naked from the waist down. 

“Sorry about that” He said, with his eyes still shut. He looked away, opened them, and picked up the chemical before shutting them again. He turned toward me. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to open my eyes to see where to squirt the glue.” My heart was beating so fast. Having James see naked was one thing, but a full grown sober man? Let alone Katie’s father?! This was awful! 

“Okay, just…don’t….you know….” He opened them and laid his eyes on my vagina, before quickly shooting them to the side where my left hand was. He began gently rubbing the chemical by my hands, trying to get underneath them. I could already tell this wasn’t going to work, my hands weren’t going anywhere. He continued to rub around my hand, so close to my triangle. His rubbing combined with the tingling sensation of the chemical couldn’t help but arouse me. This was so humiliating!! “Ummm… Mr. Thompson, I don’t think this is going to work. Do you have any other ideas?” I desperately asked. 

“Yeah, I think we need to add some water and let the [chemical name?] run down beneath your hands. Can you come step in the shower?” Thankful to stop the rubbing I willingly stepped naked into the shower. “Okay, you’re gonna have to either kneel down to the faucet, or take your shirt off, because it’s going to prevent the water from flowing to your hands.” There was no way I was gonna try and kneel down, who knows what kind of intimate views he would get. 

“Alright, just take my shirt off, don’t look.” I turned my back to him as he pulled the shirt over my firm tits and up and over my head. He turned the shower on, as I stood there bare butt naked letting the water run down my body. The rubbing ensued. After about ten minutes of him rubbing inches away from my cooch, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had seen him get numerous peeks of my privates but had not seen any progress made on the glue. “Mr. Thompson, can we just go the emergency room, this isn’t working!” 

“You sure, I think we’re getting somewhere.” He replied. He was almost as bad as his son trying to get lengthened shots of my nudity! 

“Yes, I’m sure, please just take me in!” He obliged and turned the water off. He then closed his eyes and began toweling off my entire body, getting daringly close to my crotch and tits. The thought of having to wriggle into those tight clothes, while still somewhat wet disturbed me. I asked him for a robe or something of Mrs. Thompson’s. He got me one, rapped it tightly around my body and asked me if I wanted my parents to take me. Of course I would rather have them take me, but they were out of town, so it was going to be him. 

He went and kicked the remaining party goers out, a horrible sign for drivers on the road, gathered up the boys and got us all into his car. Katie, who had apparently woken up wanted to ride along to for whatever reason. Not much was said on the way to the hospital, and every time someone let out even the smallest laughter Mr. Thompson scolded them. It was going to take a long time for me to forgive Katie. 

We finally arrived at the ER and to my horror it was jammed. Mr Thompson signed me in and we waited for a long time. While waiting, Mr. Thompson went to the restroom and I decided I needed a drink. I got up to get one, asking Katie if she could press the button for me on the drinking fountain. On the way back, Katie decided she had not had enough fun with me. In front of the entire waiting room, she yelled, “Hey this is my friend Sam! Who wants to see her……NAKED!!!” She didn’t even wait for a response. She untied the robe and ripped it right off my body!! My bare titties and naked pussy were now completely unveiled for the entire emergency room!! Katie burst into her usual fit of laughter as I stood there in bare-naked shock looking for help. The 8th graders looked delighted and the sight of my privates because they could finally look without getting yelled at. They even all had their camera phones out recording the entire show! My boobs and kitty were now going to be engraved in their phones forever. I looked around the room to see who was enjoying my humiliation. Boys and men of all ages were loving the sights of my buck-naked body. None of them showed any shame at taking out digital cameras from their wives’ purse and snapping away. I tried to cross my legs at least to spare me some modesty but Katie would have none of it. She paraded me around the damn room making sure everyone got up close views of everything. They could probably see and get pictures of my slit right through my tiny pubic hairs. “HaHa!!! Isn’t her virgin pussy nice!! HaHa!!” UGGGGHHH!!!! I couldn’t believe Katie was doing this, even if it was her first time drunk this was ridiculous!! Finally Katie told everyone to get one last good look, and covered me up again. Her father came out of the rest room right when Katie sat me down. He had missed the entire show, and he wasn’t going to hear about it from anyone in that room for fear of him getting too angry with them. I certainly wasn’t going to tell him either out of sheer humiliation. I sat looking around the room as everyone smiled and laughed at me. The men sitting across from me continued to drop things on the floor, trying to get peeks up my robe. I was nearly in tears. 

