Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl Forced Stripped Naked While Drunk with Friends

Hey my name is Macy, I'm 17, and I'm a high school junior. Um I'm like 5'3, 110 pounds, and brunette, I think I'm pretty decent looking too. Anyway this is my most embarrassing moment and it happened at my friend Claire's party. It was my first time getting drunk and for most of my friend's too (except Claire). At her house it was 3 of my good guy friends and me and Claire.

So Claire had a fake ID and she looked really old but she would drive to a college town nearby just to be safe to buy everything for us. We started playing drinking games and having fun. I actually was wasn't too drunk for most of the night until later that night (which ill get to in a sec) so it was funny to see all the guys and Claire pretty wasted. I remember playing truth or dare, Claire had to streak across the lawn topless and a car drove by so that was hilarious. The worst dare I did was having to flash my butt to everyone, but I also had to kiss each guy once but just a peck and they're all decently attractive so it was fine.

The problems started when we started drinking again, because the guys started sobering up and Claire was too a bit I could tell. I was still tipsy and verging on drunk so I was good but I started losing some of the ball bouncing in a cup games because of it (sorry forgot the exact name). I had to do more and more shots and that's when I blacked out. I do remember various pieces after they were told to me. Ill go ahead and tell you now so spoilers. I remember being slung over someone shoulder with my head facing behind whoever was carrying me, I remember trying to jump on a bed but falling on the floor, I also remember looking in the mirror in Claire's bedroom being completely naked with drawings all over me.

Okay here's the full story as told to me from Claire. I ended up doing 5 shots in an hour during the second round of drinking. We played truth or dare again and I apparently had to stand outside in my underwear for 5 minutes but apparently I started to wonder off and didn't want to go back inside because I was mad because I was cold and Jack carried me inside. Claire said Jack carried me upstairs and put me in her bed and the guys all apparently snuggled with me. Claire said we were all going to watch a movie and she went to go get popcorn and snack and stuff for it and when she got back I was completely naked. She said the guys said I didn't want to wear anything so the took off my bra and panties. She got mad at them but apparently I told her that it was true. So naked me 3 guys and Claire all watched a movie and at some point I fell asleep and they drew all over my body with black markers. I woke up the next day in the bathroom still naked.

And there you go lol my most embarrassing story.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stella's Collection, Stripped Naked, Skinny Dipping, and Friends

When I was 14 me and my best friend were having a sleep over and when we were watching a movie I fell asleep. When I woke up my shirt was up my shoulders and my pants and underwear was down by my ankles and she had drawn pictures all over my legs, butt, and back. Of course she took a picture and showed everyone who wanted to see.

Also when I was 14 the same friend and I had a pantsing battle going on, she started it when I was talking to some guy friends at school and snuck up behind me and pulled down everything. Next I got her when she was at the pool before she went off the diving board. Then she got me like three times at my house in a row and almost ripped my pants :( but I got her last when she was sleeping and videoed it.

When I was 16 I was babysitting for three boys 8, 10, and 13. They were pretty nice to me but I made the mistake of leaving the door unlocked when I was taking a shower and they all came running in and ripped open the curtain screaming and yelling and I had to push them out. Then in the middle of the night when I was sleeping on the couch I woke up and they were trying to cut away my clothes. They had tied my hand behind my back and ended up stripping me of everything but my socks and a thong and paraded me around the house as a prisoner.

When I was 17 I forgot my clothes in my locker and after I took a shower I got out to find that all the towels were used and non of my friends would help me when I asked so I had to walk to my locker in the middle of 30 girls videoing me and laughing.

When I was like 12 or 13 I went streaking with cousins. And we ran around outside naked till my uncle came out and yelled at us to get dressed and come inside.

When I was 16 I went skinny dipping as a dare at a camping thing and they wouldn't let me back on the raft until I showed them all my boobs and butt multiple times.

