Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stripped Naked at a Birthday Party - Part 1

Hi my name is Mariana I´m 16 year old girl and I’m from Mexico although my family is from Germany. I’ve been reading this page and I wanted to post something that happened to me just a few weeks ago.

So one of the nerdy girls in my school was going to have a birthday party and word got out that there was going to be alcohol so everybody new it was going to be a blast and everybody wanted to go. So like I heated this girl and she heated me back, I’m sure she has been jealous of me since the first day of high school.

Anyway so even though I hated this girl I went to her birthday party because all of my friends were going. Around 11 PM I went to the girls room but I got kind of lost inside the house and ended up opening the door to another room. The birthday girl, Pau, was inside this room with some other friends of hers. I walked in there and told her “This is a nice party for a looser.” I like to tease her like that; I’m always calling her looser and making fun of her. I could see the anger in her eyes but I knew she wasn’t going to do anything about it, I was wrong.

I turned around and started walking towards the door when I felt someone grab me by the arm and turn me around. I tried to struggle and broke free from Pau’s grip.

“Let me go you geek.” I told her as I turned around again.

She grabbed me again but this time she grabbed me from the hips and told me “I’m not done with you bitch.”

“I told you to let me go!” I started struggling but she wouldn’t let go and while trying to get free I felt to the floor but she started pulling me from one of my legs.

I was wearing black tights, flats and a long white shirt. Anyway, she started pulling my tights and I could feel them getting down past my butt so I reacted and tried to pull them up but I was too late Pau had gotten a look at my panties.

To be honest, even though I sometimes wear provocative clothing I am very shy about people seeing my intimate clothing, specially my undies.

Pau grabbed my tights from the waistband and pulled down and my tights went all the way down to my knees.

“Hahahahaha, nice panties!” Pau shouted. I could feel my face turn red from the shame.

“Look! Her underwear belongs to a 6 year old!” One of the girls said. By this time all of Pau’s friend were surrounding us and they all started pointing at me and laughing.

That night I was wearing light pink CARE BEARS panties. (although I’m a full grown 16 year old my mom still buys most of my clothing including my undies, and for my shame most of them are really embarrassing.)

My undies were fully exposed for everyone to see. They were all laughing and making fun of me and my care bears panties, it was so embarrassing.

“Little miss popular isn’t so hot now is she?” One of Pau’s friends started saying

“Please, don’t look” I said trying to pull up my tights.

“Awww, Mariana doesn’t want us looking at her care bares panties” Some other girl said “She looks like she’s going to cry, miss popular wants to cry. Haha look at her, she’s like a baby! Haha”

“Awww the baby girl fell on the floor.” Pau started saying, “little baby Mariana has been bad, I think this baby girl needs to be punished.”

“Please stop looking!” I said while trying to cover myself with one hand and pull my tights with the other but Pau was still holding my tights so they wouldn’t go up.

She then pulled them all the way down to my ankles and with the help of the other girls they hold me and took off my flats and took my tights off leaving me wearing only my long white shirt, which had rolled up revealing a part of my light yellow bra. Pau and most of the girls took out their cell phones and started taking pictures and videos while some girls pinned me down and others took off my shirt. I couldn’t believe it I was being stripped by the school geeks and they all were seeing me in my most embarrassing clothes, worst of all they were taking pictures! I wanted to die!

“Please, please give me my clothes back.” I started begging as I tried to cover my shameful underwear. “I won’t say anything I promise, I’ll do whatever you want.”

And with that last comment my fate was sealed.

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  1. The first time I caught/tricked naked was when i was about 13 yrs. I often wore my foot ball jumper which was long and came down half way to my knees and football shorts . My shorts were mostly covered by my jumper but about an inch of my shorts legs could be seen. One of my friends dared me to just wear my football jumper and no shorts. I dont know why but i took his dare . We as a group of kids were playing outside on the street and and at another friends house for some time maybe a couple of hours and I had forgotten that i only had the jumper on , I never wear undies .
    The mother of my friends in that house was sitting at a table chatting with 2 other ladies (Neighbors). My friends of that house were a boy older than me (about 15yrs) a girl about 13 yrs and and older sister about 16yrs. The older one was big n fully matured possibly twice my size as I was short n skinny.The mother called me over to the table and asked "do you have anything on under that jumper". I lied and said "yes of course i do". She repeated her question as if she didnt believe me and i was getting very nervous.
    Then totally unexpectedly the older girl had come up behind me and grabbed the bottom of my foot ball jumper and quickly pulled it up , as she was much bigger than me my arms were pulled up right position and the jumper was over my head.
    I was totally exposed in front of the three ladies and couldn't quickly cover myself with my hands. i got my hands down and my jumper back covering me after a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. The girls Mum then scolded me and said i should never dress like that .
    I was terrified but had an enormous adrenaline rush n maybe this is what started my exhibitionist tendency.