Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Girl Naked in Public

My alarm clock went off at 4:30 am. I began to think about what I would be doing soon and the preparations that we had made the evening before. I was beginning to have second thoughts. How did I get myself into this I wondered. I was certain that Alan Iverson and the 76ers would win atleast 2 games of the NBA finals. If only they had, then the tables would be turned and I would have won the bet. Now I must pay off my gambling debt with my clothing and my modesty. I looked at the clock and hurried to get ready. Sunrise was at 5:48 am, that didn't leave much time. 

He came over at 5:00 am as scheduled. "Are you ready" he asked with a smile. Forcing a smile I said "I sure am". With a big grin, he sat down and looked me over from head to toe. "Take off your clothes sweethart" he commanded with a soft but sure voice. That was the first thing I had to do to satisfy my lost bet with him. 

I kicked off my shoes and slid off my socks. Then I reached up to unbutton my blouse. I hesitated for a second before sliding it past my shoulders and down my arms. Letting the blouse fall to the floor I reached to unbutton my jeans and slide them down my legs. Stepping out of my jeans I looked up at him realizing that my bra would be the next thing to come off. My cheeks turned red with embarasement as I realized that he was staring at my chest waiting for my breasts to be bared. It was even worse knowing that there was nothing I could do to stop it. I reached up to grab the clips between my breasts and un-hooked them. I had a hard time pulling the cups from my breasts so I froze as I starred at him with a panicked look in my face. He noticed that I was trembling but had no compasion. "The longer you wait, the less time you will have" he said. Realizing that he was right, I looked down and away as I slowly pulled the bra cups away from my chest exposing my bare 36C breasts to him. Quickly I slid the bra down my arms and let my bra fall to the floor. 

As I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my panties, I felt another rush of embarrassment come to my face. I pulled my panties down just far enough so the tufts of my pubic hair became visible then I paused and looked up at him again. He just smiled and said "Well let's go". I then ran my panties all the way down my legs and stepped out of them. 

"Alright I am naked" I said to him. "Good, here is the combination and I will only say it once. 15-47-28". With that, he lead me to the door as I slipped my shoes back on. I paused once more not wanting to go through with it, but I had no choice. Looking at me he said "You better not wait any longer, there is just over 30 minutes left until sunrise", then he opened the door and lead me out on to the porch. "Good luck" he said as he closed and locked the door behind me. Just then a gust of cool night air swept across the front of my naked body causing my nipples to harden. 

30 minutes I thought to myself. Yesterday, after we set up all the props, it took only 20 minutes to complete the course, but that was fully dressed. I would only have 10 minutes for hiding and taking alternate routes. 

Looking around I saw that there was nobody around so I dashed out to the street. Looking around again, I saw that the coast was clear. I ran down the street dodging in and out of whatever covering I could find. Around the corner I saw the headlights of a car coming this way so I ducked behind a parked car. When the car passed I stared again down the street. At the end of the street was a well lit arterial that I would have to cross. I wanted to wait, but time was ticking. Soon the sun would come up and the streets would be busy with cars and pedestrians. 

Armed with only the combination of a lock that I would need to open, and my white tennis shoes, I could see that there would probably never be a perfect time to cross this busy street so I waited until the last car passed and darted across the street and into the park. I heard a few honks so it was clear that some of the distant oncoming cars saw my naked body. 

I ran at full speed to the other end of the park where the parking lot was. There in the center of the parking lot was a light pole with a combination lock around the base. Attached to the lock was another key. This light was a double edge sword. On one hand I wanted the light to be off so nobody could see me, on the ther hand I needed the light to open the lock. 

I paused as I reached the edge of the parking lot. To my horror, there were two police cars parked with the officers chatting to each other so I hid in the bushes. My heart began to race as I realized the predicament I was in. At the rate I was going I could only afford a few minutes here assuming everyhing else went smoothly. Five minutes went by and still no movement by the police. My 10 minute cushion was almost gone. Then I got a brilliant idea. Back on the busy arterial, I noticed a phone booth. I could make a fake 911 call. 

I raced back through the park and stopped as I approached the arterial. Although phone both was only ten feet away it was also in plain sight of the traffic. To make things worse, there was a light on in the booth. No time to waste, I jumped in the booth picked up the phone and dialed the number. Just then I saw several cars approaching. With my naked body clearly visible, I had no choice but to stay. The phone rang and rang for what seemed like an eternity. The drivers all noticed me and slowed down to get a good look at me. What was I to do, so I just smiled and waved. There was an answer and I made up a story about a break-in at the liquor store. As I turned around to leave the phone booth, I ran into two guys out for an early morning run. They whistled as their eyes covered every inch of my body. Covering up as best I could, I ran back into the park towards the parking lot at the other end of the park. 

What ever may have been left of my ten minute cushion was for sure gone and then some. Approaching the parking lot I could see that there was nobody there. Then I thought what was the combination? After all this I forget the combination! My heart began to race once again, as I stood naked under the light, staring at the lock. 

Try to remember, I said to myself. I could now hear people coming, they were heading right this way. What do I do? I can’t afford any more time since the sun would break in just minutes then my cover of darkness would be gone and I still have to get my car and drive home, naked. I bit the bullet and frantically began to dial various combinations. No luck. Just then two couples in their 30's emerged from the trail that lead to the parking lot carrying tennis gear. They stopped as they saw me crouching at the base of the light pole fumbling with the lock. I couldn't leave since I needed the lock open in order to move on. 