And the last time I was embarrassed was a week ago (18) when I was at a sleep over at a friends house and lost a bet so my friends (3 girls and one of their brothers) all got to strip me while I screamed and fought them off. But I still ended up completely naked with pictures and all. That was the worst one in my opinion. But the babysitting one was a close second.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Teen Girl Forced Naked by Younger Cousins

Hi, my name is Brenda I’m seventeen years old. I’m kind of quiet and mostly dress in black, some people say I’m a goth, I don’t really mind I guess sometimes I do look like one. Some friends and I put together this band in which I play the bass. I’ve had my bass guitar for about 6 years now and at the time I really wanted a new one. I had seen this beautiful fender bass I had fallen in love with and I had to have it. The thing is, I didn’t had any money so my dad told me I could babysit my 14 year old cousins Ximena and Astrid (they are twins) and their little 6 year old sister Jessica and my uncle would pay me.
My uncles were going to New York in some romantic weekend so I had to babysit them Friday and Saturday and a bit of Sunday morning. It really didn’t bother me because just around the corner from my uncle’s house lives a friend of mine who was going to throw the best party Saturday night and to make it all better my band was going to play. So I could kill two birds with one stone; I thought. My plan was to babysit the girls until they were asleep and then I could sneak out to the party.

So Friday came and I had to go pick up the girls from school and take them to their house and cook and be check they did their homework and all that stuff. I had never been alone with the three of them. The little one was a doll, I knew the twins were a bit spoiled, they go to my school, but I never expected them to be so bad. Friday went so, so. I made them do their homework and after dinner we watched a little tv and that was all.

Saturday came and went, before I even noticed it was already 8 PM. I had taken a shower and had just finished drying myself when somebody, knocked on the door. “I’ll be out in a sec.” I remember saying as I noticed I had forgotten my clothes. Not a second had passed when I noticed the laundry basket with all of my cousins’ clean clothes. I grabbed some clothes, put them on and walked out. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one planning something that night; the twins had decided to throw a party as well.

The house was filled with people, at least 15 guys and 15 girls were scattered through the main floor. There was beer and music even.
“What the hell is going on?” I yelled.
If my uncle knew my cousins had a party he would kill me. I knew I had to stop it at any cost, plus they were all 14 year olds, I thought I could manage them easily enough.
I stood up on one of the chairs. “Everyone leave! If you don’t I will be forced to call your parents and tell them you are drinking and to come get you!” I said in the most commanding voice I could manage.
Everyone was looking at me, the music had stopped, everyone had stopped. “I said leave! Now!” Some of the kids began heading to the door as I stepped down from the chair. I was feeling real well with myself so I decided to keep on talking. “What are you even doing drinking, you are just children. Small little children who want to look old and cool. But you are not,” I giggled “you are just babies.”
“What do YOU think you are doing!?” Ximena screamed as she came down the stairs along with her sister and two boys.
“You are in big trouble little girls!”
“You are the one who is in trouble, this is our house and we do whatever we want in our house.”
“I swear I will tell your parents and they will ground you for life.”
They didn’t say anything for a while as they stood just a few feet from me.
“Is she… Is she wearing our clothes?” Astrid said before turning to face her sister.
“The bitch is wearing our clothes, that’s my shirt.”
“And that’s my skirt…That’s it!” Before I could do anything Astrid placed her hand on the skirt I was wearing, took a hold of it “Give it back!” and yanked down.

I was left speechless, petrified as the black skirt fall down to my ankles. A few seconds pasted, my milky white legs on display for everyone. I screamed and immediately put a hand over my knickers and bet down to pull the skirt up. That was a mistake; one of the twins pushed me and I fell on my butt still exposing my underwear to all the children.

