Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Airport Nude Strip Search - Part 2

"Stand up straight and put your hands on top of your head" came the voice again. "Officer Johnson is going to check your breasts to ensure nothing is hidden there." 

This was getting worse and worse; not only was she totally naked in front of these people; now she was going to be touched and there was nothing she could do. Gillian felt so powerless; yet her hands were on her head and her fingers interlocked to ensure they did not slip inadvertently. Officer Johnson came up to her side so quietly that she did not hear him and she jumped as he touched her. His touch was gentle but firm as he felt the contours of each breast and then lifted them one by one to the limit of their upward travel. Gillian had always been slightly embarrassed about her breasts. Not only were they decidedly on the large side of normal, her nipples were of the inverted type and when relaxed they offered no particular profile; however, when erect they exhibited very long and stiff teats and they were very easily excited. Indeed, on reflection, it was tantamount to a miracle that the situation in which she found herself, naked in a chilly room in front of two strangers, had not already caused the reaction, and now with her breasts being minutely and indeed manually examined, the effect was highly noticeable; she was becoming more and more erect and there was nothing she could do to stop both officers being fully aware of her apparent arousal. The examination concluded as suddenly as it had begun and without being told, Gillian again placed her hands at her sides. 

"Nearly through now, Miss," said a kindly male voice. Officer Johnson had spoken for the first time since he had come into the room, but almost before the words were spoken the sharp voice of the woman cut in: 

"Lay on your back on the table, spread your legs as far apart as possible and using the tips of your fingers expose in sequence each fold of flesh to Officer Johnson so that he can confirm the absence of contraband." 

This was too much for Gillian and she exclaimed "No" in a haunted scared voice which also seemed to echo around the room, but one look was enough to confirm that the choice was to expose the innermost secret parts of her anatomy herself, or to have Officer Johnson do it for her. She almost felt it would be less invasive if he were to perform the function; at least it would not be she who was actually exposing herself, but even at this point she still had some vestiges of modesty and she could not bring herself to accept another's hands touching that most intimate part of her being. 

Slowly she moved to the table and turned to face Officer Johnson for the first time. By so doing she was also facing the door through which she had entered, as it seemed, so long ago. The temptation to run was only arrested by the knowledge that there were a multitude of people, normal, fully clothed people, out there and by the fact that there was no handle on the door. Gillian lifted herself up onto the steel surface of the table and breathed in sharply as the cold metal touched her thighs for the first time. She eased herself backwards along its length and when she judged that she had gone far enough lay back onto this metal 'bed'. She lay there for a few moments accustoming herself to the cold hardness beneath her and then she began to open her legs. She had only ever had one lover and everything she and George had done had been accomplished under the sheets with the light off. Even her doctor covered as much as possible when she attended for the essential examinations required of the female sex, and of course her doctor was a woman. Now for the first time ever she was spreading her legs for a man under bright lights without even her pubic hair to cover her. How she cursed her lifelong friend Jennifer who had suggested the razor as an aid to cleanliness and the avoidance of embarrassment when wearing swimwear. Avoidance of embarrassment, how ironic! 

She had opened herself as far as possible and now she was required to open her most secret place and reveal its secrets to Officer Johnson. Her legs seemed immobile, fixed in this faintly ridiculous position and as her fingers parted her lips to reveal clitoris and vagina, they too seemed frozen into immobility. Just as she was exposed to the greatest possible extent, the unthinkable happened, the door opened, the very door she had been thinking about moments, or was it hours, and a burly man stepped into the room. He nodded to officer Johnson and walked over to the woman to whisper something to her, but from Gillian's point of view the only thing which drew her attention was the door itself. Here she was with open legs and everything exposed to the gaze of anyone who looked her way. The door had been left fully open! 

Gillian couldn't move, she couldn't speak, her throat was dry and her muscles in spasm shocked not only into silence but also immobility all she could do was watch as more and more people became aware of the naked brazen young woman who seemed intent on showing all she had, to everyone. Eventually the noise of the comments being made outside caused Officer Johnson to realize the position and to shut the door. In reality he should have reacted more quickly, but in common with the observers outside, his attention had been firmly fixed on the beautiful young woman on the table and more specifically on those parts of herself which she was displaying so openly. 

The shutting of the door had two effects. Firstly, Gillian regained the use of her limbs, whereupon she removed her hands and closed her legs rapidly, and shortly afterwards began to weep softly to herself. Secondly, Gillian was handed back her clothes and told to dress, that her baggage would be returned immediately and that she was free to go. Gillian did not need to be told twice and without any hesitation she pulled on her skirt and blouse and put on her shoes. As she slipped on the second of the pair, a fourth officer came into the room carrying her bags. Gillian took them without a word and departed immediately as Officer Johnson opened the door for her to go. 

The walk through the arrivals hall was torture for Gillian as it seemed that everyone was looking at her and pointing her out as the woman on the table with her legs apart. In fact this was not the case at all, her face had been largely obscured by her ample bosom and, in any case, the attention of most of the onlookers had been focused at a somewhat lower level. 