They approached me and asked if I was alright. I said "everything was fine". "Can we help in any way?" one of the ladies asked. I said "I just need to open this lock and I can be on my way, I don't have time to explain". One of the women said "My father was a locksmith, I learned a few tricks in opening locks like this one". "Great" I said. "Do you think you could open this one for me"? "I’ll try" she said. I stood up to let her get at the lock. I felt so exposed as I noticed the two men look me over from head to toe. Even the other woman was taking note of my feminine charms. I felt so foolish trying to use my hands to cover up. Besides there was no way to completely cover up anyway, so I decided to just stand there with my hands to my side and let them stare at my naked body. 

Standing there, naked, exposed and under a light, the seconds seemed like hours. Then I noticed a car pulling into the parking lot. It was two guys. They immediately noticed me and began to stare. I felt naked before, now I really feel naked. They too had tennis gear, as I realized that I was standing in the parking lot next to the tennis courts. There must be a huge demand for tennis courts, that must be why so many people arrive early to avoid the crowd. This means that even more people were sure to show up and soon. 

Just then, the one woman opened the lock, freed the key and closed the key in her hand. "The price for my services is that you must give us a quick explanation as to why you are naked and trying to open this lock, and while doing so, you must model for us". Figuring that they have already seen me naked and I needed the key I agreed. While posing in many different positions, all very revealing, I explained how I lost this bet and that my payment for losing was to strip completely naked for the guy who won the bet. Then with only tennis shoes and about thirty minutes left until sunrise, I had to travel on foot to this park and unlock the key to my car. Then I had to take the key to a parking lot across a busy, and well lit street to get my car. Then once in my car I had to drive to his apartment naked. Under the floor mat in my car was a key to his apartment. At his apartment, I would get my clothes back and the key to my house. If I made it to his house before sunrise, then my bet would be paid off. If not then I will have to pay an additional penalty. 

During my little show a few more people with tennis gear arrived and stopped to watch. When she was satisfied with my explanation, she asked for one more thing. "Give me your name and number, I periodically have parties where we have fun and play games where the losers must also pay with their clothes" she said. With a smile on her face she handed me the key as she glanced down at my chest. "Good Luck" she said. By then at least a dozen people were in attendance. 

Running as fast as my bouncing boobs would allow, I came to the place near where I had to cross the busy street but still out of view of the cars. I could see my car in the parking lot but I couldn’t see a good way to cross without being seen. I had never noticed how many street lights there were. What a waste of electricity I thought. Why don’t they just turn these lights out. Just then the sun broke through. Oh no I thought, I’m stuck. Well I have to do it. By now the traffic had picked up and I couldn’t just cross anywhere, I had to use the cross walk and wait for the light. 

I came out of my hiding spot and walked over to the corner of the intersection where the pedestrian crossing signal post was and hit the cross button. I was hoping for a quick light change so I waited on the side of the road. Cars were slowing down and honking as they went by. The light still would not change for me. I thought of ducking back in my hiding spot when I saw the traffic light turn yellow. 

Usually cars will try to run a yellow light. Not this time, they all stopped. The drivers all wanted a real good look at my naked body. When my walk light came on, I raced across the street not even trying to hide myself, then through the parking lot and got in my car. 

I can’t believe it. My ordeal was almost over. The only thing left was driving to his house and getting from my car to his apartment. At least for now I could conceal my nakedness in my car. Even though, I still feel very exposed to the public. 

Pulling out into traffic, so far so good. I got through the first few intersections with no problem. Only one main intersection left and my light was green. I just wish that the car in front of me would go faster. Just then the light turned yellow. The car in front of me slowed, but then decided to go through as the light turned red. I thought about running the red light until I saw a police car turn on his lights to stop the car that was in front of me. 

There I was, the first car in the left turn lane. I felt so exposed. There was a large group of pedestrains crossing in front of my car. My heart raced as I realized that they might see me naked. I held my breath when one of them looked at me and saw that I was at least topless if not naked. He told his friends and they came around to the side to see that I was indeed fully naked. Not wanting to cause a scene, I gave them a complementary look then smiled as I waved to them. That seemed to work as they finished crossing. I waited for almost a minute longer before my light turned green. In the mean time the group of boys must have tipped off the guy in the car to the right of me since he had a big grin on his face as he was staring at my bare breasts. On the green light I went through the intersection. More pedestrians must have noticed my predicament as they smiled and waved at me. I just kept driving. 

Finally I could see his apartment. To my dismay, a few of his neighbors were out front talking. How was I going to get inside without being seen. I checked to make sure his house key was where it was supposed to be, and it was. 

Why can’t they just go inside I thought. The last thing I need is for his neighbors to see me driving around and around naked waiting for the coast to be clear. The only thing I could think to do is pull into the parking lot, sit very low and wait, so that’s what I did. 

I waited for what seemed like an eternity. My fear was that a neighbor would see my car pull up and then come over and want to visit with me. My heart was again racing. Finally it seemed like the coast was clear. I looked around again and saw nobody. I opened my car door with his apartment key in hand and looked again. Good, it looks like I am good to go. I bolted out of my car towards the main door when I heard a voice call out. Did they see me? Who was it? I didn’t stop to find out. I opened the main door only to run right in to a middle aged man who was just leaving to get in his car. We startled each other and both froze. He looked me over for a second when I just decided to keep going. I slid past him and entered the lobby. Should I take the stairs or the elevator. The stairs were at the other end and then I would have to double back to get to his unit. I decided to take the elevator instead since it was right there. 