“Oh my God! Are those little Jessica’s panties?” Yelled Ximena while pointing at me with her finger.
I looked down and then realized what Ximena meant. I hadn’t pay much attention to it when I had put them on because I was in a hurry, I had noticed they were a bit tight but I didn’t make any of it, not until then. I was laying on butt with no pants wearing light yellow panties with lots of Tinkerbells printed on them.
“Who is the small little child now?” One of the twins said as took out her phone to take a picture.
I couldn’t let her take a picture of me like that, if it had been my real underwear would have been bad enough but to be photographed with those childish panties would be the death of me. I was going to become the laughingstock of the whole school, my reputation ruined.
“For a goth you wear really childish panties.” I immediately recognize de guy who was speaking. I had a class with him once, she used to have a crush with me even asked me out once; of course I refused but now the roles were different and I was the one being humiliated.
“I still want my shirt back you Goth whore.”
As soon as she finished her sentence I had 2 girls and one boy around me taking my shirt away. “What are you doing?” I screamed. “Let me go!” They held me down and took the shirt off.
As soon as it was off I placed my hands over my A size boobies hoping no one would notice their small size. I mean, they are not that small, they are totally normal for a girl my age but I knew those children would not understand.
“OH MY GOD! Did you see her tits?” Astrid started saying. “I bet they smaller than little Jessica’s!” (Just for the record, they aren’t. Plus I’m really thin and my boobies simply match my complexion.)
“They are just like mosquito bites!” Said the other twin.

“Give me my cloths back! NOW!” I screamed in desperation.
A smile cracked on Astrid’s face. “You want them back? Go get them.” She tossed both the skirt and the shirt out the window on to the front lawn.
Without a second thought I ran to the door, one hand covering my little boobies and the other covering those humiliating knickers. At the time there was just one thought in my mind; I had to get to my clothes before even more of my dignity was destroyed, the fool I was.
I ran as fast as I could and got to the door faster than I thought possible, saw the clothes laying next to me and just as I was going to take them I heard a woman’s voice.
“Is that you Brenda?” I looked up to see my mother standing a few feet away from me.
“Mmm-m-ma.” I managed to say before she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me inside the house. “What are you doing? Let me go!”
“You want to go outside? You want everyone to see you in those tight little panties is that it?!”
“That’s not it mom, I was-“
“Don’t you dare talk back at me.” She said raising her voice. “My daughter is not going out to the streets in her underwear. My daughter is not a whore.”
She was getting it all wrong, I wanted to tell her but she wouldn’t listen, she was furious.
“You should have seen her aunt Mary, she stripped in the on top of the table, even asked out loud if someone wanted to spank her…” One of the twins was saying “or fuck her.” She finished.
“You want to get spanked? I’ll spank you young lady!”
“Mom, please sto-“ she put me over her lap ”What do you think you are doing! I am not a baby!” As soon as I finished she yanked my Tinkerbell undies down to my knees before I could do anything.
“It seems the only way you understand is by getting treated like a baby.” Everyone was watching as I got humiliated by my own mother, with nothing to cover my pale skin, with my nipples and butt in total display as she spanked me.
I noticed the two other members of my band (male members) had arrived. I had forgotten I told them to come and pick me up. This couldn’t be any worst.
She spanked me, and spanked me hard. I think a few tears even rolled down my cheeks.
“Mom please no more.” I begged her after a round of 20 hard spanks.
She said nothing but pulled me to my feet before ordering me to step out of my panties. I did as I was told while covering my tits and my most private privates.
"Now Brenda, babies aren't embarrassed, they don't cover themselves."
"But I'm not a baby!"
"You do what I tell you if you don't want to get spanked again." So I did as I was told and placed my hands besides me.
She then took a razor and wet soap and began shaving my privates in front of everyone! She said saying that babies didn't have pubic hair. After she finished removing every trace of my maturity and dignity she put me in a diaper and took me home. From that day one she makes me wear diapers everyday! I just want to wear my sexy clothes again! Now no one believes I'ma a grown up, I don't even have pubic hair anymore.
My life was never the same. My reputation turned upside down. I passed from being a goth, and a rocker chick to the baby girl who still gets spanked by her mom.