Gillian walked on looking for a driver with a card on which would be her name, but none was to be found. Gillian walked out of the airport and stepped into a cab giving the address of her next appointment as the destination, because she was now very late for her appointment and the hotel could be found later. Tardiness was never wise when meeting people of the background of her contacts and tardy she certainly was, despite her every effort to organize the trip properly. 

Airport Nude Strip Search - Part 1

The Airbus landed smoothly with only the slightest bump and taxied along the interminable peri track towards the terminal building. It had been a long flight and Gillian Grey was pleased it was coming to an end. Her appointment was some four hours hence and she was looking forward to a shower and a rest before she had to dress and find a taxi. 

The plane slowed and eventually came to rest, and immediately there was a mad scramble with people pushing and crowding, collecting their belongings from the overhead lockers and from under the seats, ready to rush clear of the aircraft and into the baggage hall. Gillian sat quietly in her window seat and waited. There seemed no point in joining the throng and she wondered if so many people could really be traveling long haul with only hand baggage, for that seemed to be the only reason to try to beat the crowd. Surely if there were cases to collect, they would all meet again in the hall to await their luggage, and anyway she hated crowds pushing and shoving. Apart from the unpleasantness of being so close to so many strangers, she always seemed to be the one to get pinched or groped in such circumstances; so she sat and waited. 

The doors were opened in due course and the throng almost charged down the corridor with almost everyone following the 'Baggage Collection' signs. Gillian was almost the last person to leave the plane, and as she walked sedately after the crowd she smiled at her good sense. Collecting a trolley on route, Gillian arrived at belt number 3 just as it began to move and within five minutes she was walking towards customs and the arrivals hall. She turned automatically down the green channel and was just wondering how she would identify her driver when the lone customs officer motioned her over to the table. Gillian was not an experienced traveler and apart from a brief check over at the x-ray machine on a previous flight she had never had any contact with the airport officials. 

The lady customs officer politely asked if she could examine the contents of Gillian's luggage and the two cases were lifted onto the steel topped table provided for the purpose. Gillian was shortly feeling very embarrassed as the contents of her bags were spread out on public display, especially as while the officer was examining her carefully sealed bag of washing, a crowd of adolescent boys passing by were treated to a comprehensive look at her underwear. The effect was made still more complicated by the fact that she was now acutely aware of her own current lack of undergarments, a decision she had made that morning while dressing when she found that her stock of clean clothing was seriously diminished leaving her with Hobson's choice in terms of her outer clothing and only a marginally more generous one in terms of underwear, i.e. to chose day old panties and bra, or to go without. She had chosen the latter because on a long flight it is only natural to perspire when sitting still for a very prolonged period, and being scrupulously clean in her personal habits Gillian did not want to risk the embarrassment of any possibility of body odor in the confined space on the plane. She was therefore standing with her most intimate apparel on public display dressed in a skirt which was far too short for comfort and a blouse which, although perfectly opaque, did little to hide her braless state from passers by. 

The customs officer seemed to be taking an extraordinarily long time to check her cases and she wondered what could be the cause. The officer then looked up at Gillian and asked her to come into another room. Gillian was pleased to comply with the request, not least because her personal effects would no longer be exhibited to all and sundry. She followed the officer and was led through an unmarked door to the side of the customs hall. The door led into a small room in which there was another steel table bolted to the floor and a large mirror on the wall. There were no other furnishings of any sort. The officer left Gillian standing in the room while she left the room through another door set beside the mirror. Some considerable time passed and during that time Gillian walked round the room noting with some surprise that there was no handle on the door through which she had entered. She fixed her hair as best she could using her hands and looking in the mirror (the officer had taken her handbag along with the other luggage) and eventually sat up on the table looking at herself in the mirror and swinging her legs in time with some tune she had picked up on the plane and which she just could not get out of her head. 

The door opened suddenly and the officer returned to the room. Abruptly she said that she had reason to believe that Gillian was in possession of illegal substances and that she would be required to undergo a search in order to establish the facts of the matter. Gillian immediately and loudly exclaimed her innocence, but this had no effect what so ever. The officer explained that the search would require all body cavities to be examined and that if she wished it was her right to insist that a doctor be called to carry out the search. However, the officer warned, such a course of action would lead to a delay of at least eight hours during which she would be required to remain in the search room in case she were considering disposal of the contraband. A bucket would be provided for any necessary bodily functions. How bad can it be thought Gillian, she had experienced embarrassment far worse than one woman could inflict in the past and although she had thought all such experiences were now well and truly behind her, in view of her business schedule and the people she was due to meet, she decided that such a delay would be intolerable, so she agreed to a search there and then. 

"Very well," said the officer, "please do exactly as I say. Remove precisely the article of clothing I specify when I tell you and hand it to me colleague for checking. At all times stay exactly where you are behind the red line on the floor. Your feet are not to cross the line under any circumstances what so ever. Is that understood?" 

Colleague what colleague? Nothing had been said about a colleague thought Gillian and as she thought it the colleague appeared through the same door she herself had entered by shortly before. Two things impressed themselves on her mind. Firstly that normality was just inches away and secondly that the colleague was a man. Was she seriously expected to undress in front of two complete strangers? Looking at the face of her accuser the expression left no room for doubt. Yes, that was exactly what was expected of her and she herself had agreed to the procedure. Gillian made a vow to herself at that moment; this may not be the first time she had been naked in front of strangers, but it was sure as hell going to be the last! 