I pushed the up button and the door opened right up. I was hoping that nobody was in it and it was empty. Good I thought. I pushed the button for the seventh floor as the doors closed. I have never seen an elevator this slow I was thinking to myself. The elevator made a sudden stop on the fourth floor. My heart began to race as the doors opened. There was nowhere to hide, what should I do. Just then a husband and wife entered the elevator absolutely stunned to see a completely naked woman on board. They looked me over as the doors shut. "Don’t even ask" was all I said as I tried to keep my composure. It was hopeless to try to cover up so I just stood there with me hands to my side. 

When the elevator reached the seventh floor the doors opened and I got out only to find three more guys waiting to get on. I hurried past them amazed at how quickly the town wakes up once the sun comes out. 

His unit was only a few doors down. I got to the door and fumbled with my key trying to get it in the lock. I was so nervous that I dropped the key. I looked around once more as I picked up the key. I don’t think anyone has noticed me. I finally got the key in the door, unlocked the door just as his neighbor opened his door and went inside slamming the door behind me. 

I leaned up with my back against the door and hands over my head as I drew a sigh of relief. All of a sudden the lights went on and everyone yelled SURPRISE! WHAT, I thought. Who are these people and where did they come from and what are they doing here? There were about seven people in all. Five guys, and two women. I have never felt so naked in my whole life. 

The guy who won the bet stepped forward clapping his hands and congratulating me on making it home. "Good job, but not good enough" he said. I did my best to cover up my nakedness. "What do you mean" I snapped. "Because you didn’t make it home before sunrise, you still owe me one more thing" he said as he handed me a razor and shaving cream. "What am I supposed to do with that?" I asked. "For your bonus penalty, you must sit on the kitchen table with your legs spread wide open while we watch you shave yourself between your legs, completely bald". " 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Teen Naked with Cousins

When I was 14 I went to stay with my cousins in the Pacific Northwest, my aunt hit some money when married my uncle and they build a large home in the forest. Whenever I visited I would usually go hiking with my cousins Jessy who was 13 and Mary who was 16. It was early summer and the weather was unusually warm there( around 85) so we went out into the forest in our shorts, tee shirts and some decent shoes for the trek. What we didn't look at was the weather, there was a local small mountain that we decided walk up, the girls were very familiar with the trail and lead the way. By the time we got the top, and were catching our breaths we could see the rapidly approaching black storm clouds. Not wasting a minute we practically jogged downhill, instead of taking the winding trail we figured we would make a short cut walking straight downhill, that’s when the downpour hit, as we jumped through some brush we slipped rolled down a ledge onto the muddy trail, other than some scraps, we were fine but we were coated with mud. By the time we returned ironically the rain had stopped. But three looked like three pigs at a party. My aunt was there at the door, clearly concerned but then overcome with the fear of dripping mud we would bring into her large house. She shooed us three into the garage and to my shock told us all to strip. 
Jess voiced her reluctance, when my aunt reminded her that she wasn't that shy around her sister, besides I was family and there was nothing evil about the male anatomy. Mary wasn't as modest as her sister and as soon as her mother told her to she kicked off her muddy shoes and shocks and pulled off her top, she pulled down her shorts and panties with one motion and then her sports bra. Mary’s all over tan revealed that she wasn't reluctant to disrobe, her underneath her mass of matted dirty curly black hair she smiled, and then as if suddenly realizing she was naked she covered her round breasts. 
My aunt growing impatient walked over to Jessy and pulled over her top, realizing she wasn't going to win this argument she gave in and began stripping. 
My Aunt then told to get into my “skins” or else she would hold me down and have Mary take my clothes off. As much as that though excited me, I didn't want to make a scene, and quickly, untied my shoes, pulled off my soaked socks, and mud caked shirt and shorts. Finally pulling down my boxers and exposing my now semi-excited manhood. By now Jessy was fully stripped, she was shorter than her sister but like her very lean with long legs, unlike Mary she had a thick patch of naturally pubic hair, that didn’t match her dyed blonde hair. Unlike her sister, her chest was just begging to bud. 
My Ant then swatted at our behinds and had us march into the laundry room, our faces and legs and arms were still very dirty and she told us to wait there. She then came back with some wet towels and had us pat ourselves down till most of the mud was off. Then she said we should shower. As we marched up stairs I noticed that Jessy wrapped herself in a towel, while Mary who was ahead of me on the stairs was literally bare assed. Jessy got in the shower first while Mary and I waited outside in the hallway, bare and leaning up against the wall, had my privates cupped while Mary her arms behind her back. We were both laughing at the strangeness of the day, and how natural our natural states had seemingly become. It was then that Mary suggested we remain that way. I had no problem. 
My Aunt walked by when we told her that we didn’t want to get dressed, she said that was fine with her and suggested since Jessy was taking so long in the shower that we just use the Jacuzzi on the porch. When Jessy opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway, my aunt ripped the towel from her, “for wasting water, you’re going to remain that way as long as they do” 
Jessy was shocked, but then again seeing as how we were all naked. There was nothing to be embarrassed about. For the next hour Mary and I relaxed in the jacuzzi, normal playful slashing however lead to some awkward touching, my hands hit against her breasts while she brushed against my ragging hard which would rise out of the foam as I jostled away from her attacks. We both realized we had to stop. By the time dinner came around, we were all comfortable in our own skin. 
The next day we decided to go hiking, this time dressed for the warm weather. If we got muddy we could easily, hose each other off before going into the house. There are some other memories, like how some waving mountain bikers, and other hikers who met us on the trail, but the week proceeded normally without clothes. Except when I watched Mary show me what the jets in the tub could do. 

Girls Stripped in School Fight

Amber and Becky weren’t friends. They also weren’t enemies, at least for a long time. Both girls found themselves in different crowds. Amber was a rock chick. She preferred black with a spot of bright colour. Becky was the opposite. She was very much an advocate of alternative fashion. Both women were hot, in their own right. 