Alexis' Collection - Forced Stripped Naked in School and More

So my first day at my new school is pretty much why all these embarrassing stories happened to me. I was enrolled in a walking and running class that went around different neighborhoods and the teacher ran with us. But it was on Tuesdays and Thursdays and my first day I got to the school (in the middle of the school year) was on a Tuesday and I didn't know my schedule till I met with the adviser earlier that day. Walking and running wasn't the issue, I'm in okay shape it was just that all I wore was a hoodie and a bra under it because I didn't feel like getting dressed in the morning because I had a rough time the day before (don't want to explain). Anyway when I went on the run/walk I got very sweaty because I was in my hoodie. It was like high 70's that day which was fine to wear a hoodie but not for running and it was humid as well. But again sweating wasn't what got me in trouble, it was later when I had to take a shower. So at my last school everyone showered after gym but here the culture was that no one did because the weather was colder I guess? People sweated less? I guess but anyway I asked the teacher if I could shower and she said sure and showed me where they were. It was just a weird situation all together but I didn't want to keep sweating in my only clothes for the day. I hung my stuff on the hooks and put my other stuff on the long bench against the wall and walked in the shower and closed the curtain. Now the problem is this.... The showers are shared between two locker rooms, the guys and the girls. There is a wall in the middle and their are showers on either side separated by doors. So as I bet you know where this is going, a couple guys walked through the door and walked in talking loudly. I heard them say who the hell is messing with the showers and opened the curtain and looked in to see me. I screamed and covered up and cussed at them to get out. They stood longer so I walked up and pushed one of them. The other guy pulled out his phone and started taking a video. I cussed at him too and said I was going to report them and he said no you won't or they'll post the video that they were still taking everywhere. Which just pissed me off more but I figured it was best to just apologize and see if they would not be mad for pushing them. But nope.

They didn't post the video but a few days later one of them found me in the hallway and made me go to the parking lot and make out with him after school.

One day I had to go to the other guys house and he had be give him a lap dance without and pants or underwear on.

Another day they saw me at the local pool and made me stand in the deep end without any bottoms for 5 minutes. Three little kids came up to us and asked why I was showing my butt. Had to say I lost my swimsuit.

One day they made me give them my snapchat and I had to send them nudes anytime they wanted. Probably over a hundred and videos of me in the shower. Don't worry I always cussed them out when I sent videos though.

One time at school they found me after school and had me do a strip tease going completely naked in the guys bathroom. Only they saw me and no one walked in though.

A different time I they had me go running with them along a trail and I had to run completely naked and they ran away far ahead and hid my clothes. A mom and baby passed me and asked if I was alright and needed help. Had to say no and that I was pranked. She laughed and I ran away annoyed. Eventually found them, they're idiots but it wasn't hard to find.

Another day the brought another guy with them and I said no that I wasn't doing anything today. They got mad and said they'd post the video and pictures. But I was just so fed up that I said it has gone to far and for too long and threatened to go to the police. They backed off and said it's fine and that they'd leave me alone.

I moved a few months after that. But I was pestered and embarrassed for a long time at that school and that was my most embarrassing moments so far. Besides one of my friends seeing me naked in the shower when I was younger. But that wasn't that bad because I knew him very well.

Megan's Collection - Nakedness, Streaking, and Punishments

After school one day, me and my friend Taylor were talking in my room. I was going to show her my new swim suit I got. I went out in the hall to change. I had just pulled down my panties and she opened the door and looked at me. I screamed and laughed after. She took my bathing suit from the ground and then pulled my pants and panties right off of me. I walked into my room and she saw me with nothing covering the bottom half of me.

After a basketball game, me and my friend Allison went to her house. She went to shower and I waited in her bedroom. I was looking at one of her magazines. When I wasn't paying attention, she walked into the room and pulled my basketball shorts to my knees and pulled my panties down a little.

Me and Allison were at my house one day and she was sleeping over. We made a bet over who was stronger. We decided to determine the winner by whoever could do the most push ups. I lost by a lot. The loser was supposed to strip naked at the walking trail. I honored my word and we walked down there. The trail was a long path that came full circle with trees on both sides and a marshy area in the middle. No one was there when we arrived. I took everything off and gave Allison all my clothes. We walked down the trail and I could see we were half way done. I hadn't seen anyone yet. We kept walking down and we were almost at the end when we saw a young couple walking towards us. Allison told me not to cover but i did anyways. I walked by them with my head down. We got back to the parking lot and as punishment for covering myself I had to walk halfway home naked.