Finally, I was called back to the room. I went back alone for privacy. A doctor came in asked me what happened and laughed about it. I was in no mood for laughing anymore. He then said he had a resident with him. The resident, was of course, very cute. When the doctor took the robe off me, both men enjoyed a fantastically nude full frontal inspection of me. Of course, the doctor was able to get my hands unglued in less than a minute, as opposed to the 20-minute rub session Mr. Thompson had with me. I don’t know why but as soon as my hands were free, they shot to cover up my crotch and tits. The two doctors had already seen everything I don’t know why I was being so modest now. They gave me a pair of scrubs to wear underneath my robe. Uncovering my naked cooch first, I slipped on the bottoms as the men ogled. Isn’t anyone a gentleman anymore!!? I then unveiled my breasts to them and slipped the top up and over my head. I thanked them and walked out to Katie’s family. The waiting room cheered as we left and Mr. Thompson asked why. I told him I didn’t know. 

The ride home was just as quiet as the ride there. When we finally got to the house I took off the robe and handed it to Mr. Thompson and he went to bed. I then went to the kitchen with Katie and the boys and as I was reaching up to get a cup from the cupboard, Katie whisked my bottoms down to my ankles. What a surprise, my bare kitty was exposed to the boys again. I quickly covered it as they filmed away and pulled my pants up, but Katie was not going to get off the hook so easily. I ripped her dress down off her little titties exposing them to the boys! I pulled it all the way down to her panties, managed to grab them too and ripped as hard as I could, pulling all of her clothing to the ground! She was now the one bare butt naked in front of everyone! 

“Ha, your sister’s shaved clean!” The boys teased James as they saw katie’s completely shaved pussy. James looked away disgusted. Katie was wriggling around like crazy saying “she’s sorry” and “oh my gosh not in front of my brother!” I held her hands behind her back making sure the boys got some good pictures of her nudity. Eventually she broke free from me and ran bare ass into her room covering up her jiggling butt as she ran. The boys gave it about a minute before walking over to the room. They burst the door open saying they were staying there tonight. It was hilarious watching this, as Katie was still completely butt-naked. She shot both her hands to her little boobies leaving her bald kitty fully exposed. She finally remembered to cover her privates and ran out of her own room down the hallway into James’. 

Although it was really fun watching her humiliation, it didn’t quite make up for what she did to me. The next days would be filled with a bunch of boring stuff settling what happened to me that night. Most all the drunk people claimed to forget the events including Katie. However, her dad and brother have never looked at me the same. I eventually forgave her for what she did and we’re still good friends but what an awful night!!!

Girl Stripped Naked by Adult - Part 2

I shut and locked the door behind me and called for Katie, but there was no response. I fumbled around on the wall and turned on the light switch since the room was pitch black. What I now saw startled the hell out of me. Katie’s younger brother James, and his two friends were all staring at me….naked!! I jumped at the site of them and covered myself up as quickly as I could, but not before they got a decent glimpse. 

“What’s up Sam?” James asked me with a huge grin spread across his face. “Little too much to drink tonight?” All the boys were fixated on my nude body in front of them. 

“No, YOUR crazy aunt did this to me! And stop staring at me!!! Look away so I can grab some of your sister’s clothes.” I demanded. 

“Haha, that had to be Aunt Pam, she tries to start a confrontation everytime she gets drunk.” He said not looking away. 

“Well she’s a crazy bitch!” I yelled at him. “Now please get out of here.” I pleaded. “Why are you guys in here anyway?” 

“The living room was too loud with the party going on downstairs and my room couldn’t fit all of us, so my sister let us sleep here for tonight….By the way, I don’t think you really want us opening that door and leaving, Pam’s probably still out there ya know.” He said. He made a very good point. 

“Fine, well then……go over there and face the wall, while I get dressed.” I begged. To my surprise, they actually obliged even though I was in no state to bargain right now. James was always pretty cool for his age I thought to myself. I waited for them to turn around and then made my way to Katie’s drawers where she kept her panties. (Yes I know where she keeps them, it’s a girl thing haha) I glanced in the mirror in front of me to make the sure the boys weren’t looking, and slowly removed the hand covering my vagina (since it was below the mirror and clouldn’t be seen by the boys if they looked) to open the drawer. I didn’t find any panties in the drawer however, I found a piece of paper in the back of it. “What the heck?” I said out loud and removed the hand covering my tits to grab the paper. I opened the paper up and on it written in Katie’s writing was a message, apparently to the boys saying, “No Stealing My Panties!!!!” I laughed, but couldn’t believe my luck. 