What brought them into conflict was unknown. Whatever happened, it only led to snide remarks and the occasional glare in the corridors of Calewood University. The university wasn’t particularly strict. In fact, it was so lax it was widely considered as the option for kids who wanted to put off the realities of work and the real world for a few more years. 

Suffice to say, the authorities rarely made their presences known, and if they were visible they didn’t seem to care about the dealings of students; unless it affected the university’s annual budget. 

Neither girl was particularly intelligent or cunning. That was the key factor in what led to this crucial day’s events. 

Becky was confident in her ability to beat Amber whenever she wanted. Becky was about six feet tall, compared to Amber’s five-and-a-half feet stature. Both were slim, but Becky’s slightly tanned body leaned more towards the athletic side due to her Zumba classes. 

Becky’s shoulder-length blond hair bobbed as she walked down the university corridor. It was late in the evening and most of the students had already gone home, but there were still enough people around to complete the girl’s humiliation. 

She decided spontaneously that now was the time for her assault. She had dressed appropriately today. In her typical alternative style, she was wearing a red t-shirt with her C cup breasts underneath. All was held under a pair of blue dungarees. The country bumpkin look was hot at the moment, and she rocked it with a pair of black and white tennis shoes. She knew her clothing was difficult to take off if things got ugly. 

Amber was walking down the corridor without her friends. She had her dyed black hair with pink highlights falling to just below her shoulders, contrasting with her pale skin. She was wearing a snapback hat with a batman logo on the front. She also wore a pair of nerd glasses. 

The rest of her was attired in a black zip-up jacket with a red zip-up hoodie underneath. The red hood stuck out of the back. Underneath was the hint of a black and white striped top covering her B cup breasts. Amber wore skinny black jeans with neon coloured skeleton hands on the pockets at the back. Finally, she wore leather ankle sneakers in patches of bright colours, including blue, yellow, pink, and green. 

“Hey, b*tch, let’s finish this!” Becky shouted. 

“Huh –“ Amber tried to get out. 

Becky slammed into her, taking her into one of the few rows of lockers in the entire university. Her head cracked off the back and she was already on the defensive. Both girls latched onto each other’s hair and started pulling each other from side to side. Amber’s longer hair meant she could reduce the pain while keeping Becky close. 

Becky detached herself from Amber’s hair and let loose a wicked slap across the face, dislodging her hat and knocking her glasses askew. She attacked again and bashed her on the top of the hat, finally dislodging it and sending it to the ground. 

Amber, more in shock, dived forward and tackled Becky into the other lockers. The girls grabbed onto each other’s hair again. Amber learned from the last exchange and instantly started swinging Becky from side to side. She grabbed one strap of the dungarees for leverage. She was losing her balance as she was swung round and round, until Amber pulled Becky towards her and into the lockers again. 

She hit the lockers shoulder first and crumpled to the ground. A sharp pain shot through her shoulder. In the impromptu wrestling match, the strap had been torn off her shoulder and was now hanging uselessly from her waist. The right side of her dungarees had fallen down slightly to reveal more of her red t-shirt. 

Becky was dazed and was taken back to her feet with a groan by Amber. 

“You wanna mess with me, b*tch? What’s your fucking problem?” she yelled. 

Becky could only groan in return. 

“Stupid b*tch!” 

Amber threw Becky across the floor, where she crawled on her hands and knees, trying to get her bearings back after her first attack failed miserably. By now some students had already gathered and were cheering the girls on. Neither was paying attention to the crowd, which mainly consisted of girls from their classes. 

She breathed heavily as she attempted to get back to her feet. Amber wasn’t far behind, though, and she grabbed her by the back of her dungarees and pulled her back. Becky was ready this time, however. She lashed out and caught her across the side of the jaw, sending her backwards to the ground. 

The blow sent a sharp shooting pain through her jaw. The lapse in the conflict allowed Becky to see her ruined dungarees for the first time. 

“You b*tch. Let’s see how you like it when you lose your clothes!” 

As if to emphasise her point, Becky started to grab the red hood and used it to pull Amber back up. The hood was over her head covering her vision. Her upper body attire had been drawn upwards to show off a multi coloured belt holding her jeans up. She could hear Amber’s muffled cries as she was back on her feet again. 

Becky started to smash Amber in the back of her head with a clumsy fist. Amber’s knees started to buckle and she drifted back towards the ground again. She was starting to whimper and her resistance was collapsing. It seemed as though Becky’s anger about her ripped dungarees had paid off and now she could take her revenge. 

“Who wants to see what this b*tch wears under her clothes?” Becky asked the group of students watching the fight. 

The group shouted their response. 

“Looks like you’re getting hot, Amber, let me help you with that.” 

She started to go to work. Bending over, she turned Amber over onto her back and swept the zip of her black top downwards, revealing the thicker red hoodie underneath. She didn’t resist as Becky sat her up and took the top away from her shoulders. The crowd cheered as Becky tossed it into the crowd, where one girl grabbed it gratefully and put it into her bag. 

Amber didn’t seem to expect the fight to take this turn, and she now started to stir. She rolled over onto her hands and knees again and attempted to get back up. Her enemy wasn’t going to allow this, though, and she grabbed her hood. The hood was still stuck over her head. 

“Here, I’ll give you a hand,” Becky crowed. 

She took Amber up again and viciously slapped her across the face. Amber yelped as she was thrown backwards with the force of the hit. Her cheeks were already tender from the beating they’d received. 