"Officer Johnson is currently on secondment to the customs service here at the airport and he is required to learn as much as possible in a very short time. I will therefore be issuing the instructions and recording the results and Officer Johnson will be performing the search." 

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Gillian was so shocked by this latest blow that her voice failed her and her reply was nothing more than a squeak. 

"Very well," continued the lady officer, "please remove your right shoe only and pass it to Officer Johnson. 

Gillian did so. Her heels were not high by any standards, but the lack of a shoe unbalanced her and she put her right foot down touching the cold concrete floor. Again an involuntary squeak escaped her lips. 

"Thank you," said the officer. "Now the left, please." 

Again Gillian complied and the cold of the floor seemed almost painful as her bare feet rested on it. 

"Your blouse now, please." 

The voice was harsh and loud in the in the room and it echoed around increasing the effect. 

Gillian's hands moved slowly to the top button of her blouse. She was trembling and found it difficult to undo the button. 

"If you are having trouble I can ask Officer Johnson to help," said the woman, "only we've got a lot to get through and haven't got time to waste." 

Her hands found the button and succeeded in their task, and the next and the next until the blouse hung loose around her where she had untucked it from her skirt. It was only by a conscious effort of will that Gillian managed to get the blouse off and she passed it back behind her to Officer Johnson without turning in an effort to preserve some modesty. As she felt the blouse taken she covered her breasts with her hands only to be sharply rebuked and told to keep her hands at her sides. This felt like school all over again and Gillian stood rigid and unmoving as the moment when she would be required to reveal her complete lack of underwear moved even closer. 

"Now the skirt please, Miss, and don't let me even think that you are trying to hide anything anywhere. Keep your hands at your sides at all times." 

The voice seemed even more aggressive now as it echoed around the room, but this time her hands obeyed her and the button at the back of the waist band came undone without difficulty. Gillian slowly undid the zip and eased her skirt over her hips whence it slipped down her long and shapely legs of its own accord. Gillian stepped out of the skirt and started to bend over to retrieve it and stopped. She would have to expose her completely shaven pussy to one of the two other occupants of the room in order to comply. Frozen in space and seemingly time a thousand options ran through her head, but none would offer her an escape so, keeping her legs as close together as possible, she squatted down and picked up the skirt handing it back to the ever present Officer Johnson as she straightened up. 

"We will now proceed to the body search," the voice informed her. "Please bend over and shake your hair out fully," was the next instruction. 

Gillian did so. Her embarrassment had turned to humiliation and as it did so, the numbness she had felt earlier had returned; it was almost as if this whole horrible experience was happening to someone else.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Flesh Eaters: Naked Haunted Slave House - Part 1

One haunted house is legendary among teenagers and young adults around this area above all others: "Flesh Eaters"

I have heard for years about the wild debauchery and frightening antics that went on there, but I refused to believe most of it. Supposedly the people working there got naked at let visitors play all sorts of wild and kinky games with them, usually playing the role of defenseless victims. The boys at school (and even some of the girls) spread rumors around like wildfire, but they were obviously exaggerated. I mean, if half of that stuff was true the cops would shut that place down faster than a meth house!

So here I stand in front of their entrance. Not by choice, really, but because my asshole friends dared me to go with them on Halloween night. Jim is a big dork who thinks he's the shit, but we let him get away with it because he's hilarious. That and he's hot, with big blue eyes, wavy hair, and features in all the right places. He's dressed as a zombie, complete with a torn shirt that shows off quite a bit of chest (no complaints!) And the other jerk calling me a chicken would be his girlfriend and my bff, Elizabeth (Lizzers to us cool people). Lizzers is almost the complete blonde stereotype, complete with big boobs and a tendency to do stupid stuff all the freaking time! She's dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, ultra-short skirt and all, which for her is just a way to show her inner-self on the outside. I'm almost surprised that she wore panties, but she's not quite THAT much of a slut. Still, I have a feeling that those panties will be a zombie's trophy by night's end. It may sound like I need better friends, but I'd never replace them for the world...even if I am currently the third wheel on their twisted idea of a date.

My name is Amy, and I'm your typical 19-year-old sophomore sarcastic-yet-awkward girl. Unlike most girls my age, I'm still a virgin outside of 3rd baseage, and even then I don't have the most experience (not all my own choice). It doesn't help when my best friend has twice the boobage that I have, making me feel like the "average" friend that the wingman is supposed to distract. I'm a redhead with freckles all over my body and some even on my face. I've heard every ginger joke imaginable. So to get a little payback, I'm dressed as Carrie...reminding people what happens when you push a ginger girl too far! Unfortunately for me, I took realism too far and covered myself in a gallon of homemade fake blood right before heading out on an October night, so now I'm wet and cold. Also, I wanted to look perfectly authentic by not wearing a bra with my dress since she didn't in the movie, but I didn't even think about my wet dress in the cold showing my nipple pokies so strongly. I've caught Jim staring at my nipples at-least 5 times and its only been like an hour since we met up. It's going to be a LONG night, especially because I get so nervous, shy, and secretly aroused when guys are staring at me like that.