Me and Allison were at my house and I was washing a piece of fruit to eat. She told me to close my eyes and she would do something cool. I closed my eyes. Allison took the moveable sink head thing wiht one hand. She opened up my pants with her other hand and quickly pressed the button on the sink head and stuck it in my pants. I screamed when the cold water hit my legs. There was water everywhere in the kitchen and my pants, socks, and panties were soaking wet. I didn't want to get water everywhere so I walked downstairs and put all my wet things in the laundry. I covered up my body as best I could with my shirt on my way to my room.

One time Taylor and Emily were tickling me. They took off my shirt so they could get my armpits. I was flailing so much. Taylor unclipped my bra when I was on my stomach and told me not to move or they would see my tits. They tickled my feet the most but suddenly Allison grabbed both sides of my stomach and made me turn completely on my back. They laughed at my chest and I put my clothes on.

For my birthday I was having my three best friends sleep over my house. Taylor, Allison, and Emily. We played a game of Monopoly and I got my ass kicked. I lost in like 15 turns. I thought we were playing for fun but they decided that since I lost i get punished. They took off my pajamas and left me in my underwear and bra. They picked me up and carried me to the back yard where they took off my panties and bra. They flaunted my clothes right in front of me. Then the three of them picked me up. They carried me to the beach. It was supposed to be closed but they dragged me in anyways. They laid me belly down on the sand and hit my ass really hard a few times. They dragged me into the water Then threw my clothes in. I came back out after grabbing my clothes. They took them from me and put them down on the sand. We walked along the edge of the beach for long time and then turned around. We came back and grabbed my clothes. We walked back to my house and I put my clothes in the laundry. I was still fully nude. They laid me on the floor and smacked my ass more and said they were birthday spanks. They didn't let me put on more clothes. They instead made me lay down on my stomach again while they finished monopoly. They said every time someone gains money I had to lick the bottom of their feet. I licked everyone's feet at least twenty fives times each.

In middle school, if you finished lunch early you got to go outside on this field the school had. Me and Allison always stood by this tree and talked. I lifted my arms and held onto to one of the branches. Allison snuck up behind me and yanked my pants and panties down to my ankles where everyone in school could see my vagina. I immediately crossed my legs and sat down. I fell a little forward and she took my clothes right off. She was laughing and I wanted to cry. She said she would trade me for my clothes back. I ended up giving her my sneakers and socks for my panties and pants. I went the whole day barefoot which in middle school is embarrassing enough but add on to it that I don't know if anyone saw my pussy.

I have only a few more so i'll just post the rest now.

One time in study with Emily we made a crazy bet. We made bets often and most of the time the punishment was something really stupid. This time the loser had to get naked and stand up for at least five seconds showing both sides of our bodies. I lost the bet and offered to higher the ante. If I lost then I would do the normal punishment plus I would massage and kiss her feet (that's what I usually did when I lost a bet except only the massage part), I would walk over and throw something away naked, and I would lift my feet in the air while on the chair. She took it. I lost again. I offered her one more try. If I lost again I would do all that plus I would lick the bottom of my dirty feet after walking on the school floor and I would pour some water from my water bottle onto my tits and stay naked until it dried. She took it and I lost again. I swallowed my pride and undressed right then. I stood up and looked around to see if anyone was looking. No one was since it was a big cafeteria. I walked over and threw away a piece of paper. Still nobody had seen me. She put her sneakers on my lap and I took her shoes off her and her socks. I rubbed and kissed her feet while seeing if anyone was watching. When I finished I stuck both my feet in the air and exposed my ass and pussy to everyone. Only Emily was laughing. I brought my foot down to my face and licked all over the bottom. Emily said my face was super red. I grabbed my water bottle and poured some on my tits. The coldness made them hard and I sat like that for a few minutes before getting dressed. I don't think anyone had seen me.