Becky got ready to strike again. With Amber just turning around to face her again, she reached for the front of the red zip-up hoodie and latched onto both sides at the top. With a mighty pull, she ripped at the hoodie and the zip yelled in anguish as it was forced downwards to reveal the black and white shirt, with horizontal stripes. The shirt’s material was practically like tracing paper and the clear outline of Amber’s black tank top could be seen underneath, with her black bra straps clearly visible two layers beneath. 

The zip was down to about half way and Amber started to fight back in the only way she knew how. With vengeance on her mind, she grabbed the front of Becky’s dungarees and started to pull at the strong fabric. It wasn’t going to rip, but it was placing strain on the remaining shoulder strap. It still held strong, though. The same couldn’t be said for Amber’s zip, which had given up fighting ages ago. It fell out of its perch immediately and hit the floor as the zip separated and she felt suddenly vulnerable. 

Amber let go of Becky’s clothes to try to save her own hoodie, but it had been ruined. 

“You fucking b*tch. Let’s see how you like your clothes being ruined,” Amber hissed. 

Becky went back on the offensive, though, and grabbed a handful of the fabric. She had grabbed it from the side, so Amber was forced to follow her. 

“Oh, fine, take it if you want it so much,” Amber screeched as she allowed the already falling hoodie to be taken off her. 

She was left in the short black and white t-shirt. The sleeves were extremely short and barely covered the curve of her shoulder. It came to just above her beltline, but the tank top covered up any potential for skin being shown. 

Becky tossed the clothing into the crowd, although the person who took it would later be disappointed at the lack of a zip. Amber was losing badly and she knew it. She needed to do something or she’d be stripped in front of the entire class. 

Amber changed her tactic and went straight for Becky’s clothes. Her plan worked. As she grabbed the other side of Becky’s dungarees, the girl switched to defending herself rather than striking back. Amber pulled back on the shoulder strap of the dungarees. Instead of snapping it, Becky attempted to move away and Amber ripped it down her arm. Now the top half of her dungarees was hanging at her waist, and everyone could see her red t-shirt, with her breasts clearly outlined under the tight fabric. 

The crowd didn’t seem fussed who won. They were happy whoever happened to be winning. 

Amber didn’t stop to brag about her brief victory. She pushed Becky down to the ground. Becky attempted to scramble away, but Amber grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her back. As her leg was in the air, she used the other to try and kick away Amber’s grip. In the exchange, the bottom of her dungarees had fallen upwards to give the crowd a look at her legs up to her calves. 

Her kicking was working and Amber’s grip slipped, but her enemy managed to grab the hem of the outfit. The light pull on her dungarees made Becky take notice and she instantly started to pull them up from her waist, even though there was no real danger. 

“No, no, no…” 

“If you wanna fight you better be prepared to get naked.” 

“Fuck you!” she yelled back, as she finally managed to get some distance between her and Amber. 

Becky knew things were starting to get out of control. She was thankful her clothing could stand up to some punishment. She was back on her feet again. Her heart was racing as she momentarily lost control of the situation. 

Amber felt a push in the small of her back as the crowd gave her some light encouragement to get into the fight. She did so gladly and made the first move towards Becky again. For the first time, Becky felt a shred of doubt. She realised she was going to have to show some of her most intimate areas if the fight went wrong again. 

Becky threw out a slap. It missed pathetically as Amber marched onwards. Another slap and it completely missed. Amber countered with a hit of her own and the edge of her knuckle collided with her mouth. The shot sent her back a little bit. Amber started to whack the blond in the side of the head. The teen tried to cover up, but the hits were still getting through. 

She grabbed the neck of her red t-shirt with both hands and launched her to the ground. The girl hit the floor hard, sending shockwaves through her entire body. 

“Looks like we’ll be seeing what’s under your clothes,” Amber replied to Becky’s earlier comment. 

Becky could only moan as her bones still shook and her joints vibrated uncontrollably. Amber wrapped her hands on the hems of her dungarees again. This time she had the iron grip she was looking for. Twisting the denim around her fists, she pulled. The dungarees definitely started to release their grip, but they were originally high up on her body, so the first pulls revealed nothing. 

It gave Becky her chance to stir. She started to yell as she felt the tugs on her pants. This wasn’t what she signed up for. This wasn’t what she intended. Her fingers felt frantically for something to grab onto as her body was pulled along. They briefly found the holes in one of the lockers and she clung on, the metal cutting into her bare skin. As she stretched, the first sign of her forbidden bronzed skin could be seen. The t-shirt rose up slightly to show off her waistline. The dungarees were down to her upper waistline now. No panties could be seen, but it was clear they were close. 

The pants were getting harder to pull down. Becky had given up on the locker and was now holding her pants in place with both hands. Amber wasn’t going to be able to get them down further like this. 

She changed tack and let go of the dungarees. If Becky thought this was over she was wrong. Amber dived on top of her and started to slap and punch her around the head. More out of anger than anything else, she smashed the girl’s head off the thin metalled lockers. It dazed her again. 

This time, Amber wasn’t going to take any chances. She stood up and placed one hand in either side of the dungarees and pulled as hard as she could. The first thing the crowd saw was a pair of dark green and black panties in a striped pattern. A section of bronzed thigh could be seen. Another pull and they were rolled down to just above her knees. 

Becky waggled her arms in the air fruitlessly. When her hands next came down to keep her dungarees up, they met a different type of fabric, and the feeling of her flawless skin. She was really being exposed in front of the entire university. Her screams were drowned out by the wolf whistles of the crowd. 