So anyway, they dared me to come to Flesh Eaters with them, and I caved. The club is located way outside of town, and it would take cops half an hour or more to get here if called, assuming they were brave enough to show up. The entrance is creepy enough, as the overhead sign shows a freaky clown biting a girl's leg sexually. Finally paying the fee and walking inside, I see a series of doors numbered 1 to 5, 5 bikini girls in bathtubs with their arms and legs chained in place, and a man dressed like the clown on the sign. The walls are littered with decorations and spikes, and there are 5 men wearing full-head black masks that are strapped to the wall by bloody towels around their waists, hands tied behind their backs. Looking at the men more, I think they might be naked under those towels! Thinking about it makes me blush hardcore, matching my bloody outfit. I doubt anyone noticed, though. They're a little distracted.

"Ah, more visitors." Said the clown, known as Flitsen. God his voice was sexy, but also very creepy. You knew you were at his mercy from the first deep word, for better or for worse. "Would you like to play a game of Bobbing for Apples? Or would the ladies prefer the Spike Wall?"" Flitsen moved his arm with the grace and elegance of either a vampire or a ballerina, I haven't decided which, as he pointed towards the wall with the spikes and the towel boys.

Hearing no answer, he snickered and added "Should you choose the Spike Wall, know that some 'spikes' are more fun than others, hahahaha!" I blush once I realize that he's talking about their dicks. The tied-up boys really ARE naked under their towels!

"How does Bobbing for Apples work?" asked Jim.

"Simple, my friend.... Each girl has a numbered key hidden on her somewhere. The higher the number, the rarer the fun behind that numbered door. The wet little girls in the tubs are wearing apple-flavored edible bikinis, and you are only allowed to use your mouth to search for the key." hearing this made Jim noticeably exited. "Also, there is no time limit" The clown added with a wink.

Jim looked to Lizzers, and she pointed to the lady fourth from the left and said "Do that one! She's hot, so you'd better get me a souvenir."

Jim didn't need any more encouragement, as he walked over to his victim. The girl was gagged and tied in place, like all of them, and had no way of escaping or avoiding her fate. As we walked to her tub, she started shaking her head back and forth and screaming what sounded like "NO! PLEASE!" through her gag. This kinda creeps me out, so I try to tell Jim to stop, but Lizzers reassures me "Oh don't worry, she's an actor. The 'victims' here are supposed to act helpless and never break character, it's not actually real."

Hearing Lizzie's explanation relaxed me, but it sent the victim girl into hysterics. If this was all just an act, then this woman should be in Hollywood. Jim got on his knees in front of her tub, put his hands behind his back, and dunked his head into the shallow water by her breasts. He felt around for awhile with his tongue trying to find where to look, while the victim girl thrashed around helplessly and tried to escape his mouth. He eventually got a good grip on the strap between her breasts with his teeth and started pulling back. The edible top stretched out before snapping, leaving this girl's nipples in serious danger of being exposed! Thinking about that makes me check my own again, and to my horror I see that they are still poking out through the dress clear as day.

Jim dives back in and grabs the loose left bikini triangle, ripping it clear off like an animal! We can all see her nipple, and she looks even more embarrassed than I am in my wet dress. He hands the now-removed covering to Lizzers, and then goes for the other boob. After tearing her top apart, she is now completely topless in front of all three of us, with nipples erect and screaming for attention. She is not much more endowed than I am, with red hair similar to mine, leaving me to wonder if Lizzers chose this girl as a way to see someone similar to me stripped like this.

Unfortunately for the victim, the key was not in her top. Jim gets a naughty smile on his face once he realizes that it's time to take her bottoms off. The girl pleads again, but Jim ignores her and goes right in for the center between her forced-apart legs. He licks her there on her apple-flavored bottoms between her legs several times, and it's clearly torturing the poor victim. Amazingly, Lizzers seems to be enjoying her man licking this girl as much as he is! Jim finally grabs the side of her panties with his teeth and tears the front of them off by eating them completely. While eating, his tongue continues to explore around, shocking me at what I'm witnessing. When Jim sits back up, he stares right at the victim girl's bald and very naked pussy before taking the key out of his mouth and smiling. The poor girl is unable to even cover up or close her legs, hanging her head in shame while we all lust after her bare body.

Her acting is amazing...at least, if it IS acting. I mean, what if this place is really the madhouse it pretends to be, with an insane clown kidnapping teenagers and forcing them to be creepy sexual entertainment for money? That thought makes me shiver, and the look in that clown's eyes makes me wonder more and more just how dark the soul behind them truly is.

"Ooooo, number 5! A personal favorite of mine" giggled Flitsen. We are walked towards a door with flashing lights and the number 5 above it, as the apple bobbing girl behind us continues to beg "No! Don't leave me like this! Help me, get me out of here!! PLEASE!!!" A couple of lesser clowns walk over to her with a new apple-flavored bikini, and they aggressively redress her for use by future customers. As the door closes behind us, I hear her sob and ask Flitsen if he could let her go. His answer chilled me to the bone..."Nonsense, darling. You're mine until you're useless."