I put the note back in the drawer and shut it, when I did saw three pairs of eyes staring at my ass through the mirror! “HEY!!!” I shouted and quickly turned around crossing both my free arms across my chest. I stood there covering my breasts with my arms, not even realizing that my trimmed little snatch was completely exposed to them!! There was silence for about 10 seconds while they stared at it and I didn’t even realize it. What was I thinking!! Finally one of them blurted out “nice” and I looked down to see it on show for them. “OMG!” I gave a shy little laugh and attempted to cover up. To make matters worse, instead of using one of my hands to cover, I tried crossing my legs over each other to hide myself. I must’ve looked so ridiculous wriggling around naked in front of them….though I’m sure they loved it! “Stop Looking!!” Finally I had enough sense to just turn around and show them my ass again, I figure it was better than letting them get any more priceless looks at my cooch. I looked in the mirror to see them whispering and nodding there heads together in excitement. “Turn Around!” I yelled at them, and once again they turned their backs to me and their fronts to the wall. 

I then made a beeline for Katie’s shorts and slipped them up quickly over my naked waist. The only shirts I could find where small spaghetti string tank tops. I grabbed a white one and put it on to cover my tits. I looked at myself in the mirror, unfortunately without a bra, one could clearly see the nice round outline of my tits along with the nipples pointing into the shirt. But it had to suffice for now until I could get more clothes. “Okay boys, thank you for not looking….too much” I smiled at them. They obviously were all staring at my breasts. “Stop staring at my tits!!” I laughed at them and walked out of the room turning the lights out. I’m sure they would be taking one at a time trips to the bathroom after the show I just gave them, I thought worriedly to myself. But I was in good spirits, I would have much rather them see me naked, than all the older men, who I did a good job covering myself in front of. 

I looked for any sign of crazy aunt Pam but didn’t see, nor hear her anywhere. The basement was also a lot quieter so I figured the party had died down since I had left. I looked around the house for Katie, but still could not find her anywhere. This was getting really annoying, why would she leave without telling me? I walked down the stairs cautiously, hoping to avoid Pam and find my dress. It seemed as if everyone had migrated outside to the pool since I left. 
“Hey Sam!!” Katie said excitedly to me. 

“Oh my gosh where have you been!?” I said, happy to see her. She came awkwardly stumbling over to me. 

“I’ve been looking for you! Guess what? My parents let me drink!” She said, and it was clear she had already drank too much. “Anyway, I wanna show you this trick my uncle showed me” She nodded over to her two uncles in the corner who I hadn’t noticed standing there. They smiled at me, I smiled back shyly, wondering if they had seen me get stripped. “Here, get on your back” Katie told me. 

“What? Why?” I asked 

“Oh, just do it, trust me it’s really fun!” She replied. So, I obeyed her and lied down on my back. Katie told me to give me her feet so I did for some reason, forgetting I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath the short cotton shorts I had on. She took my feet and locked them under the back of her armpits. She began to drag me a little bit causing the shirt I had on to roll up past my bell button. “Ok, I think, this is how it went, right bob?” She called her uncles over to us. I suddenly became increasingly aware that I had no bra on underneath the shirt. 

“Katie, wait! I don’t wanna do this let me down!” 

“Oh, just trust me Sam, nothing bad’s gonna happen.” She slurred. With that she stepped on top of the couch and lifted me off the ground. My hands reached above (or below depending on how you look at it) my head to brace myself. “Haha! I can’t hold her up, Bob you come do it!” She said. Bob looked excited at my shirt getting closer and closer to exposing my breasts. I took one hand and tried to roll it back up. Bob grabbed my feet from Katie and immediately lifted me high into the air. Meanwhile, gravity took its toll on my shirt as it fell over my breasts and into my face! My naked titties were now exposed to her two uncles! 

“AHHH!!! Let me down! Let me down!” I yelled trying to lift my hands up to cover. 

