Saturday, March 30, 2013

Forced to Strip Naked by My Sister - Part 2

"No! Please no!"

I was remonstrating with my mother. Anything but that. It was my sister's fifteenth birthday party next Saturday and she was having a few friends round to play music, chat, and talk about girly things.

No problem there. I could clear out with my friends and play table football or something (this was before the days of computer games).

But oh no! Parents nowadays would never let teenage children have unsupervised parties, but things were different then. Not that the party was to be unsupervised. I had been told to supervise it. I was only a couple of years older than my sister, but to my parents that made me a responsible adult!

"You're a prefect. They'll listen to you," that was what my mother said. Fat chance of that. They never listened to me at school, there was no way they would at home!

They made the excuse that they had to go to the golf club dinner, but in reality I expect my father (who heartily disliked children, and particularly his own) would have done anything to get out of having anything to do with a children's party.

My remonstrances were to no avail. If I wanted to keep getting pocket money, I had to stay in while the party was on. I wasn't supposed to have to do anything else. It was presumed that my mere presence, me being a prefect, in the house would deter any inappropriate behaviour. Not that wild parties were, in my experience, to be expected, but then of course I'd never been to a teenage girls' party.

The day of the party arrived; my parents got ready for the dinner and with an audible sigh of relief departed, leaving me 'in charge'.

My idea had been to retire to my bedroom and catalogue my stamp collection (yes I was the sort of boy who had a stamp collection), but no such luck. My sister insisted on introducing me to her friends as they arrived.

"Joe is our babysitter," she explained to each one, a comment which seemed to cause intense amusement for them and intense embarrassment for us.

At last the final knock on the door came, my sister opened it, and there stood Judy, the girl next door, the girl who had seen my cock! I should have realised she'd be coming of course, but I hadn't. She gave me a broad wink, and I turned bright red.

"Joe's our babysitter," she explained, "he has to keep us in order."

I wished she wouldn't keep calling me the 'babysitter'. It just invited remarks.

"Oh," said Judy, "will you smack my bottom if I'm naughty?"

That stupid joke again. I went red and my sister giggled. It suddenly occured to me that Judy must have told her - about seeing my cock I mean. She absolutely must have told her! It would be all round the girls at the party, a dozen or so fifteen year old girls, this was turning into a nightmare.

But in fact nothing happened. Nobody else seemed to notice me. They sat down, put on a record, started chatting about girly things and I retired to my room.

I thought I had escaped for the night. My parents weren't expected back till midnight and the girls were supposed to leave by ten, so I was surprised to get a knock on my door at eight o'clock.

My sister burst in, "You've got to come and see this, you've absolutely got to come."

My first reaction was to tell her I was busy, but then I thought I'd be in real trouble if something untoward was going on and I hadn't investigated, so I followed her downstairs into the living room.

My sister had the slide projector out and a screen up at the end of the room. This was in the days before digital cameras and computers. People took photographs as 'slides' which they projected onto a screen.

"It's Judy's holiday snaps," said my sister, "She's a keen photographer. Got a proper camera and everything."

Holiday snaps! There is nothing more tedious than other people's holidays! Pictures of some buildings appeared then a beach, and a field with lambs. Everybody ooh'd and aah'd and the slides went on, until finally.

"And here are the best pictures. The one's you've been waiting for," said Judy.

She pressed the button and up onto the screen came the picture of a boy, standing in a window, stark naked, with his impressive cock startlingly erect. It took a few seconds before I realised it was me. My sister's words came back to me. Keen photographer, proper camera! She'd photographed me naked!

How on earth had she got such a photograph developed! The girls burst out into roars of laughter. They had obviously been told what to expect. The reason for my being dragged down to see the snaps was obvious. They wanted to cause me the maximum embarrassment. And they had. They all looked round at me. Judy and my sister were in fits of giggles and it suddenly occurred to me they had probably been planning this for weeks; making sure the party was on the night of the golf club dinner, getting my parents to get me to babysit, planning how to get me to witness my embarrassment, and planning my final total humiliation. Because that's what girls like. They like being in control. They like to humiliate boys, particularly older brothers.

"Nice picture," said my sister, "and now you're going to show us the real thing."


"This is a girly party and I promised the girls a male stripper. That's what girls do at girly parties. Didn't you know? And I thought you would be perfect."

She said in a sort of pouty way.

"No way!"

"Well, you asked for it," she said, and she pressed the slide projector button and up came a picture of me playing with my cock. Another great roar of laughter.

"Now," she said, "that picture is going to be slipped into the slides for the school speech day presentation if you don't do exactly as you're told."

I was at their mercy. The thought of that slide suddenly appearing before the whole school and assembled parents filled me with horror. If I'd thought rationally I would have realised that she would never do it, but when there is a picture of you stark naked, playing with your cock, projected onto a screen in full view of everyone, you don’t think rationally.

I looked round horrified. The girls had drawn their chairs round in a circle. I was clearly supposed to perform in the middle of.

Of course I should have just asserted my authority, grabbed the slide, told them to stop being stupid, but I didn't. They had seen my cock, any little authority I had had, had gone. I couldn't. All I could think of was my picture being projected in front of the whole school. I couldn’t see any option but to do as I was told. They were going to make me strip for them and I was going to do it.

My sister put on that stupid record ‘The Stripper' and they all looked at me. I was actually going to have to do a striptease, like a proper stripper. It was terrible.

“Dance”” ordered Judy.

And I actually started dancing, taking my clothes off as I did so, and the girls chanted ‘Off! Off!” and laughed and giggled. It was too humiliating for words as my trousers came down, but of course I couldn’t stop there. I was soon in my underwear.

“Off! Off!” they cried, and I was soon in my underpants and the chant changed to “Down! Down!” and of course I had to pull them down. I didn’t see that I had any choice.

I was stripped naked in front of my sister and her friends. Stark naked. Completely nude and totally vulnerable. They could all see my cock, and I was bright red and shaking with embarrassment. And they made me dance to that stupid tune. And of course my cock was up like a barber’s pole and they all hooted with laughter at me as I pranced around the middle of the room completely nude and Judy had her camera out and I was totally humiliated.

But even worse was to come. Judy had that smirk on her face.

"I think somebody needs a smacked bottom," she said.

She could only mean me, and it was the ultimate humiliation, bending over and having my bare bottom smacked by all the girls until it was as red as my face.

There was no let up until my parents were due back. I had been totally humiliated, and then I had to scrabble to get my clothes back and couldn’t find my underpants.


  1. You had some great the best moments ever & you're complaining about them. If a bunch of girls only two years younger than me asked me to strip I'd be thinking in my head fuck yeah. They wouldn't have to blackmail me. I'm not the most attractive man either but I still have no shame. The naked body should be embraced. I wish girls would see me naked w/o a sex offense.

  2. i would have killed myself or ran away or tried to kill my sister

  3. I'd have been happy to strip for my two older sisters anytime they asked I did once for the younger one hoping she would also but no luck. I still would if given the chance or just alone with them as a surprise I love being naked and with them it only gets better. Anyone for the nude beach?

  4. I would have loved being naked for my two sisters and their friends. I loved when they "accidentally" saw me naked always hope they would get nude with me, only seen them topless and the younger one liked me to spank her bare butt. But I'm still willing to strip for them anytime they would ask me to.