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Boy Seduced by Girlfriend's Sister - Part 2

"Well looks like you'll owe me big time and for a long time..."
"Yeah I know." 
I'm still awkwardly laying next to my half naked girlfriend during the argument. So I rolled off the bed and put on my shirt then I said, "Hey Lilly, we're both really sorry for this and I promise I'll make it up to you."
"YOU'LL make it up to me?"
"Yeah I will. Your sister still has a bad headache."
"Didn't seem to worried about that a minute ago when you were on top of her."
"Yeah..." I avoid eye contact and walk into the bathroom and close the door. I hear muffled mini arguments going on while I pretend to take a shower. I hear the door slam shut about 5 minutes later. So I quickly jump in the shower to get wet to make it believable and dry off. Then walked back out into the room. Expecting my girlfriend, I didn't put on a shirt and just had a towel wrapped around my shoulders. But then I saw Lilly flipping through channels on the tv. 
"Hey um again I'm really sorry about before."
"You're fine. I'm just really tired of my sister trying to one up me. She knows I don't have a boyfriend so she forces you on me a lot to make a point."
"Well I don't know about that..."
"Did you know I told her the tour was only an hour and that is be back like 30 min after it ended??"
"No.." That surprised me. I assumed it would've but a longer but sense she knew and didn't make it clear to me that raised my suspicion that she was telling the truth.
"Anyway it doesn't matter anymore. She just left to go home."
"Yeah I told her that she was ruining my vacation with her being sick and keeping us from going places so she said she'd just go home and that we can just go."
Wow thanks for that one...
"Um okay. Well she took the car though."
"Yeah we can just use the six flags money to take a taxi back."
"Well okay. So the zoo tomorrow?"
"Yup! We'll leave at noon."
"No we need to leave earlier to get our money's worth."
"Hey don't forget you still owe me for keeping your secret. If you even wanna be welcome at my house again that is."
"Fine whatever you want..."
She giggled and smiled. That was the first time I felt her controlling me and unfortunately it wasn't the last. She walked over and said, "You better get used to me!"

That night got worse. As soon as I laid down for bed I heard Lilly call from the bathroom, "Hey you're sleeping in my bed tonight!" 
"Why do you want mine??"
"I don't you're sleeping with me!"
I walked into the bathroom with the door wide open even though she was just in her underwear. "Oh sorry!" I started to walk out and she's like where are you going? I'm going to be laying next to you like this so get used to it."
"My sister has a toy that I want to play with and there's nothing you or her can do about it."
I blushed a little but then got mad. "Hey there's a reason I'm dating your sister and no one else. I'm not cheating on her so get dressed and act your age!"
"Why do you not like what you see..?"
She turned toward me with a smile.
"...no.." Wow that didn't even sound convincing to me.
"Sure whatever. I'll wear what I want when I want or I'll let my parents know what you two were up to.."
"Fine. I'm going to bed." I stormed off somewhat defeated. It kinda felt wrong but then at the same time a girl telling me what to do for a change was awkwardly kind of a turn on.

I didn't hear her get into bed the night before but I woke up with her inches from my face. It startled me and I quickly pushed my head back into the pillow. "What are you doing?"
"We're you dreaming about me or something?"
"No why?"
I felt her hand creep up and grab my morning hard which made me jump.
"No guys always get tha-"
She cut me off by covering my mouth, "sure..sure." Then she kissed me on the cheek and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and looked at the clock it was already 12:30. I sighed and waited for her to get done but it took a long time. I watched a whole episode of how I met your mother. When she came out she was wearing only a towel and was messing with her suitcase. 
"Hey you almost done?"
"Yup." She smiled. 
She messed with her suitcase a little longer then said, "what you're not going to comment on me in just a towel."
"Why don't you come pull it off huh?"
"No I'm not doing that."
"Aww looks like it's falling off on its own anyway." She stood still and I could see it slowly sliding off so I ran over and grabbed it and pulled it back up and tied a knot."
"Aww my hero." And quickly gave me a kiss on the lips. Before she could make me cheat again I hurried into the bathroom and closed the door. Her stuff was still all over the bathroom and I noticed the lock on the door was jammed half way between locked and unlocked. I called out, "Did you break the door?"
"No it did that by itself!"
Whatever I was sure if they charged us for it that her parents would take care of it anyway. 
So I got in the shower and of course knowing that the door didn't lock Lilly walked right in like a minute later.
"Hey I'm taking a shower!"
"So I still have to put on makeup!" 
"And you didn't have time for that in the 30 minutes you spent in here already?"
"Nope. It took awhile to break the lock."
And that pissed me off. I stuck my head out, "you know we can be charged for that!"
"So?! And why are you hiding behind the curtain? It's not like it's something I've never seen before."
"Haha oh really?"
"Yeah I went skinny dipping with some friends once!"
"I really couldn't care less..."
"Aww you mad you didn't get to skinny dip with me? We can right now!" She laughed and got closer to the curtain. 
"No Lilly. Remember this whole in not cheating thing?"
"Well we already kissed..."
"No WE didn't kiss, YOU kissed me."
"Well we'll have to change that." She said as she grabbed on to the curtain. "Either you kiss me right now or I'll break this too."
"I can just cover up?"
"And I can uncover it... Besides if you don't I'll tell my mom and dad and break the shower curtain. Your choice." She smiled after she said that and it really pissed me off but she was right I don't want to ruin mine and my girlfriends relationship back home for something as stupid as this. But then again I would still be cheating...even if I was forced into it.
"Fine but under one condition. Not this or any other situation between me and you can be told to anyone from this trip. Understand?"
"Perfectly! No kiss me." I gave her a quick one. She didn't like that and made me give her a longer one.
"Okay now can I finish my shower please?" 
"Yes you may. But I'm still putting on my makeup."
"How long will that take?"
"Until you get out."