“Ha Ha HA!!!!” Katie was laughing hysterically at my predicament. “I see Sam’s boobies!!” She then grabbed my hands away from my breasts. Why did she have to be drunk now!!! “Look guys, it’s Sam’s boobies!” She then pulled the shirt out my face and down over my head!! I could now see both her drunk uncles staring straight at my naked boobs which were bouncing all over the damn place, nearly hitting my chin thanks to gravity!! Finally, Bob let me down on the couch, but drunk ass Katie still had my hands. She reached them over my head and sat on them. Bob and Gary continued to ogle my bare tits. Katie meanwhile reached in the drawer next to her and pulled out some kind super glue? I had no idea what she was doing but she was still laughing her ass off. She unscrewed the cap, took one of my hands from underneath her and squirted a bunch of glue on it! She then took that hand and pressed it firmly on my waist! “Ha, the label says fast acting!!” She laughed. She continued to press hard against my hand and then finally let go. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t move that hand anymore; it was glued to my waist! She took the other hand and did the exact same thing on the other side of my waist as I begged her not too. “Haha! Ok you’re free to go now…No wait! We still never did the trick!” She quickly grabbed my feet and got me back into the previous position, only this time no shirt, and no hands to cover my breasts! My naked tits were again bouncing all over the place much to the delightment of the uncles, who were now cheering me. “Actually, it would be better to do this out by the pool.” 

“No!! there’s way too many people out there!!” I begged. Katie, however, did not listen and dragged me across the floor to the patio door. The carpet burned my back as she slid me across it. The guys followed, not wanting to miss the show. Katie slid the door open and dragged me out the padded floor around the pool. From the ground, I could hear many male voices still out there and a couple of female ones. Luckily, I saw Pam passed out by the stairs. If she would’ve seen me like this who knows what would have happened. 

“Hey guys!! Look it’s Katie’s boobies!!! Hahaha!!!” Katie yelled. Much to my horror, I saw faces everywhere laughing, cheering, and enjoying my round, naked breasts on full display. She dragged me over to the edge of the pool, and held me where everyone could see. I was actually hoping to get in the pool now, to limit my exposure. “Okay, ready?” She asked. “I’m gonna sling shot you into the pool!” “Hey!!! Wait a second, are those my shorts??!!! Give them back, I don’t want them to get wet!!!” Kate let go of one of my feet and swiped the shorts clean off me in one motion! I was now completely naked again!! “HaHa!!! You weren’t wearing any panties!! HaHa!!! Look everyone it’s Sam’s vagina!!!” She held my legs up as high as she could as I saw tons of people laughing and pointing at me upside down. “Jim, flick the spotlight on, Sam’s butt naked!! HaHa!!!” He did and the light was directly on me! My hands were still glued to my waist, so I had no way of covering. My tanned boobs, bare butt, and nearly bald kitty that I had previously kept covered were now the main event of this party!! Katie held me up for forever making sure everyone got a priceless full frontal bare-naked shot of me! Finally, she let me go, falling to the ground laughing. As quickly as I could, I rolled into the pool. Once I was in I began rubbing my hands as hard as I could hoping to get them unglued. Unfortunately it wasn’t working, and was just tiring me out. With no arms to help me tread water, I was forced to call for help. Of course, it was two men who jumped at the occasion. They came running over to the pool as fast as they could. One of them grabbed underneath my arm pits, getting tremendous feels of the sides of my breasts. The other put his hands blatantly on my naked ass in order to propel me from the water. Dripping wet and completely nude, I ran as fast as I could past all the people and into the house. I sprinted up the stairs and ran right into Katie’s mother, Karen. Finally, I thought I was saved. Unfortunately, she was also very drunk. 

Girl Stripped Naked by Adult - Part 1

The event took place at the end of last summer, the summer before my senior year of high school. One of my best friends Katie decided she wanted to try and be a cheerleader her senior year. Well, Katie is a cute girl and has played sports in the past so I encouraged her to try out. Since I was the captain of the squad I figured I could make a spot for her. Unfortunately I was wrong. I was unaware of this until tryout time but Katie was terrible! She could barely do a cartwheel let alone any of the other moves she would be required to do. There was know way I could let her on the team and hold my spot as captain. Everyone would know what was going on. So I explained to Katie that it simply wouldn’t be fair to the other girls who had trained most of their lives if they were cut from the squad and Katie was kept. I did what I thought was right and even offered Katie a spot on JV. Even though she was upset she said she understood, but turned down the JV offer. She cheered herself up though when she invited me to an end of summer party at her house that her parents were hosting. I always loved her family so I eagerly agreed to go. It seemed everything was going to be alright between us. 