Me and Allison were walking around one day. We were walking by a busy four way intersection and I grabbed Allison's pants and pulled them down. A few cars honked when they saw her blue panties. She swore vengeance. We got to my house and as I opened the door she pulled down my pants and gave me a huge wedgie. She then violently pulled down my panties and pushed me over. She hit my ass a few times and reached into my shirt and groped my boobs and ripped off my bra. She used my bra to tie my hands behind my back and she carried me into my room. She put my pussy in front of the window and she held me there for a long time.

In basketball camp, me and Allison played a one on one game. The loser was stripped naked and her clothes were put in the middle of the gym.There were only about five other kids and one counselor who was about 20. I won the game and I stripped Allison. I used her long socks to tie her hands behind her and told all the kids that she was walking naked in the gym. Everyone watched her walk fully nude and I untied her. She put her clothes on and challenged me to a rematch. Loser was tied naked to the basketball hoop. I lost. I took all my clothes off and this Time Allison used my socks to tie my hands to the basket. I had to stand on the tips of my toes to touch the ground. She called all the other girls over and even the counselor chuckled at my naked body. Allison lifted one of my legs to my head and every other girl smacked my ass.

My last and most embarrassing story here. This is the moment of truth.
At school, me and Allison were walking to our bus. She dared me to walk naked while everyone was still around. I refused and laughed. She told me to follow her to the baseball field. I went down a big hill and we arrived at the field. She dared me again to strip and she would do something for me. I agreed since no one was near us and could see us. I got fully naked and she grabbed my hands and put them behind my back. She started pushing me up the hill. I panicked and told her I would die. (We were still in middle school, seventh grade, BTW) She laughed and let me go. I ran back to put on my clothes but she picked up my panties and put them on my face. She started pushing me back up the hill. She overpowered me and we were right next to the school. No one was still outside. She took the panties off my head and threw them. One boy saw us and came up to me. He stared at me and I covered myself. Allison pulled my hands behind my back and the kid stared at my naked body. He touched my vagina and felt my tits. We walked back into the school. It was like a bad dream. A lot of kids were still here. Allison told them to not let any teachers see. Every time we passed by a room with a teacher, a wall of kids formed and kept me hidden from the teacher. My legs were trembling. Kid after kid touched my vagina but we didn't let anyone take a photo. I was really wet even though I didn't want to be. At least half of the school saw me naked. We went to the locker room and kids made me shower naked. They didn't even dry me off when we went back into the halls. We went outside to the front of the school and kids made me rub my own pussy. I will never forget watching boys faces as they saw me rub my vagina and cum right in front of them. We went back to get my clothes but they were gone. We couldn't even find my panties. I walked home for thirty minutes naked. When me and Allison got to my house, at least 50 random people had seen me naked, and half the school. I went upstairs and got new clothes on. I got Allison back but not as good.

I am actually going to tell my revenge story too real quick. This is the real last one.

A few weeks later I told Allison that I wanted her to strip naked. I reminded her of the whole IOU thing from school. She stripped naked and I used her cell phone charger to tie her hands up. We went outside and I made her walk down the block by herself. She came back and I held her down. I laid her on her stomach and used my legs to spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy in front of every car that drove by. We came inside and I untied her. I said when her parents and sister got home I would do more. They came home and I brought her into the bathroom. We wet her whole body in the shower, grabbed a towel and walked downstairs. I told her to ask her mom if she knew where the bobby pins were and then accidentally drop her towel. We came into the kitchen and her Mom, Dad, and little sister were there. She was asking her mom the question when she dropped her towel. Her mom was appalled. She said that if she was going to show herself then she would help her do it. She took the towel and harshy rubbed every part of her body until she was dry. Her mom made her stand against the wall naked. I was trying my best to keep my laughter in. Her mom invited people into the house for dinner. Allison had to stand there naked all day and then let the adults she knew see her naked. We ate dinner with her naked and afterwards she had to bend over on the table and every one saw her butt cheeks and pussy. Her mom spread her legs and showed her asshole to everyone. It was good revenge but it didn't equal what I had been through.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teen Stripped Naked in School Detention

I live in a low income town with a crappy school district. The school I have to go too is awful. The teachers are terrible and a lot of the kids are delinquents who are always misbehaving so it's hard to be good. 