Amber enjoyed it immensely as she stripped the remains of the dungarees down to her ankles, where they came off despite her tennis shoes in place. She waved the garment around and it became the first item of Becky’s clothing to find its way into the crowd. 

Becky desperately tried to pull her t-shirt down to cover her cute underwear up. It was too short, though, and she was forced to accept the shirt was going to settle on her belly button. Both her ass cheeks poked out from the sides. 

She couldn’t believe what had happened. Amber hadn’t revealed anything special, and her plan had fallen down embarrassingly. She hadn’t taken into account her own potential humiliation. 

“Nice undies. Looks like you’ve been in some of the stores I’ve been to.” 

Becky‘s cheeks turned a shade darker. 

“Got nothing to say now? Shouldn’t start things you can’t finish. You deserve everything you get.” 

She was too embarrassed to reply as she gingerly got to her feet. She looked remarkably comical in a pair of tennis shoes without her pants. The cold air reminded her of this each and every second. 

Amber was on the verge of laughing at her. The pantsed teen ignored this. Amber dived towards her again, ready to finish the job. Becky just managed to get out of the way. Amber charged again and missed. It was like she was getting faster with each and every attack. Another charge, another miss. Amber was getting annoyed. On the next charge, Becky saw her chance and swivelled to the side. Before Amber could stop herself, Becky grabbed her by the back of the belt and threw her into the lockers. 

The crowd collectively breathed in with sympathetic looks on their faces. Amber was crunched up on the ground not sure where she was. Many thought she was concussed, until she started whimpering. Becky even stood for a moment to admire her handiwork. 

Taking her advantage, she the prone girl’s legs and pulled her into the centre of the floor on her stomach. She was going to return the favour and show her what humiliation was like. Becky turned her over like she was on a spit roast. The eyes of the flawed girl looked at the ceiling, barely registering where she was. 

“You want some more panties?” Becky jeered up the crowd. 

They responded in the predictable manner. 

Becky kneeled down on Amber’s thighs with her legs on either side. She undid the belt’s clasp. The waistband of the jeans sighed as they loosened and left some visible space between her clothing and body. She unlooped the belt and tossed it behind her; again someone from the crowd took it away from them. 

Amber had barely shown signs of life since her collision. Becky was enjoying this immensely. She unlatched the shiny silver button on the front of her jeans and pulled both sides apart to give herself her first view of Amber’s panties. They were lacy and black. She would regret the amount of ass they showed at the back. A hot addition to someone who normally didn’t care too much about rocking a sexy look. 

She didn’t spend any time messing around. She got up and started to unlace her multi coloured sneakers. They both came off relatively quickly and left her in a pair of black socks. Becky descended back on her jeans as Amber started to wake up again. The jeans came down quickly and revealed two bare, pale legs; and for good measure she took the socks with her. Becky had her revenge and she was back on top again. Her plan was getting closer to success, even if she did have to take some hits on the way. 

By the time Amber closed back in on where she was, she could feel the cold as her hands instinctively reached for her waistband and hit skin. The damage had been done. Nobody in university had ever seen her underwear before. 

“Where the fuck are my clothes?” she screamed spotting her two skinny, pale legs. 

Becky snickered and giggled, “Gone.” 

“You fucking b*tch!” Amber screamed as she got back to her feet and pathetically tried to cover the front and back with her hands. 

Amber’s tank top at least came down to cover the top of her underwear, but it didn’t make her feel any less embarrassed. The crowd were laughing and cheering as they watched the two girls circle each other in their underwear. 

One girl from the group was laughing the loudest. Amber’s anger got the better of her and she broke off to get up in her face. 

“You think this is funny?” Amber yelled. 

“What’s your problem?” the girl replied taken aback.

She was slightly smaller than even Amber and wore a brown spaghetti top. Her white skirt came up to just above her knees and she was wearing white flat shoes. She had straight, shoulder-length black hair and sported thick black eyeliner. She was part Latino but could only grow B cup breasts. 

“Don’t get in my business or I’ll strip you down.” 

The girl, named Elisa, curled her lip upwards and slapped Amber straight across the face. Becky was shocked. She wasn’t really friends with Elisa, but she wasn’t going to turn down the help. 

Amber was trying to fight back, but the fresh Elisa was clearly winning as she slapped her in the side and on the back of the head, driving her back. The onlookers roared in approval. 

Becky soon followed Elisa by grabbing Amber by the back of her white and black striped top and throwing her into the wall. Both girls began stomping her into the ground. Amber had covered up and was currently curled into a ball. 

Elisa picked up Amber from her ball and twisted one of her arms painfully around her back. With Becky standing in front and Elisa standing behind, Amber knew she was trapped and she had made a big mistake. 

“You think you’re so tough now, huh?” Elisa said from behind. “You think you’re so tough? Now you’re gonna lose your clothes. How’d you like that?” 

To make her point, the Latino gave her arm an extra twist to make her cry out in pain. Becky grabbed the top of Amber’s black and white top. It was as thin as tracing paper, so everyone could see what was underneath. As expected, it was fragile. Becky dug her nails in, as Amber tried to kick her, and tore it down the middle. It came apart easily all the way down to the bottom. As the front of the fabric tore in two, Elisa pushed her forward and took it off her like a jacket. 

Amber was down to a tank top with the two black bra straps sticking out. The tank top left her with ample cleavage, but the students couldn’t get a good look as Amber was now stuck on her stomach with her face kissing the dirty floor. With one garment remaining, there could be no more defeats or the war would be over. 

Elisa gave her no more time to think as she brought her back to her feet again in the same position. The dishevelled Amber had her opening. Elisa hadn’t secured her arms and just had an arm around her neck. 