Boy Seduced by Girlfriend's Sister - Part 1

Hey everyone I'm 17 year old guy and this is my most embarrassing story.

Okay so last summer me and my girlfriend, who I had been dating for probably 5 months, wanted to go on a trip. Nothing big just close enough to be cheap but far enough away for it to make sense to stay a few days. That way we could possibly lose our virginity together. Well of course we didn't have to travel to do that, but honestly I was just putting it of cause I was kinda nervous about it.

Anyway we decided to go to St. Louis to go to Six Flags, the zoo, and see the arch. We had it all planned out and of course her parents said no. They didn't like that we would be going alone so either my parents had to go or my girlfriends sister had to. Well obviously my parents wouldn't work even if they agreed to go, so we said it was okay for the sister to go.

A week later we left in my sisters car and got there late and her sister, who was two years younger, started getting antsy.
We checked in at the hotel around 10:30 and went to our room. There were two beds and as soon as I threw my stuff on one her sister tried to do the same pissing off my girlfriend in the process. They fought for awhile and I went to go work out for a bit. Not because I wanted too but I just didn't want to hear it. I got back and they were both asleep so I took a quick shower and laid in bed with my girlfriend and went to sleep.

The next morning sucked. I forgot to set an alar and so did my girlfriend. We were supposed to go to six flags that day but my girlfriend woke up pretty sick. She had a headache and was nauseous so pretty much a hopeless wreak to be honest. I told her that we would wait another hour and see if she was feeling better and if not it was already 12:30 and it would be pointless to spend a lot of money for not a very long time there. So of course we waited around. I took her sister out to eat at a McDonald's nearby and when we got back she got into another argument with my girlfriend. Something about ruining her trip, even though it was OURS, but whatever. 

One thing about her sister was that she actually wasn't bad looking she just acted really annoying. Like she would be the girl that would date a guy my age but I bet the fact that she is annoying sometimes is why she isn't.

Anyway her sister found a pamphlet at the McDonald's about a cardinals baseball stadium tour. She apparently was a fan even thou we were from Chicago and the Cubs hate them but whatever. She wanted to go and who was I to stop her from giving us pease. So she caught a bus an hour later and left. Which was surprising to me how not scared she was cause I hate doing stuff by myself but more power to her I guess.

Anyway so we talk for awhile and decide that if we were going to do it that it had to be now, sick or not, cause we probably wouldn't get snother chance alone. So I went to the closest Walgreens  which was actually a long drive cause the maps app apparently wasn't updated correctly so I kept getting lost in the traffic lights not knowing when to turn. When I got there I grabbed some Trojans and went to the self checkout for obvious reasons then left. I get all the way back and realized I forgot to pick up subway but it wasn't too far yet it still wasted more time. As I had no idea how long the tour thing would last. When I finally got back we ate pretty fast and I was surprised she wasn't that mad about how long I was but apparently her favorite show was on and she didn't really notice. When she was done she looked in the bag and got out the Trojans and she was like, "why so many huh? How lucky you think you're gonna get?"
I laughed and said, "either way I was pretty lucky."
She awed at that a kissed me. Then said, "aren't you afraid of catching what I got?"
"Not even in the slightest!" I teasingly groaped her butt and she giggled. Then I pulled them down and was like, "much better!" She laughed and pulled off my shirt and we kissed some more and I pulled off her shirt and she unsnapped her bra with it. First time I had seen boobs up close and nothing beats it. I felt her up and we kissed some more but then the worst possible thing happened. Yup you guessed it, heard the door open and in walks in a shocked sister. "You got to be kidding me!?" 
"Lilly I'm sorry just please don't tell mom and dad! You know how mad they'd be!"
"You already sick so I don't know what you were thinking anyway." 
"I know I'm sorry!" 

After that you'd think that was the worst of it but just wait....

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Teen Girl at Nudist Camp

Our parents were nudists, so we all went nuding. When Sis and I went, though, we didn’t have to take off our clothes, but my little sister – Sarah, normally did, though I didn’t. One summer, I was becoming very aware of boys and my body(!) when we went off to a nudist camp in the mountains. 

Everything was okay for a day or two. There was this cute boy who hung around me at the swimming pool. His little-big dick (or big-little dick, I haven’t figured out which) seemed too big for him and hung out all the time. I enjoyed watching his dick swinging while he ran around nude. It was interesting to look at his dick, which wasn’t circumcised, and compare him (and his dick) with the other boys who were. My little sister and I would snorkel all day, which was okay – in fact, it was even fun. I enjoyed spying on these naked little boys trying to figure out whether their penises floated, like my mom’s boobs did when she swam. I couldn’t decide one way or the other, so I just kept watching. 