When Friday came I showed up to the party in a yellow strapless sundress that showed off my body perfectly. Katie and I went downstairs where the party was being held. Katie’s family is hilarious everytime I see them and this night was no exception. Her uncles along with her dad are so funny, and her aunts are awesome too. Katie and I were the only ones our age at the party, besides her younger brother and his friends who are in like 8th grade I think. Neither Katie nor I drink (nor were we allowed to even if we wanted to) so we just enjoyed the entertainment of watching her family members get more and more drunk as the night went on. I also appreciated the looks I received from the men at the party. A couple of them even tried to flirt with me until their wives got angry with them haha. But anyway Katie and I made our rounds throughout the party whether it be laughing with the women in the backyard, teasing the 8th graders with our bodies, or talking with the men by the bar. 

After a couple hours the women were getting more and more drunk and obnoxious, while the men looked bored with their conversations. I couldn’t even see Katie’s parents anymore. When looking for them I ran into one of Katie’s aunts that I had never met before. She was EXTREMELY drunk, I mean, to the point of falling over. She started yelling at me. 

“Areennn’t you the grrrr…..girrrrrll…..whhooooooo….cutttt Katieeeeee?” She rambled at me. 

I had no idea what to do. I stayed silent for a bit before I turned around, looking for Katie. 

“HEYYYYY!!!! I’m talllkkk… to youuuu!” She was now pointing her fingers at me. “Dooooo youuuu thinnnnnk you’rrrrrree better than Katieeeee?” 

“No, I just wanted to be fair, that’s all. We’ve put this behind us now and both decided it wasn’t worth fighting over, now get out of my way.” I replied to her with confidence. As I was pushing my way through her she held her arm out and wouldn’t let me by. “Okay, I think you need to put this down.” I said grabbing the margarita out of her hand and placing it on the table. 

“Who the hell do you think you are!!!” She yelled at me, this time sounding a lot less drunk, but a lot more scary. She then grabbed the drink and poured it on my dress!! 

“WTF!!” I yelled back at her “Get out of my way!!!” But she wouldn’t listen, she was blocking me in still. 

“Oh I’m sorry I’ll get the stain out!!” She yelled. And before I could say anything she put both her hands at the top of my dress and whisked it off my breasts past my waist and down to my ankles! I was left standing in the middle of Katie’s basement with only a red strapless bra and short yellow shorts overtop of my panties. A crowd had formed around us now and the men were wolf whistling. I still had no clue where Katie was. The worst part about it was everyone was drunk and encouraging the fight to go on! 

“Get her back Sam!!” Some of the men yelled. 

But I had no intention of getting her back, I just wanted out of this mess. I tried to fight my way backwards through the crowd, but they wouldn’t let me. My dress had already been picked up by the aunt and tossed into the crowd. I started screaming for help, but no one listened. Finally, I put my head down and tried to force my way through them. This worked horribly as I barely got two feet in before getting shoved back. 

“Just fight back, she deserves it!!” The guys continued to yell with excitement. Then one of them reached out and swiped my shorts down and off my ankles! I immediately screamed, as they shouted with glee. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I was so glad I had decided to wear panties and shorts underneath my dress instead of nothing at all. 

The aunt addressed the crowd. “Who wants to see some high school pussy!!!!” They all roared with approval. 

“Whaaaaaat!!” I yelled as panic spread throughout me. 

The aunt came at me like a wild animal. I had no chance. She went straight for my red bikini panties and ripped them clean off me! My hands shot to my neatly trimmed pussy before anyone had a chance to see. Unfortunately my bare ass was on full display to the crowd. I was now hunched over making sure they couldn’t see my you know what, as they all got spectacular views of my flawless :) eighteen-year old naked ass. Even the other aunts, who I had been laughing and getting along with all night were enjoying my humiliation. If they were even sober enough to realize I was being humiliated that is. 

“Let’s see us some titties!!!” One of the men yelled. Once again I was helpless. I could either bare my naked vagina to the crowd and save my bra. Or let it go and just try and stay covered. There was no way these drunken idiots were going to lay eyes on my pussy so I chose the latter. The aunt didn’t even bother to unhook the bra. She just ripped it off my tits, and over my head. One of my hands covering my cooch was forced upstairs to cover my nicely sized tits. 