I'm 16 and in 10th grade right now. A lot of boys chase after me at school because of my how I look. Girls at school are jealous of me because my boobs are bigger and my butt is tighter than theirs. I don't care. I like to flirt and dress sexy but don't like rude boys touching me or trying to go too far. 

Last week I got caught cheating on a math test and got detention for the first time ever. I didn't want to go because it's usually filled with losers but I had to or get suspended. After school I went to the classroom where I was supposed to report. As soon as I walked in I saw these 2 bullies in my class who I got in trouble for harassing me and squeezing my butt in hall. When they saw me walk in they immediately started whispering to each other and pointing at me. There were like 8 other grungy kids in there too so I sat as far away from then as possible. The teacher in charge did roll call and then like 15 minutes later he left saying he'd be back later. 

As soon as he left everyone started misbehaving throwing spit balls and making crude fart noises with their mouths and other stupid stuff like that. I just rolled my eyes and tried to ignore them. Then one of the bully boys ran to the door to stand as a look out. What I didn't notice was while he was doing that the other boy had snuck up right behind me. Suddenly I felt someone reach in and pull my panties up my butt crack giving me a huge wedgie! I was so mad I stood up and slapped him in the face telling him he was in big trouble now while pulling my panties back in place. He laughed and then said "Oh yeah?" and while I was arguing with him another boy came up behind me and grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back so I could not escape. The boy who wedgied me asked everyone in the room how many thought I was a stuck up bitch. Everyone in there raised their hands and cheered in agreement. Then he asked them how many of them wanted to see my ass! Again everyone cheered saying, "HELL YEAH!" 

Next thing I know he grabbed the waistline of my hip hugger jeans and yanked my jeans all the way down to my ankles. I screamed out in shock left standing there in only my skimpy baby blue panties on full display. Horrified I tried to get free to pull my pants up but the boy behind me would not let me go. They laughed and pulled my half wedgied panties all the way up my butt crack in back saying I had such a nice ass everyone should see it! Everyone cheered and whistled staring at me held there in my panties with most of my butt exposed. Then as if this wasn't humiliating enough he said, "Who wants to see her pussy??" All 8 scumbags in the class roared, "WE DO!!" laughing and egging him on. Horrified I was held tight as he reached in hooking his fingers into the waistline of my panties and yanked them all the way down to my ankles next! I screamed in complete humiliation bare from my stomach to my ankles as they held me securely by my arms and ankles so everyone could see my pussy. Even more humiliating I had just shaved my pussy bare to see how it felt so I had no pubic hair at all to even mask my most private area! Everyone saw every detail of my pussy and were pointing and laughing saying I looked like a little girl! Stunned and horrified I was held there with my whole bare pussy and ass on full show to everyone unable to cover even myself. They taped my arms behind me, and then wrapped tape around my jeans in between my legs so there was no way to pull my pants up even if I could get to them! 

Next they pulled my shirt and bra all the way up my body to my neck till my boobs popped out exposed. Cheering, laughing and whistling they paraded me around the class room with my boobs, ass and pussy totally exposed as I wiggled around crazy trying to get away from them. No one helped me and the teacher was no where to be found. Slapping me on the ass they let everyone get their chance to examine my bare pussy, grope my bare tits, and squeeze my naked ass cheeks. Everyone got their turn feeling me up and having their fun. They put clothes pins on my nipples and paraded me up and down each isle shaking my shoulders around making my tits and ass cheeks jiggle around for a good show. 