A few of the older kids hung out at that big pool at the hot springs as well. But it was boring down at the swimming pool. The little pools up the mountain offered more flora and fauna, exotic ferns and lava rock construction, with exotic wild places to sit down, hide and swim. They were also frequented by adults, who almost always swam or bathed totally nude. Some adults even shaved, so they looked like us kids! It was funny. 

On the third day, my Sis and I decided to visit a pool up the hill. She went naked, and I wore my swimsuit like I always did. When we got there, it was full of a bunch of little kids and teenage boys with a few adults. I was embarrassed for my little sister, but she was confident as always and even playful naked, like them. She played with them, and I watched as they swam and dove, their bottoms popping up in the air as they went down with their flippers mask and snorkel. They were all naked, and so was she. She was the only girl swimming among these men. But her nips weren’t bulged out, like mine. I didn’t. When I went to the shower or looked at myself naked in the mirror, I on the other hand, noticed my nipples on my chest were starting to grow. Anyhow, I was modest and uncomfortable nude around boys. So I wore my swimsuit, a one-piecer, which was actually sort of made of a sheer nylon. 

Sis and I swam in the pool for about thirty minutes, enjoying ourselves, when our parents came down from a hot spring further up the hillside. Our parents were both really cool, although my mom’s pretty hot (sexy I mean). She also had a hot temper, and often got impatient when she was in a hurry. Still, I was uncomfortable swimming nude around them, as if they were the little boys, something which my little sister was not. So when our parents came down to swim in the pool, I swam a little more over by the boys, which I normally don’t do. We all swam a couple more hours as the evening came, until finally, the sun was setting. Then mom said it was time to go to our campsite and make dinner. My little sister said, “Yea, let’s go roast some weenies to eat,” which made me blush. The nudist boys hanging around naked in the pool all showing their weenies thought it was funny. The only one in a swimsuit my age was me, but I was modest. It was funny to be wearing a swimsuit with everyone else nude. 

A breeze came up, so it was chilly outside the pool. My parents got out and dried off, along with my little sister. My mother said, “Julie, get out, we have to go get our dinner.” Only it was cold, and I was modest, and I knew my mom would want me to change out of my swimsuit because it was chilly. You see, I hadn’t brought anything else to wear, even though I usually do, because my little sister Sarah and I hadn’t planned to come up the hill to that pool when we started out to go swimming in the main pool that afternoon. And there were all those boys watching, and even a few old men, and my pubis wouldn’t cover what it used to cover, and I was just so nervous, and... So, I waited and waited and stalled and stalled. I knew if I got out, my mom would want me to take off my swimsuit. My Dad and little sister, meanwhile, were now were trotting towards our campsite down the path. They looked so cute, big and little butt bottoms holding hands, disappearing. 

My mom yelled again, “Julie get out. We have to get dinner.” But I acted like I was cold, and said I would skip it. I thought I could stump her, and get out a bit later, but she knew better, and I should have. Suddenly my mother flew into rage. "Get over here this instant, young lady." I did as she said. “Get that suit off, Julie, so I can dry you off.” 

Again, I started whining, which was the wrong thing to do. “But mom, all these boys are here – they’ll see my bottom (whispering quietly then, "Mom, my tampon string's showing.” Well, that made her even angrier. 

“Julie, no one cares if you’re wearing a tampon!" she shouted. "Furthermore, you shouldn’t care if it shows – it’s very natural.” At least the first count, she was wrong on -- I did. Anyhow, by that time what I thought made no difference. In an instant, mom was pulling my swimsuit straps off my shoulders, stripping me bare to dry off. Moments later, I stood there naked, my tampon string plainly showing with these little (and some not little) nudist boys staring – watching me in awe of my mother’s commanding anger. She rashly dried me off as I stood there, quaking. 

“Julie, lay down so I can dry your bottom,” she said, harshly. I was so embarrassed – she pulled me down to dry me. Worse, the bench she sat on aligned with the corner of the spring. As mom grabbed me onto her, my bottom pointed neatly towards the boys in the pool. OMG! Then she dried off my backside brusquely, spreading my butt to carefully dry my bottom. It was like I was a little baby, or that she was putting me on display for the boys who were watching, or checking my tampon. OMG! I could just imagine those boys watching me there, plainly seeing my bottom -- perineum, tampon string hanging from my vagina. I was all spread out on my mother’s lap for viewing in the setting sun. 

As she finished, Mom gave me two quick slaps on the butt. “Julie, get your little fanny down to the campsite, now.” “No more sass out of you, young lady,” she cautioned, holding my swimsuit in her hands standing me up. 

I looked at it longing. Never have I felt so ashamed in my life. Embarrassed, nude, spanked – my mother angry chasing me naked b1efore a crowd of young boys, my feminine hygiene product showing. I was sooooo embarrassed, a tear rolled down my eye. I could just imagine the entire crowd of boys watching the show intently, including the teenage boys who were my age, all staring at me. Down the hill I ran towards our campsite, with nothing left of my dignity. I was so humiliated; my mother was so trying! I cried myself to sleep later. 