Before Becky could act, Amber elbowed Elisa in the side of the cheek. She squealed as the point of her elbow collided with her face. She let her go and had to use a protrusion in the wall to hold herself up. The column couldn’t stop her world from spinning, though. She was out of the fight. 

Becky moved forward recklessly and caught a straight punch on the jaw. She crumpled to the ground. If Elisa hadn’t been involved Becky would have been defeated. Amber knew she had to make it a fair fight again, however. The Latino was too fresh for her to fight them both off for long. 

Satisfied Becky was out for a while, Amber ignored her state of undress and stalked the groaning Elisa from behind. Kneeling down, she grabbed the bottom of Elisa’s white skirt and tore it down to her ankles. 

She screamed as her skimpy black thong came into view. It left practically nothing to the imagination as her large ass appeared on full show. Her exotic skin was a complete contrast to Amber’s pale skin. Elisa fell to the ground, landing on her shoulder and attempted to scramble away on her hands and knees. 

Amber took the skirt completely off her feet, taking the white shoes with it. She started to slap her on the behind with the skirt repeatedly. The tight cheeks barely reacted to the whipping blows. 

“You shouldn’t have got involved,” Amber said. “This is what you get when you try to get involved.” 

She dealt Elisa another hammering blow to the back and threw her skirt into the crowd. Elisa’s body crashed back to the ground. On her stomach, Amber continued to beat on her back. She still hadn’t recovered from the elbow and couldn’t fight back. The almost stripped teen wasted no more time and grabbed a handful of the brown spaghetti top. It slipped over her head with ease to leave her in a matching black bra, which was almost as skimpy as the thong. 

As a final humiliation, Amber picked Elisa back up and tossed her through the crowd and out the other side to stumble away. The exotic beauty had been defeated and wouldn’t show her face around the university again for weeks, but would remember her total humiliation forever. 

Becky was starting to stir again. Amber’s head snapped back and she realised she needed to end this now. She was getting tired. 

Amber grabbed the red t-shirt and started to peel it upwards. There was no resistance until the shirt had reached the bottom of her breasts. Her slightly tanned skin showing she didn’t wear fake tan, Becky awoke and instantly started to panic. The shirt went above the cups of her bra to reveal her C cup breasts underneath her bright green bra. 

She was too late. Her strength had failed and Amber ripped the t-shirt over her head and off. Becky was in her bra and panties and a pair of black and white tennis shoes. She had been defeated. 

Her classmates cheered and Amber knew she’d won. To add another injury, Amber turned the weeping girl onto her stomach and started to spank her on both cheeks. Her breasts dangled seductively, giving the students a show. Practically every student was taking a video now. 

“Becky,” Amber whispered so only she could hear her. “If you ever try this crap again I’ll leave you naked. Now get out of my corridor or I’ll show everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.” 

Becky crawled, then stumbled, back down the corridor minus her clothing. The male students made sure they felt as much of her as they could before she fled. With the action over and done with, the crowd went their separate ways. Amber would have to go back to her dorm for some new clothes, but it wouldn’t be a walk of shame. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Teen Girl Pantsed With No Panties

Okay so my name is Christy, I'm 19, it happened to me when I was 15 and this is my most embarrassing moment.

So I was over at a friends house around 5 o'clock. We were bored just watching Cloverfield and talking about random stuff and after the movie was over. Claire suggested we go swimming in her pool outside. Now by this time it was probably almost 7 p.m. and we live in Missouri. In the Fall, Missouri gets cold at night!! So I was completely against it but Claire, Morgan, and Claire's little brother convinced me.

One problem was that none of us besides Claire and her brother had swimsuits. And Claire's extra bikini's well lets just say they were too big for me. I was only like an A cup back then but anyway so I just decided to were my black gym short shorts and the bra I was wearing.

So the pool was actually kinda fun surprisingly. Came back in like 45 minutes later and wrapped up in blankets. I also put my shirt back on after awhile too even though Claire and Morgan were still in their bikinis. I just got tired of Jarett looking at us (her 13 year old brother).

About 10 minutes after we got inside we all started arguing over what movie to watch. Me and Claire were standing close to the tv looking at all the options and Morgan and Jarett were sitting on the couch yelling at us to move so they could see. Like after a minute of arguing and walked over to wear Jarett was sitting and yelled sucks to be you but we're all older and we get to choose! Right after I said that he right out and yanked down my short shorts exposing my ass to Claire and my vagina to Jarett and Morgan.

I immediately pulled them back up and sat down on the couch while they all laugh hysterically. I guess it was somewhat my fault that I didn't put my undies back on when I got inside after I stopped drying off. But it was still really really embarrassing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sister Seen Naked In Shower By Brother

Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm 17 and this is my most embarrassing story.

Okay so last weekend my parents were out of town and I was told I need to go get groceries and babysit my brother and they'd give me $30. The going to the store part was fine but the babysitting my brother part sucked cause he is annoying as hell. Friday night after my parents were gone I had my boyfriend over to watch a movie. The problem with that was 1 I'm not supposed to have a boyfriend over when my parents are gone and 2 my little brother knows that. So after he left that night he was bugging me and telling me about how he was going to tell on me. But eventually I got him to promise that he wouldn't if I let his two best friends spend the night.

I actually used to like his friends a lot because one of them always carried gobstoppers with him and gave me all the cherries. But that would soon change. Anyway I didn't have a problem with them all night it was the next morning where things got awful. My mistake was that I woke up at like 4 a.m. because I was really thirsty and went downstairs to get some gateraid and when I came back up to my room I accidentally left the door unlocked.