“Mover ‘er hands! Move ‘er hands!” Was now the chant in the crowd. I stood there bare butt naked cupping my pussy with one hand and covering my boobs with the other in a crowd of forty year olds. I had no idea where Katie’s parents were, where Katie was, or even the 8th graders for that matter. The aunt had one hand around the wrist covering my crotch, as she attempted to pry it off. Finally, I had had enough, they were not going to see my privates. I crouched down low so they couldn’t see my tits and grabbed the nearest beer bottle with the hand that was covering my boobs. I smashed the bottle across the crazy aunt’s back and took off running as she let go of my wrist. Everyone was completely shocked as I sprinted through the opening in the crowd while still trying to cover myself. Once I was past them I readjusted my hands to cover my naked jiggling ass from them as I ran up the stairs. I could hear the aunt in pursuit now, so I sprinted into Katie’s bedroom hoping to find her in there…. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stuck Half Naked in Public

How was I supposed to know that today would be the worst day of my life? It started out so normal. Went to school. Came home. Decided to chill in the "chill spot" just off the road by my house. The "chill spot" was a man made ditch/canyon. It was used for rain runoff but it almost never rains here any more. Skaters hang out there and sometimes I watch them. But today I just decided to chill there. Walk down the length of it doing whatever. Looked like a cloudy day but I thought nothing of it. All down the length of the ditch are drainage pipes that open up into the ditch. These pipes used to be covered by metal grates but they were torn away long ago by bored teenagers. Some of the pipes ran from far away and some just up from the road. It's just big enough to fit a small person (or a small girl like me). I got bored pretty easily so I started walking back towards the way out of the ditch. I noticed something shining in one of the pipes that opened right up onto the road. It was probably just a hubcap but I did love to collect random things (one of the pipe grates was the prize of my collection). I looked into the pipe and was extremely astonished. It wasn't a hubcap! It was a money clip! It was too far up the pipe to reach it with just my arms so I knew I'd have to crawl in and get it. Hoping to god that there weren’t any rats I climbed in. It was pretty far up there. I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach the pipe let alone reach far enough into it. I climbed up into it using my arms. I tried to get grip by pushing my feet off the ditch wall; I managed to push myself into the drain further. It was getting tight but If I could get in I could get out. I reached my arms as far as I could, my shoulders felt like they were being dislocated by the walls and by me trying to push further. Inches away. Just another hand length and I could reach it but it was getting REALLY tight in here. My shoes fell off as I tried to push further in. "UNGGGGGH!” I grunted as I reached further... then realized that I wasn't moving at all. My torso was wedged into the pipe and I couldn't even reach the money. "Oh god..." I twisted and turned and tried everything I could to try to dislodge myself but I had wedged myself in there because both my arms locked in the pipe and my shoulders were keeping me from moving. I was scared. Someone would eventually find me... but there's always that fear that someone won't. What would happen? "HELP ME!!!! I'M STUCK!!!!" I screamed through the pipe. Almost immediately I heard rustling. I then saw the money clip being pulled up as if by magic from the other side of the pipe. "...How...?" Then I heard muffled ruffling behind me and felt someone hold my legs. "Good, they're gonna pull me out." I breathed the biggest sigh of relief I had ever had. I may not have gotten the money but I'd be safe or so I thought. I felt some rustling with my pants... was kinda getting disturbed. I then felt my pants get unbutton and started getting really scared. "HEY STOP THAT" I started kicking behind me but they hugged my legs tight as they started pulling down my pants. They got that off and then my panties were yanked off. I couldn't really do anything to stop it, my kicks were futile. I ended up without pants and panties on... my entire butt and pussy was exposed because of the way I was positioned. "Ha...ha...ha... You had your prank and your fun.... CAN YOU LET ME OUT?" I yelled out nervously. I saw a flash and a laugh. I closed my eyes and just started crying. There was nothing I could do. Footsteps... walking away. I was alone. Trapped and half naked out in public. I tried to be quiet but then I heard the familiar sound of skateboard wheels. Then a loud "WHOA! CHECK THAT OUT!” I cringed and clenched my butt cheeks trying to get away. I knew they had seen me. I couldn't tell who it was because their voices were muffled. "HEY CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP ME, I'M STUCK!!!" I yelled. I felt hands on my legs again... Were they going to help me out?