Well, the next day I awoke, somewhat more relaxed. I figured it could get any worse, so I might as well play along and go out swimming naked, too, which I did. My tampon string hung out plainly, from my bare pudendum, which was wide open – all of it was all there plainly to view. And you know what? If the boys saw it, they paid no attention. The little nudist boys that had watched me the day before were, oh, such gentlemen! Even with their little penises flopping about they were just so polite! At least no one paid more attention to my tampon sting than they did to the fact that I was nude, totally nude, and thoroughly enjoying it, every bit!

Childhood Strip Games

When I was thirteen I moved from London to a village in the highlands of Scotland because of my father’s work. This meant having to travel some 50 miles to the nearest school. After doing this for a month or so it was decided that like other teenagers in the village that I’d lodge Monday to Thursday evening. Arrangements where made for me to lodge with the single mum of another girl and boy in my class. This was at first a strange arrangement but I soon got use to it. After about two months of doing this, three months in Scotland altogether I’d being somewhat excepted and had two families and circles of friends. 

In the Village my best friend was Bryde and in town my best friend was my surrogate sister Meghany. The long summer break was approaching and it was allowed for me to spend some time in town. The first week I stayed Meghany’s mother explained that she had to work leaving us alone. She felt at 13 each and just having Donald Meghany’s younger brother to look after we’d be fine. 

Sometime that week the weather changed from pleasant to horrible. So we where stuck inside. Meghany suggested that we played cards and Donald agreed immediately. Meghany turned to me and said do you know how to play cards. Yes, I said. So the game began with Donald dealing. I asked what we where playing and they both looked puzzled. I offered up a few card game names and they where surprised that there where different games. They explained their game and I recognized it as gin rummy. 

We started playing and we all won various tricks. Then Meghany did not take a trick. ‘Pay or sweat’ Donald asked. Meghany said ‘pay’ and took off one of her slippers. My heart began to beat violently. I’d heard of strip games but never had played one. I was a bit panicked but carried on. I then lost a trick, ‘pay or sweat’ said Meghany. ‘Pay” I said. And removed my cardigan. The game continued with us losing about every 3 hands on average. I was soon down to my dress, bra and panties. Meghany likewise was in skirt, top, bra, and panties. I’d surmised that at the time but can only confirm in hindsight. Donald was a very skilful player but was still minus slippers, socks and jumper. 

Meghany lost again ‘pay or sweat’ I said since I had the most tricks. “Sweat” she said. I wasn’t sure what that meant I was trying to pretend that I’d played ‘cards’ before. Donald rubbed his hands. He dealt again and that was that. If I knew sweat meant keeping my clothes on I would have said that rather than pay. Next hand and Donald has the most tricks. Meghany scowls and looks at me. “Name your price” I looked puzzled. I bluffed that in London we don’t use that rule could she explain. The explanation had me blushing a bit. Because she sweated I as the winner of the hand now got to name a piece of clothing to be removed because she hadn’t won this round. Not only that but Donald as the winner of this round got to say as well. I thought what would I prefer to remove in her situation and went skirt. Meghany stood and removed it without any complaint. 

Her white panties where clearly on show. Donald looked at his sister and just said “Your knickers sis” I was flabbergasted. I expected it being her top and that would be the end of the game. But no. She stood and just took them off. I was up and running for my room. 

Meghany came up after about half an hour and we talked. It appeared that her mum played this game with their uncle jack. Their uncle Tom. And probably uncle cobbler and all. They’d played it for years and she said all the kids did it in town. So would I come and play. After a lot of talking I went back down. We started again and very quickly I lost a hand by not taking a trick. I went sweat sure I’d win or at least not lose. I won so was safe. But Donald looked very cross. He’d won the hand I’d lost. Then Donald lost and went pay, losing his trousers belt. 

I then lost and went sweat. This time unfortunately I lost the hand not taking a trick. I suddenly realized I only hand three items on. I was asked ‘pay or sweat’ so I seated again and kept my clothes on. The next hand I took a trick but did not win. “You must ask us” Donald said. “What is your payment” I said really sweating. 

Donald went first, panties he said. I had to stand and put my hands up my dress and pull them down. Next was Meghany, dress she said. It took me ages to remove it trying to hide my body. Then Donald I hadn’t realized got another go because I had sweat twice and he’d been the winner of two of the hands. I expected it being bra. But no he said he wanted to look at my bottom. I stood mortified and turned and showed him. 

Next Meghany lost and went sweat. She pulled it off. Next Donald lost twice paying with his trousers and shirt. To just be in underwear. Meghany then lost and paid removing her bra from beneath her top. Donald then lost and removed his underwear. I saw for the first time a penis and learnt as I looked that it had a mind of its own and two states. I then lost and went sweat. Unfortunately not wining the next hand. So I was naked. I thought that would be that but no. I had to pay a forfeit since I had no clothes. I had to stand on the puffy and hands on head let Meghany the winner and Donald still very naked and aroused walk around me and look very closely at me.