Now this isn't my fault but I have a bathroom connected to my room but the door connecting it doesn't close and locking it doesn't keep it closed either. But normally that doesn't matter because I can just lock the door to my room and everything would be fine. Except for the fact again that I forgot to lock it before I went back to bed.

Anyway I woke up again probably around 8:30 or 8:45. I'm used to getting up for work so its like impossible to automatically sleep in. And I always just feel like getting up anyway so I gotta out of bed, started the hot water in the shower, took off the t-shirt and undies I was wearing, and got in. And it wasn't maybe two minutes later, I was just finishing rinsing out the conditioner from my hair and rubbing my eyes when I looked to my left and saw my brother and one of his friends right behind him.

After I saw them I was so startled I didn't say anything for a second and my brother who I guess was just waiting for me to finish my hair (how lucky of me) was completely oblivious to the fact that I was completely naked with my boobs and all hanging out with just a glass shower door in the way. I don't know how long they were there but he just waited till I noticed him and was like, "Hey, can you come make us pancakes and stuff when you're done?"

After that I was just mad and I immediately covered up and was like, "NO! Get the fuck out now!" Which got him upset (he's 9 by the way) and he told me not to cuss at him cause I see him in the shower sometimes too when I have to go get more toilet paper. So I just kept yelling at them to leave when the third one came running in with an iPhone in his hand (yeah he's definitely a spoiled brat if he's 9 and has a phone) and was like "Woah!" and held up his phone and started video tapping. My brother, still not caring that I was naked, was getting more and more mad that I was yelling at him finally just ripped the door open and started pulling on my arm to get me out and yelled at the friend not video tapping to help him. So the other friend came in from the other end getting himself all wet cause the shower was still on and was pushing on my ass to get me out. While all this time I'm yelling and fight them to get out and that other kid was still video tapping.

When they eventually pulled me out I rushed for a towel and wrapped myself in it while I was still people herded downstairs to the kitchen. After that they got me to make them pancakes and sausage. Even while they were eating that one kid was still on his phone video tapping. I couldn't do anything or they said they'd get someone to post it on facebook. When they were done eating they let me go put on actual clothes.

Later that day after they left, I locked my brother in a dark closet for 5 minutes as revenge. It would've been longer but he was banging on it the entire time and I didn't want him to break it.

Anyway well that's my most embarrassing story.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stripped Naked By Friend's Sister

When I was in my early teens I was at my friends house and his older sister and 3 of her friends were there. My friend and his sister got into an argument over who got use of the TV in the den it turned into a full shoving match. At one point she shoved him, knocking back over onto the couch. He was embarrassed so he jumped up and unexpectedly yanked her pants down! She was wearing these funny Winnie the Poo panties and we all laughed. We were all making jokes about it. I couldn’t help it, the look on her face was just priceless. I piped in making a bunch of jokes about it too. Well I guess I said too much because his sister got really mad, not at him but at me! She screamed that it wasn’t funny and tackled me! My friend and the girls watched as she pummeled me. In the tussle she managed to pull my shirt and eventually my shorts off, leaving me in my briefs and shoes only! I felt so embarrassed. Everyone was laughing at me, even my friend! The girls tossed my clothes back and forth while I ran around trying to get them. As if this wasn’t bad enough as I was reaching out trying to catch my clothes his sister snuck up behind me and yanked my fruit-of-the-looms down to my ankles exposing my wiener to everyone! I bent down trying to get them back up but she stepped on them. I struggled trying to get them back up basically nude in front of everyone. Everyone was laughing at me, and eventually instead of letting me get them back up she took them away from me too leaving me crouched down on the middle of the floor buck naked huddled up in ball as the girls shove me and taunted me. 

Suddenly their mom came in to see what the commotion was all about and scolded all of us, including me! She told me to get dressed and go home. She made the girls go home too, but she acted like I had also done something wrong. I was so embarrassed! 

Naked Sister Games

My sister and I used to play a game when I was 13 and she 15. It was always when we were alone like late at night, or when our parents were out. She’d have me pretend I was a captured spy and she was the interrogator. She would say she needed to search me and then proceed to slowly strip me one piece of clothing at a time. Once in my underwear only she’d tie my hands behind my back and then order me to hand over the “secret tapes” or she would have to torture me. I of course always refused to cooperate knowing what would come next. She’d say, “Well I’ll just have to search for them myself then. Maybe you have them in here”, reaching down into my underwear feeling my dick and balls moving her hand around and pulling on my shaft now and again. She’d reach under my balls and squeeze my ass too. She would just generally grope me till I was hard as a rock. She seemed fascinated with my dick. Once erect she’d pull my underwear down and off and tie me with my shaft waving around in the air to a big chair we had in the den with my legs spread apart. She’d then usually gag me. She’d tie me down so well I could not get lose even if I really wanted too (not that I really wanted too anyway!). I’d “mmmphfff” through my gag and struggle playing the part but she'd always get her way of course. She’d tickle and slap my rock hard shaft, yank on it, stroke it and touch it till I was near orgasm. She always would stop right before and not let me come! She’d do it for what felt like hours sometimes. She’d keep me that way slowly stroking me telling me I had to confess or else. Finally after making me beg for it, flexing in my chair, she would finally let me come shooting my load like a gusher through the air, and sometimes all over me if she felt like it and pointed it back at me. One time she took out a buzzing silver egg looking thing that had a cord (later I found out it was a vibrator!) and held it on my anus while stroking me with baby oil till I came with a gut wrenching orgasm. We called the game Persuasion. It was so bad of us but yet still remains some of my most memorable sexual memories.