Once everyone got in a good groping they pushed me over a desk face down and taped my ankles and arms to the desk leg so I could not get up. In this position my ass and pussy were there to do what ever they wanted too to them. They spread my ass wide open so everyone could see my asshole and pussy and take pictures. My ass cheeks were pulled so wide open everyone could see up my butthole and inside my pussy. My bare tits were dangling over the front of the desk in full view so while my ass and pussy were being spread and abused from in back my tits and nipples were squeezed and groped from in front. Someone stuck a chalk stick up my ass and smacked my butt with a chalk board eraser causing white powder to fly everywhere no doubt coating my bare ass with chalk dust too. 

They all toyed with me all naked and humiliated for a good 30 more minutes before the kid looking out whistled and motioned to everyone that the teacher was coming. Everyone scrambled to their feet and ran out of the classroom whooping and hollering down the hallway leaving me tied to the desk stark naked and struggling in complete embarrassment with a chalk stick up my asshole for the teacher to discover. 

The shocked teacher found me like this. He saw every inch of me completely naked too while he was untaping me and apologizing over and over. Then even after he got me lose it took another few long minutes to get the wrapped tape off my jeans in-between my ankles so I could get my pants and underwear pulled back up. I had to spread my legs to do it so he saw everything in between my legs too! I was so humiliated and ashamed my face burned red for the rest of the afternoon while I was interrogated and names were gathered.

Friday, January 29, 2016

College Girl Seen Naked with Hidden Camera

Hey my name is Allie and this is my most embarrassing story. So this happened last year, I was 17 and graduated high school early to go to college for the spring semester. I moved in to the dorms on the sunday before school started up because they close it down over Christmas break. That might not sound so bad to you all but basically I had to move in to someone's dorm room and only live there for like 6 hours before I had to go to sleep and wake up early for an 8am class. Which for people not in college yet might not seem early but you'll learn later. Anyway I get there say by to my dad who dropped me off and started unpacking. The way the room was set up was I had a roommate and there was a bathroom connecting to another room and us four girls shared that bathroom. The two girls in the other room were already there and I met them and they were okay. They didn't really talk to me long. Just told me how their other roommate dropped out in the middle of the other semester and they bunked the beds to use the room as a movie room.

I also learned my roommates name was Kelly and that she was a stoner, which I didn't care as long as she didn't do it in the room. I did too at parties in high school every once and awhile so that wasn't the issue. Aparently she just was really sarcastic and edged on mean sometimes. But otherwise was fun to be around.

Her stuff was already there for the most part. Her closet was mostly empty but her bed and tv and shoes were still there. Posters and stuff on the wall. I got the top bunk, I say that because it is important for the story.

Anyway I met her and she was okay. She jokingly said she already didn't like me because she loved not having a roommate. Lol first thing she said to me was sarcasm or kinda probably was hinting at the truth. But over the next few weeks I got mad at her a few times for keeping boys in our room too late when I wanted to go to bed. The guys on our floor were nice and all but I slept half naked and it messed with my pattern if I had to sleep looking nice because I had guys possibly looking at me.

Anyway one day I got her smoking in our room and said I was going to report her and she lost it on me. Saying that I never said she couldn't and that she was here long before me and that she couldn't care less and blah blah. She left the room for awhile after she was done yelling. I wasn't actually going to report her I was just mad because I don't want my things to smell like that.

Anyway that's where my embarrassing moment started. That night she didn't come back till late, I was already in bed "asleep", she woke me up when she walked in but I was still half asleep. I heard her moving stuff around and that's the last thing I remembered before I dozed off.

The next day I heard her laughing with my suitemates in the other room and some other guys. I didn't go in and see because I still wasn't that good of friends with my suitemates at that time but I just put my makeup. As I was doing it my roommate walked up and hugged me from behind which was the first time she ever did that and said she was so sorry while laughing. I said why and she told me that she was so mad the night before that she got a mini spy camera from Brandon (a guy on our floor) and put it in the air vent and pointed it at me. So they had like an hour daylight footage of one boob that wasn't covered by a blanket and then both and then my thong when I got up. And that they already showed four guys from our floor.

Then I died of embarrassment and jumped in the river. The end. But we're still all friends now. I haven't gotten over it yet though. They still have pics of my boobs floating around campus.